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  1. nemick


  2. I would advise you to make sure that you know how everything will line up with the bumpers before you go too far down the road. I seem to recall the rears at least needing to fit perfectly with the bumper but I don't know if they will fit straight onto your particular bumper(s).
  3. I say mis-naming you is an absolute Travisty
  4. Certainly one of the better looking Evora's I have seen. I would love to see some interior pics too.
  5. 1991 ESPRIT SE MONACO WHITE VIN SCCFC20B8MHF60243 INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA (This example was apparently built by an apprentice quite late on a Friday afternoon.)
  6. Beautiful, just beautiful. Congratulations on having her home.
  7. Good catch. It'll be interesting to find out what caused this.
  8. I don't know for sure, but that amplifier doesn't sound stock to me. Put it in the Jeep, lol.
  9. The inoperable window is most likely a bad switch, "They all do that Sir". There is a relay modification/incorporation that can be done to make the switches last longer. Hopefully, that's what it is.
  10. John, I don't know about the adapter, but you would be better off buying the real deal rather than having someone try to make one. I'm sure someone here knows the P/N of what you need. Regarding a steering wheel, I have been using a Momo Apache wheel. It is flatter at the bottom and certainly provides just a little more leg room. If you use this, you'll need to disable the air bag system and then insert a resistor into the wiring so that you don't have a constant air bag warning light. I did mine so long ago I can't remember the details, but I'm sure others here will chime in.
  11. I certainly understand your concern. However, I have been involved in some high performance applications and I have the greatest respect for RedLine Gearbox oils. Some of their other oils leave a little to be desired, but in the US at least, their gearbox oils, including MT90 are widely used in very hostile environments. Of course I'm just a consumer so I can't back this up, but I know what I would use in your application. I'm not affiliated with or have any financial interest in RedLIne other than being a consumer.
  12. John, I think it's important to know whether this issue still occurs when the car is fully warmed up. Presumably the ambient temperature where you are drops quite a bit at night, so what you might be seeing is just normal condensation/sweating as things warm up. I live in Indiana and I experience pretty much precisely what you are describing until things are good and hot. Your experience with old British bikes will stand you in good stead with the Lotus, not so much the Harley's.
  13. Changing out the pressure regulator is a good idea, but if you're having difficulty getting one you could always rig up a pressure gauge that you can see in your mirror when driving. I had to do this to confirm that my fuel pressure wasn't rising adequately with boost.
  14. Is this water coming out of the thing even when it's warmed up and/or hot?
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