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  1. Very happy thank you, and thank YOU for making it possible. Now just wish my car would arrive...
  2. Welcome ! what about some pics ?
  3. Welcome and lucky you, am still waiting for final delivery of n
  4. Very nice ! brings ideas for when the stone chips get too much
  5. On the subject of protection the following was recommended to me by a fellow member met at Dijon last week :;x=0&y=0 Have yet to try it, but understand it will solve all, as for sunglasses, if you want to avoid dry or crying eyes, I have found some good motorcycle glasses/goggles at: which along with a natty skull cap, gives eye and "some" head protection for trips done at lower speeds, but for me the MOST important if your not wearing a helmet (or even with a helmet", is to wear earplugs (or an IPOD...), cos the most tiring is the noise, also my ears dont take kindly to be in a draft for too long a period. For the avoidance of doubt I have no financial interest from the above vendors, am just a customer
  6. 900 miles in three days, including a trackday, its fabulous everywere, but youve got to be ready to have a rain suit and a helmet.
  7. I run macs, but am willing to help if this is not an obstacle, oh Im not sure what you mean by knowing the site software but am computer literate.
  8. Thank you for making sure it got up and running again !
  9. you arent allowed to drive a car with foreign plates in swizerland if you are a swiss resident insurance issues apparently, so that would mean garaging outside of switzerland and not enjoying the mountain roads.
  10. Seller has in fact proposed to lend me trailer, but what happens if it never gets approved ? if -i dont touch it then I get all my money back, but if I use It could potentially be in a grey area
  11. Well Im a bit of a lurker prior to delivery as well, except that mine is ready since January...and fully paid since feb...but cannot be delivered because it isnt road legal (yet) here in Switzerland Im normally supposed to be joining the LOT FF end of August, if I have a car You would not believe the frustration
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