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  1. 3 Loti whilst out and about today: 1) Black Eletre in Woodside Avenue around midday - assume it was a Hendy demo vehicle 2) Dark verdant Emira, literally a minute later, coming out of Hendy I was in my daily for those two. 3) Carbon grey Evora on the Corhampton Road - I was in my white Evora and flashes were duly exchanged. Anyone on here?
  2. Echo what everyone else has said, I have had a battery fail overnight. Get a new one and if you have the possibility a CTEK trickle charger, 6 years later my battery is still going strong
  3. Nelly

    Petrol ?

    I use Shell Vpower in my Esprit which is E5. I did try a supermarket super unleaded alternative and the car really didn't like it, so won't be doing that again. Its pricey but worth it IMO (also gets used in the Evora).
  4. Just stumbled upon these updates. Also remember the day well, have often wondered how Nigel is these days. Does anyone know?
  5. I have just renewed mine with AIB for both cars - £420 for the Evora (lives on my drive) and £120 for the Esprit (lives in my garage). Not a huge increase on last year. Both are limited mileage under 3000 miles each.
  6. As others have mentioned, that's by far the worst dashboard I have ever seen. A lifted airbag is one thing, but the leather to the windscreen edge is something else. No idea why you would advertise this sort of car with that issue. Clearly a PO was more interested in how the car looked from the outside....which is its next problem. I get some people may want a 400 for S1 money in terms of looks but surely the hybrid nature would only hurts its value, not increase it? Marmite car IMO..and not just because its yellow on the outside and black inside.
  7. Hi James, Its is known, not sure its well known but there is a thread about it. Apologies I can't work out how to link to it, but if you search "Massive oil leak on 2010 Evora". Hopefully someone can put a link? I replaced the rubber hoses on my car with the metal parts which looks to have been a Lexus/Toyota related service note but doesn't seem to have reached Lotus.
  8. Lovely car but then I do like them in white. My only complaint is why the hell Lotus didn't do a carbon sail panel to match the roof and tailgate, the standard black one looks completely out of place. Never fails to do my head in when they went to all that effort and then left the final detail missing.
  9. My Evora (also white) came with the forged wheels in Anthracite from new, and the previous owner got the black pack added to make it look like a SR. I kerbed an alloy and actually went the other way from Anthracite to gloss black, to my mind it matched the rest of the car better than dark grey. Anyway, I found a local refurbishment company with a good reputation and they did the al four for just over £400, well pleased with the result. You can get the TPMS sensors cheaper on ebay, they are GM units and used on some Saabs - plenty of threads about them, I needed to get a new one when I did my wheels.
  10. Followed you down the A34 all the way from the M40 to well south of Newbury yesterday in pretty awful conditions so kudos for using your car in all weathers.
  11. I think on a white Evora, the roof has to be black (a bit like mine), it blends beautifully into the sail panel and rear window: That said, I am 100% in agreement that Aquamarine looks best without the black pack and silver wheels. That's whats great about the Evora, it can do the GT thing but with a bit of black can also mix it with the supercar look.
  12. It is a different reverse lift part, but many have re-used the existing (I think it may need a small adjustment, but could be wrong). I went belt and braces and changed it anyway with the right part when I did mine purely because I didn't want any issues later on and have to take it all apart again. Just depends if you want to spend the extra money or not.
  13. Thanks Dave. Coolant is nice and blue, I have an aluminium header tank as the old one was rusty as anything when I got the car. I was going to do the thermostat and gasket, so sounds like I was on the right lines. The car has given me a few issues so hope I may have been panicking without too much issue.
  14. Its been a while since I posted a technical post about my S2 Esprit, its not had much attention for various reasons but is now at the top of list. For reference, the last time the car was driven was mid 2020, and last year was only started on a couple of occasions during the summer. That was to diagnose a couple of electrical issues, one of which was the temp gauge. For that, the car was just ticking over, although the gauge wasn't working properly we had a digital temperature reader on the engine block as reference, so I know it didn't get very hot. The gauge was deemed to be the issue and has been replaced (voltage stabilizer was also replaced just prior to that) Anyway back to the present. I have just changed the oil, and on Friday have taken the carbs off to be ultrasonically cleaned. That was going to be the extent of the work but when removing the carbs I noticed some dried coolant around the edge of the kinked rubber pipe which goes to the thermostat housing. There was also some water around the bolt heads on the thermostat housing. The gasket around one of the cylinder heads also seems to be damp and I think the gasket may be compromised here, as the section visible between the two surfaces is almost like paper. There is also some white spotting on the top of the gear box So I am considering my next steps and would appreciate any feedback. Puzzled why there would be water present when the car hasn't run for 8 months (car is stored in a ventilated carcoon so I am sure it will not be atmospheric). The old oil looked OK, don't recall any coolant in it (although I wasn't looking for it), underside of oil filler cap is spotless and the coolant in the expansion tank looks fine. Presume it wouldn't hurt to flush the system anyway as coolant could do with changing. Just worried I may have a head gasket failure although surprised as to how this could have happened given how little the car has been used during the last few years. As the carbs are off, would removing the inlet manifold reveal anything? Happy to remove this but won't be touching the cylinder heads - I am at the stage now where anything major will be done by a garage rather than myself, but would be good if I had an idea what may have happened. Happy to put up any pics if required, and appreciate any thoughts/feedback.
  15. I like it. These are not my sort of thing, but if I had a fave it would be the Urus and the fact you can get something so similar for so much less money can't be a bad thing. Looks fab from the front in yellow. Seen a lot of comments about Lotus betraying their roots, but I would hate to see the company become like Little Chef or Woolworths (sorry very UK references) and be consigned to history because they didn't change with the times. Wonder how many of those comments come from people who have never owned a Lotus.. It may be 2 tons, but if its lighter than the competition (and it seems to be ) then surely that's the point? If it helps Lotus thrive, then its all good.
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