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  1. You must take your wife to some nice restaurants @C8RKH, I have never spent £170 on a meal with the other half! Be nice to have but just can't justify the cost still being furloughed, and already having a COP. Dare I say if Bahar had done this during his upmarket ramping he would have been slated?
  2. One of the few YouTubers which I can tolerate, although very low on Lotus content over the years. He did a review of the Evora 400 in Nottingham a few years back but you could tell he didn't know an awful lot about the car.
  3. Hi Dave, Mine is mounted in the passenger side A post trim so its not visible, which will give you more options as it will be hidden.
  4. Nelly

    1979 S2 for Sale

    Good spot. Looks much happier in one colour. Be interesting to see if the waist trim was removed or if they simply painted the bottom half of the car. Also interesting they went with the red down rather than the white up, a white car would be more saleable IMO but much easier to lose the white than the red. For me its £25k tops.
  5. Nelly

    1979 S2 for Sale

    Wow that's strong money - I can't see it selling for that. As for an investment, I don't think you would lose but as for making money, I am not so sure. Car has been repainted - so its not as original as they say - no black sills and the decals on the rear area near the fuel fillers being the give away. The interior does look very very nice though. Your post suggested they don't know these cars very well, and I would tend to agree.
  6. @Paul Coleman - Have done a lot of searching myself, and as you mention I can't find anything. I was hoping with the amount of S1/S2 resto's done someone may have overcome this problem and can advise. I will keep on it, and will report back anything I find.
  7. I am looking for a replacement fuel sender for my car - its the earlier S2 type which I believe is the same as the S1, the top having three screw holes to secure it to the tank. Mine has seen better days and has already had a bodge repair but I can't fine one anywhere - SJ sell one for the S2 which my chassis number falls within but its the later type which has a twist fitting. Has anyone replaced theirs with a alternative or knows which car this would have have been borrowed from?
  8. Thanks Tony, I do have a multimeter so will bring mine along - no idea which setting it should be on so it may as well be a hammer for the use it is to me at the moment! Going to have a play tomorrow to see what I can acheive, Both cars are chalk and cheese despite both being mid engined. My Esprit is not a fair comparison, I have driven Pete's and it trounces mine as things stand.
  9. Thanks both. @Paul Coleman - well aware that getting a diagnosis over a forum would be impossible, hence I tried to pitch this as what I should look for and some theory rather than an absolute answer. @ADF - Glad you responded having met you last month - really appreciate the reply, I will try and get my head around this and maybe chat further at the August meet if you are there?
  10. Should have mentioned its an S2 Esprit with Smiths gauges.
  11. I am hoping I can get some help on some electrical gremlins on my dash instruments, ideally in layman's terms as I don't fully get how this all works. Firstly I would say my car has a non standard dash harness as it was subject to a rodent attack - a previous owner re-made the wiring with a multi plug so one advantage is I can pull the unit complete out the car. Having looked at it against the wiring diagram it has been done to a good standard and matches pretty well. My questions are more generic rather than specific to my set up as a result. It all worked when I got the car but then the rev counter stopped working. An auto electrician diagnosed a bad earth but didn't fix it at that visit and has since moved from the area and I have lost contact - so I am trying to sort this on my own with little budget but time is something I do have. When I dismantled the dash for the interior refub I made a record of all connections (which I still have) but made no record of one connection to the volts gauge - but given the diagram says it should go to earth, and my one remaining connection left once re-assembled was a black cable, you would assume this should connect up but somehow it was too short to reach, but when I did connect it up I had no rev counter. First question. Where would the earth connection be made under usual circumstances? I assume by the loom but where would it connect to? Second question - Is it feasible whatever feeds the earth to the loom would have an issue and need cleaning? Basically is there someone else in the car I should be looking at? Third question - could I simply run a new earth connection to a suitable point on the dash, I already have one where the dash cross brace meets the uprights so this would be my ideal point. Fourth question - Does the earth connected to the fuel tank sender fixing affect the gauge or the sender itself (or both)? Fifth question - one other oddity. When I was playing around with the car troubleshooting all this the fans at the front of the car came on but the temp gauge was only reading around 70 degrees, leading me to think it is reading low. Certainly when the car last run significantly in 2014 the gauge was fine, the water pump failed and the needle rose no problem. Is there any way to test this, and again is there somewhere at the back of the car I should be looking? The temp sender must be OK if it triggered the fans? I did get a local auto electrician out in June but to be honest wasn't too impressed (and I had a previous disagreement with him in which I turned out to be correct despite my little knowledge). He did actually get the rev counter working by adding a lead to the earth terminal on the volt gauge and running that to the rear fixing of the bracket which secures the rev counter against the dash, with further connections to the fixing bracket screws on the speedo/fuel/temp gauges, but it was intermittent and the fuel and temp gauges then didn't read correctly. He shrugged his shoulders at this point and said it should all be working, and blamed the gauges. Clearly these two are more important than revs so I have removed all he did. I have since then replaced the voltage stabilizer given it was the fuel and temp gauges, but this has made no difference to any of the above which was most disappointing. Clearly something is amiss if adding this cable can get the rev counter working but at the expense of other gauges. I would mention the oil pressure gauge is an aftermarket electric one and is working perfectly. I hope this is enough info for suggestions on the principles of what I should be looking for. If anyone wants me to post an image of the rear of the dash mask I of course can do so.
  12. Same car as this thread, which is also on the go at present. As mentioned it used to be owned by Ian Heighway when I first joined LEF as it was then in 2009, but i Believe he sold the car shortly afterwards and haven;t seen it surface until recently.
  13. As Bravo73 mentions you could spray them, but I had already purchased a new set of letters which were already black (actually a chrome set painted). The current lettering is a different font to what was fitted to earlier Evora's, its slightly shorter in height but broader in width. It looks much better in my opinion than the older style, and I didn't have to apply new D/S tape to the old letters as a bonus. If you like how it looks now then by all means spray your own letters at the same time as the surrounds, its what the factory did. Just make sure you use a fine sandpaper to give the a key rather than a coarse as I did when doing the light surround and had to do loads of coats to get rid of the scratch marks.
  14. My rear light surrounds also went milky, so I took them off and painted them black. Also changed the LOTUS lettering to black and it looks so much better. My car is white so it was an easy decision. I damaged my sail panel annoyingly, £400 for a new one. The old one had already been repaired at some point in its life.
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