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  1. Nelly


    John was a frequent supplier of help and stories with my Esprit issues when I was restoring my car and was saddened to come across this thread. RIP John.
  2. Nelly

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Took the Evora yesterday to work as our sales director took my daily for the day as his car was in for repair. Did the dentist first, and had a guy say to me "are you the Evora owner? Do you love it or love it?" (good multiple choice there). After that, went to collect a mobile phone for the MD and no sooner had I parked up then someone came over to me and said how much he loved my Evora, how he wanted one and we then had five minutes discussing the virtues of the car. It really is a feel good car on all levels.
  3. Summed up perfectly. Not enjoyed a day out like this for ages. Well done to everyone involved.
  4. Nelly

    Midlife Crisis!

    You don't need help. You need congratulating. Very nice, I would love a charger either with or without Daisy Duke.
  5. I remember this being up for sale a couple of years ago when I was looking for mine, as Snows are my local dealer. Think it was for sale for ages, and I seem to recall it was one of at least two cars they took to the Brookland's TLF day that year (with an ex demo yellow early 400). Was definately on a private plate. Obviously quite a distinctive car, but not for me. Stripes are fine on a Mustang on GT40, but not an Evora. I reckon being red it would need a good T cut if the stripes came off. Not too surprised to see it this low TBH, especially given that it has since been in a prang.
  6. Both seen within the space of two minutes just before 8:00 this morning. An Azure Blue Stephens (I would guess an S4) and a red S3 being driven by someone in combat uniform. Very surprised to see one let alone both!
  7. Nelly

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I parked up in my local Sainsbury's car park at the start of the week. Came out to find a late 40's guys standing at the car. He was about to walk away so unlocked the car so the indicators caught his attention. Had a really nice chat with the MX5 owning guy who said how much he loved the Evora and what a great looking car it is, and ended by saying how lucky I was. I actually feel guilty and embarrassed when someone says something like that to me but made me come away feeling what a car the Evora is. Best kept secret indeed.
  8. Nelly

    Hants meet up

    Bollocks. Fly out to Turkey on Monday 25th. Was really looking forward to this one as well. There is always July,,,
  9. Nelly


    How is life with the new car Lee? As much as I love the Evora, I do get days I miss the smaller more lithe nature of an Elise on a backroad. I could push mine done the drive with one hand.
  10. Nelly

    Potential Evora owner

    Lovely colour combo. Carbon grey would have been my second choice, and the red leather is icing on the cake. @Techyd - worth taking your time, I first started looking in May 2016 and ended up buying over a year later. Cars are rare so more often than not you may have to wait until the right car comes along. You may regret it if you don't, its a lot of money to spend on a second choice otherwise. Keep on eye on classifieds every night and also the "market watch" thread, that's where I found mine.
  11. Nelly

    New Esprit

    Personally I would love to see the new Esprit as a modern interpretation of the old car in the same was as the Ford GT40/Fiat 500/Mini have done in recent years. Retro works (and it sells). Needs to be low wide and sleek as much as legilation allows. As much as I like the Evora (and I do, I have one) the Esprit needs to be worlds apart from it IMO in terms of looks and power.
  12. Nelly

    Hants meet up

    I should be OK, with it being a BH next week it means I am in Nottingham on Tuesday instead of Monday, but I have done it before!
  13. Yes I got them from Lotus via the Motorsports auction site. I also thought it was bollocks too but I can't force them! Lotus Silverstone crossed my mind as well after I got the call saying no can do. Fitted the DAB on the car myself, brakes though are not my strong point!, Hope you are enjoying your recent arrival!
  14. I got the calipers last summer, the car is going to have its service at Snows in Southampton on Friday. I asked them if they would fit them for me whilst the car was in but they politely declined - as they had not supplied the parts themselves. Something about having to offer a warranty due to some EU law. I can't really wait for Brexit so will have to find someone else - after my record on doing the brakes on my Esprit, I didn't want the Evora off the road for a long period of time when I make a balls up of it! Anyone had a dealer fit these for them?
  15. Nelly

    Hants meet up

    Firstly a quick apology for having gone AWOL this year - not a fair weather thing, a combo of the Evora being out of action for a month but mainly work commitments. I will be at the May meet, assuming I am not away but I don't generally know my movements until the week before. I have done the poll. I do a quiz on Wednesday nights (but only done that twice this year). Looking forward to catching up with everyone, would also be really cool at one meet if we could do an Evora timeline photo with my S1, @DaveC72's 400 and @The Pits GT430, both of which I haven't seen yet! Hopefully my Esprit is going back on the road soon so I hope to bring that along to a meet during the summer.