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  1. I am in the process of removing my undertray so I can remove the 3rd cat and fit a straight through pipe. I think the rust even surpasses what I have seen on my Esprit. Shit the bed what a job to get it off, I am having to cut them with my dremel as the bolts are solid. With them being hex head as well doesn't help (although one did bite enough to actually snap one of the captive nuts off of the plate it was welded onto) - very helpful. Wheel off to get to that!
  2. It will put your mind at rest that you haven't been taken for a ride for one thing. I would also say you are intending to update this thread for other owners, and it would be really helpful to have some pics and a summary of its condition posted here. I did a similar thing on oil cooler pipes which look like they could be problematic on cars around 10/11 years old. I tend to forget how old my car given its condition and mileage in that it is now in double figures so age related issues may start appearing.
  3. If they do replace it with the 2nd hand one, ask if you can have yours back so you can have a look in more detail.
  4. I don't need to add now it wasn't me (but I just did).
  5. On Woodside Avenue just shortly before midday. I was in my white Evora coming the other way, did flash. Anyone on here?
  6. Thanks @KennyN, yes pretty relieved to be going back. I have seen enough of the inside of my house these last five months that being away isn't too much of an issue, just not having my own bed. The Evora is all sorted though, it was spark plugs so thankfully not too expensive to fix. The Esprit still has a few bugs to iron out which I can look at now I am working again. Fingers crossed for September meet,
  7. Can't do next Wednesday unfortunately, so @ADF will maybe need to look at doing the electrical course another time. Finally got the call to return to work this coming Monday, but they want me in Nottingham 3 days a week so hence the no show next Wednesday.
  8. I took my 2010 NA Evora to a local car meet, which was mainly dominated by older cars and American stuff. It got a few looks but was largely ignored, and I did see a few puzzled faces wondering what it was. I do now genuinely believe most people don;t know what it is, or that it exists, The car simply doesn't deserve that. Next time I am going to take the Esprit down, they will F***ing look at that!
  9. Thanks Dave, will be giving that a try too.
  10. I have a small but annoying issue on one of the gearbox drain plugs. Recently drained and refilled the gearbox, with new copper washers from SJ. The plug nearest the front of the car has been fine but I have had a very small leak front he plug nearest the back of the car. Have tried on three occasions to sort, even purchasing a wider copper washer than the SJ version but still not resolved. Anyone had this or any tips on how to resolve? Not sure if I should use some kind of sealant, or two washers (although with the compression I am not sure this would work?).
  11. Couldn't have put it better myself. Such a shame these are in someone else's museum overseas.
  12. You must take your wife to some nice restaurants @C8RKH, I have never spent £170 on a meal with the other half! Be nice to have but just can't justify the cost still being furloughed, and already having a COP. Dare I say if Bahar had done this during his upmarket ramping he would have been slated?
  13. One of the few YouTubers which I can tolerate, although very low on Lotus content over the years. He did a review of the Evora 400 in Nottingham a few years back but you could tell he didn't know an awful lot about the car.
  14. Hi Dave, Mine is mounted in the passenger side A post trim so its not visible, which will give you more options as it will be hidden.
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