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  1. This has been on my mind for a while and decided it was time to share and see what you guys all think. The very reason I am on this forum typing this is because of a car in a film, a white Esprit, but being born in 1972 my childhood was full of films and TV programmes with cars, and more often than not I had the Corgi version to play with as a child. On TV there was The Professionals, The Sweeney, Magnum PI, The Saint, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Starsky and Hutch, Miami Vice and the big screen had numerous Bond films, Mad Max, Bullitt , The Italian Job, Vanishing Point and Smokey and the Bandit to name but a few.. Basically, there used to be numerous shows and films which had cars integral to them, and I count a lot of them as favourites. I have an early Esprit as a result and there are a couple of other cars from the above list I would get if space and funds allowed, its not as though all of them were exotics - some were fairly hum drum and obtainable. Why don't we see this anymore? Is it un-PC (speeding and the environment), a bit old fashioned, or is it that there are no cars being built which are charismatic enough to pull off what the cars of the 70's and 80's did.? Who wouldn't want to see an Evora, Elise, an Alfa 4C/Guilia or a Toyota GT86 tearing round as part of a TV cop show? BTW I don't think the Evora in Emmerdale counts! James Bond is keeping the Cinema car content ticking over, but even then the older Aston's seem to be taking more centre stage, particularly the DB5. A few notable films such as Ronn pop up now and again but they are pretty rare. I also read that teenagers have less interest in cars these days, and I think some of this is down to the lack of interesting/desirable mainstream cars and the fact you never see any in staring roles on TV and in films. The only exception to this is the Fast & Furious series, which is not my thing but I think it sort of backs the above up in that the Jap cars and modifying scene are popular with younger drivers. Super/hyper cars are always going to be lusted after but I believe that if the younger generation are not getting into cars like I did its because of a combination of not seeing them star in TV and films and the fact that there isn't much mainstream stuff you would want to see anyway, Would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts and what they loved when growing up and why? Oh, and if a Mod is reading this please can they move it to the general forum?
  2. Hi Carl, good cars don't hang around! I spent over a year looking before I got mine - don't let that put you off, I nearly got one earlier but the vibe just wasn't there so I didn't commit. Paid a little more for the car I finally ended up with, but pleased I waited. If you don't like the paprika leather, best move on - loads of white cars had black interiors. Get yourself into a position ready to buy, if you need to move a car on first chances are any potential purchase will have gone by the time you have sorted your circumstances. Otherwise, enjoy the test drives and good luck.
  3. The silver S2 which sold recently (Dave referred to on one of his earlier posts) is now subject to a restoration blog. Stumbled upon this today:
  4. Just seen Dean's garage update on the new car, congrats! Something really nice about early S2 cars - road/seat/arse as someone once said. Done a couple of cosmetic jobs on the Evora whilst I have been off, and finally sorted the gearbox leak on the Esprit so that's all back together and running - took it for a small run yesterday, although its not running great but I suspect that's mainly down to lack of use. Was going to do an oil change, but once again it defeated me - couldn't shift the sump bolt and was starting to round off the head of the bolt. I have got a new one on order along with a 6 point socket rather than the usual 12 point sockets. I think the "C" word was invented for two things - wasps and my Esprit! All being well it will be coming to the next meet, would be great if we can do one with the weather at its best - could we meet somewhere and everyone brings their own refreshments?
  5. New car? Nice on @Techyd !
  6. Evora prices held firm for ages but prices have certainly dropped a bit on early cars now - quit dismayed to see a few in mid £20k's recently. I may have seen the previous owner mention in the market thread how much he misses his old NA, and with prices low he may be tempted to get another. Is it worth mentioning to him (although it won;t be long before he sees this I am sure!).
  7. Agree Dave, I think your assessment is spot on. Special editions are always going to command a premium, just on rarity alone.
  8. There is also a gold one on Car & Classic for £34k Seems previous owners didn't like black sills either. Three S2's for sale at once is rare, all at strong money. Anyone think they will get to these prices?
  9. Lotus Elise. Other than the drifting roundabouts at 25mph, it fulfills all of the above. Its the best fun you can have under 60mph IMO, in fact I have often thought of moving the Evora on and getting another, especially with the weather as it has been recently.
  10. I actually think the speed limit should be kept at 70 mph - on the basis that most people will always try and push a little more than they are allowed (just look at some lockdown behaviour), I believe 80-90 mph is common place on our motorways. By putting it up to 90, that little push will then end up around 100 - so by keeping it at 70 its helping to keep everyone around the speed most of us feel the limit should be, (as already suggested earlier in this thread). Just my view, and not based on any studies or articles. Clearly this prick was using the quieter roads as an excuse to max his car in the thinking there would be less traffic, what pisses me off about this is that, similar to drink driving, these people very often survive their own accidents and end up killing someone innocent.
  11. Complete agree Jonny @The Pits with both your most recent posts, but the above is the one reason I was underwhelmed with the Elise announcement. I very much believe there is a market for the Elise, its more relevant today than it was when launched so wouldn't have cost too much to bring up to date, surely? Your imaginary Elise above would have been epic.
  12. Nelly

    1988 V8 ? For sale

    Just been reading about this on Facebook, general opinion was its a scam advert - 1988 V8? They also have two Porsche 911 for sale at exactly the same price.
  13. Hate to say it, but underwhelmed was the exact word I was thinking no its not just you. I read a comment on another site about typical Lotus, special edition of existing old cars and I had to agree. Its a weird one, dynamically and as a drivers car it still very much cuts the mustard.
  14. Can't argue with much on the last few posts on this thread - as mentioned staggering variety of used car choice at the £80k - £130k region. I think the delays are what concern me the most - great there is all this new investment, but we have the halo car first (Evija) which most mere mortals won't be able to afford, whereas the rest of the range which desperately needs updating won't be done, as we now know, for at least another year, maybe more if the virus continues its effect. I fear Lotus are being left so far behind. I very nearly said on my comment on the US LOT thread what someone above mentioned about Bahar, his plan may not have happened by my god was there something to be excited about. The sportscar market has its own echelons and I always saw Lotus in with Porsche, at the lower end - fine by me, it means used cars fall into my price bracket. I remember seeing the Evora launch and hoping one day I could get one. The fact that McLaren are also in that bracket now is a little false, by rights they shouldn't be but low confidence/reliability and over supply looks to be killing used car values. I follow @JayEmm's channel since his Lotus days and he has done some very interesting videos on McLaren following a recent dual purchase by his friends - worth watching, and quite shocking. Still, a lottery win would definately see one in my garage.
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