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  1. Any small signage company which does vehicle graphics should be able to help you out, although wrapping is a bit more specialised as you are going round contours and curves, so check first. The carbon vinyl is a standard product and pretty much any sign company will be able to get their hands on it as most vinyl suppliers have it in their ranges. Mine was done by Lotus Silverstone by a previous owner, they offer this as a service - as you can tell from the many comments, its pretty popular and in my mind is a must (including the sills). I think the car looks a bit too "fat" without it (just my opinion!).
  2. Nelly

    Future of Lotus

    I think a lot of what has been said above is correct. However here is one of the comments left on the above Autocar article, detailing the China factory link: At last, we will get a reliable Lotus instead of the rubbish that is built by webbed feet morons in Norfolk Now I don't agree with this at all, but I do believe it is one of the wider perceptions of Lotus. I would certainly say build quality is one of the things that count against Lotus - again, I don't think its bad but when you look at the quality/perceived quality of Porsche when you are sat inside one, I do think Lotus is behind in this area. Alfa Romeo used to suffer in this way, and I think since the Brera their image in this area has improved no end, If they could solve this, I think that would be a massive step forward but again once done people need to know about it! Lotus has to have a USP - and that is without question the lightweight & handling qualities. I don't see why this should change even if they go upmarket (OK they will get heavier, but against the competition). Finally, on the comments of possibly loosing the "lightweight Lotus" - if they do move upmarket, then the "stripped out specials" should basically be what the current cars are now.
  3. Today I helped @peteyg install the calipers onto my S2. Bolting into place was easy, they go straight into the existing sliding pins. Handbrake cables - these go into the top of the caliper rather than the bottom, passenger side was no problem with a bit of manipulation. I was warned the driver side would need shortening but we were concerned about compromising it so elected to reroute. I initially we tried behind the battery box but it was too tight so elected to bring the cable in through the bodywork earlier and run to the caliper that way. There is a fair bit of slack on the cable but looks to be operating ok. Only concern we have is there is a raised ridge on the caliper and it is rubbing on the mounting bracket so don't know how this will affect its operation. I will speak to PNM to get their thoughts. They also suggested new brake pads and for the extra £20 I went with it. Will update more with pics when we test them. Oh and they are a LOT lighter!
  4. Nelly

    Bittersweet Days

    Having lost my mum to cancer when I was 18 (and she was 44 which is younger than I am now) I relate to exactly how you feel Lee. There will be feelings of "why us?", I completely get the relief that her suffering will soon be over, no mater what pain that leaves you with as a family long term. Unfortunately cancer is brutal in picking its victims. Don't be afraid to cry, and talk - one thing I did was bottle it up and in hindsight it wasn't a healthy thing to do, but everyone has their own way of dealing with it. As Paul mentioned in the post above, your priority will be the girls. We have only met the once, but I am thinking of you at this very difficult time.
  5. Nelly

    Help, my son has bought a Porsche!!!

    And with the Rover opposite, you can do a legitimate post on the Facebook "Cars you don't see anymore" page.
  6. No its pretty straightforward. Four bolts to undo, unplug electrics from underneath and lift out. The seat is heavy so suggest you have a decent amount of space around you to open door fully to give you good clearance.
  7. Nelly

    Bittersweet Days

    I have just shed a tear too Lee reading this, no need to apologize for the post as I believe its helpful letting your emotions out in this way. I can only echo what the guys have said, try and ring every moment out of this Christmas, don't feel bad for any signs of weakness. Someone somewhere has been through what you have, so you are by no means alone and we are a community - not just to help on car problems but everything. All my best wishes.
  8. Thanks, and that's what is bugging me and probably the main reason I am so annoyed I kerbed it. I was told yesterday they would prefer to do both wheels on one side to avoid any off colour between front and back. Will see how it goes. Other option is to do them all gloss black (it really will be like a sports racer then!).
  9. Yeah that would be the one! Thanks Bibs. I can't believe they even went to the same place as me. I did a search but didn't find this one.
  10. Much to my annoyance I have kerbed one of the rear wheels on my Evora. Its a 2010 car with the forged alloys finished in Anthracite. I have been to Th e Wheel Specialist in Fareham (who I have heard good things about), but their standard Anthracite/Charcoal colour is quite a bit different. They have asked me for a colour reference if possible. So..does anyone know what the actual colour these wheels were painted, I am worried about a getting a good match. If anyone has any experience of repair to these colour wheels I would also be interested to hear, along with any other local to me (South Hampshire) recommendations for repairers.
  11. My dash has never worked, even got an auto electrician to sort it and it still never lit up. @GTK - Just caught on to your series, as an S2 owner who may do a chassis resto at some point I can't tell you how interesting and informative I have found your videos. Watching the car undo itself is awesome! And you are right about @peteyg - he is an S2 lege.
  12. Nelly

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Just want to add my thanks to Kevin too, and to say it was great seeing everyone last night. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.
  13. Nelly

    Momo steering wheel

    I also have this wheel on my S2. Didn't have the centre badge when I got the car so picked that up from Lotusbits. Its got a horn push which is odd with the horn being on one of the stalks. I was going to get an original, but didn't as A) they are very rare and expensive, and B) they are not very stiff - in fact I know one member has worked on a stronger version to get round this.
  14. Nelly

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Hi guys, 2018 seems to have completely passed me by with regards to meets - I can'r believe I haven't managed to get to any this year. Are they any spots still available for this or have I missed the boat?
  15. Nelly


    John was a frequent supplier of help and stories with my Esprit issues when I was restoring my car and was saddened to come across this thread. RIP John.