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  1. It is a different reverse lift part, but many have re-used the existing (I think it may need a small adjustment, but could be wrong). I went belt and braces and changed it anyway with the right part when I did mine purely because I didn't want any issues later on and have to take it all apart again. Just depends if you want to spend the extra money or not.
  2. Thanks Dave. Coolant is nice and blue, I have an aluminium header tank as the old one was rusty as anything when I got the car. I was going to do the thermostat and gasket, so sounds like I was on the right lines. The car has given me a few issues so hope I may have been panicking without too much issue.
  3. Its been a while since I posted a technical post about my S2 Esprit, its not had much attention for various reasons but is now at the top of list. For reference, the last time the car was driven was mid 2020, and last year was only started on a couple of occasions during the summer. That was to diagnose a couple of electrical issues, one of which was the temp gauge. For that, the car was just ticking over, although the gauge wasn't working properly we had a digital temperature reader on the engine block as reference, so I know it didn't get very hot. The gauge was deemed to be the issue and has been replaced (voltage stabilizer was also replaced just prior to that) Anyway back to the present. I have just changed the oil, and on Friday have taken the carbs off to be ultrasonically cleaned. That was going to be the extent of the work but when removing the carbs I noticed some dried coolant around the edge of the kinked rubber pipe which goes to the thermostat housing. There was also some water around the bolt heads on the thermostat housing. The gasket around one of the cylinder heads also seems to be damp and I think the gasket may be compromised here, as the section visible between the two surfaces is almost like paper. There is also some white spotting on the top of the gear box So I am considering my next steps and would appreciate any feedback. Puzzled why there would be water present when the car hasn't run for 8 months (car is stored in a ventilated carcoon so I am sure it will not be atmospheric). The old oil looked OK, don't recall any coolant in it (although I wasn't looking for it), underside of oil filler cap is spotless and the coolant in the expansion tank looks fine. Presume it wouldn't hurt to flush the system anyway as coolant could do with changing. Just worried I may have a head gasket failure although surprised as to how this could have happened given how little the car has been used during the last few years. As the carbs are off, would removing the inlet manifold reveal anything? Happy to remove this but won't be touching the cylinder heads - I am at the stage now where anything major will be done by a garage rather than myself, but would be good if I had an idea what may have happened. Happy to put up any pics if required, and appreciate any thoughts/feedback.
  4. I like it. These are not my sort of thing, but if I had a fave it would be the Urus and the fact you can get something so similar for so much less money can't be a bad thing. Looks fab from the front in yellow. Seen a lot of comments about Lotus betraying their roots, but I would hate to see the company become like Little Chef or Woolworths (sorry very UK references) and be consigned to history because they didn't change with the times. Wonder how many of those comments come from people who have never owned a Lotus.. It may be 2 tons, but if its lighter than the competition (and it seems to be ) then surely that's the point? If it helps Lotus thrive, then its all good.
  5. You need to be looking daily, as others have said above there are not too many cars and they don't hang around when priced sensibly. It was a year of searching before I got mine. Definitely watch the "Market watch" thread, the previous owner of my car posted that he was thinking of selling and it was exactly what I was after, so I dealt direct and the car didn't get as far as being advertised. I paid top money for a used, but as someone else mentioned you don't mess around with so few cars available. Good luck, it will be worth it.
  6. Found Hendy OK to be fair, they have only done a service and MOT on my Evora. No issues getting hold of them when I needed to (although it does help I live a mile from them and tend to just pop in). Another option if you are prepared to travel a little is Purbeck Sports Cars just outside Poole, Jon there is very good (ex Westover Lotus I believe). Used him twice and would definitely recommend, he does get booked up quick though so you may have to wait.
  7. Around 17:45 this afternoon. Followed you down the M27 and off at J5, under the M27 (nicely done with the revs under the bridge) and down past the Concorde club. Pulled alongside as you turned right towards Eastleigh and I went left to Chandlers Ford but was in my Skoda so didn't gesture. Lovely car, anyone on here?.
  8. I was one of the "not very complimentary" people towards Jayemm, some of what he said was well judged but it just sounded like he was upset with being outside of Lotus circles now things are that much more exciting. Anyway - back on topic. Lotus clearly had to appeal to a much broader audience with Emira, if they had just face lifted the Evora I fear the only people who would have bought it were current Evora owners/Lotus fans. I saw it yesterday at Goodwood, and it looks fantastic. I hope I can own one in a few years. That said, all the excitement of the launch just made me want to drive my Evora - couldn't wait to take it to Goodwood yesterday and I loved every minute of it, Values? Newer Evora's will take a hit I feel as they always do when a new model comes out. You may get some people who love the Emira but can't afford one opting to go for an Evora so they get a taste of the action if that makes sense. I am hoping as a 2010 MY owner that as per other models the original/early/S1 cars end up as the more desirable which keeps values strong. Such a shame the Evora never "made it" given how good all the reviews were at the time but I think the public's perception towards the build quality/interior hurt it. Yesterday, I had only been inside Goodwood 5 minutes and was looking at the Evija when some bloke said "You know what LOTUS stands for,.." Yawn. I looked at him and just shook my head. That said, I had a guy come over today to do some work on the Esprit and he had never seen an Evora before, and had no idea what it was. I am sure Emira won't suffer the same as its taken things to a new level.
  9. Not usually a Shmee fan but really enjoyed this with Jenson at the wheel. Sooo looking forward to seeing the Emira tomorrow at Goodwood. And he is buying one!
  10. No I didn't, strangely enough last month (only two years later) I finally got all four wheels re-finished gloss black and I have to say I am delighted, it suits my car better than the grey did. I will post a pic if interested. £430 for all four including Boris 20%.
  11. Wow that's a massive bargain, but surely a buyers market at the moment. I can only guess the seller was desperate to sell. Would be interesting to see if a 400 has dropped below £50k before?
  12. Really sorry to be so late to the party - going back to the question on page 2 about the front spolier, here is another pic. Basically it was just masked at the line where the section from the front wing narrows to the point where it flares back out to from the splitter. To me the front end doesn't have much definition without it: And here is the pic I got the idea from all those years ago:
  13. @jerzybondov - Yes I do, it was going to go up on the classifieds at the weekend. Will drop you a PM
  14. Nelly

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    Hi @pete, yes works fine. Was a bit of a faff to fit though. I can give you details but mine was an Evora.
  15. OK, after five Sundays I have finally got the under tray off. I had to butcher eight of the bolts to get them off so ordered some replacements. I went for black stainless steel bolts from Carbolts: But having read the above, not sure what I should be doing. Am I better off using the stainless bolts I have just got using one of the products mentioned, or with factory steel bolts with some copper grease? To add insult to injury, I was doing this to put a decat pipe on the car but having got the diffsuer off found it had already been done. Not sure what I was most upset about, all that wasted time or the fact the sound of the car won't be improving.
  16. I am in the process of removing my undertray so I can remove the 3rd cat and fit a straight through pipe. I think the rust even surpasses what I have seen on my Esprit. Shit the bed what a job to get it off, I am having to cut them with my dremel as the bolts are solid. With them being hex head as well doesn't help (although one did bite enough to actually snap one of the captive nuts off of the plate it was welded onto) - very helpful. Wheel off to get to that!
  17. It will put your mind at rest that you haven't been taken for a ride for one thing. I would also say you are intending to update this thread for other owners, and it would be really helpful to have some pics and a summary of its condition posted here. I did a similar thing on oil cooler pipes which look like they could be problematic on cars around 10/11 years old. I tend to forget how old my car given its condition and mileage in that it is now in double figures so age related issues may start appearing.
  18. If they do replace it with the 2nd hand one, ask if you can have yours back so you can have a look in more detail.
  19. I don't need to add now it wasn't me (but I just did).
  20. On Woodside Avenue just shortly before midday. I was in my white Evora coming the other way, did flash. Anyone on here?
  21. Thanks @KennyN, yes pretty relieved to be going back. I have seen enough of the inside of my house these last five months that being away isn't too much of an issue, just not having my own bed. The Evora is all sorted though, it was spark plugs so thankfully not too expensive to fix. The Esprit still has a few bugs to iron out which I can look at now I am working again. Fingers crossed for September meet,
  22. Can't do next Wednesday unfortunately, so @ADF will maybe need to look at doing the electrical course another time. Finally got the call to return to work this coming Monday, but they want me in Nottingham 3 days a week so hence the no show next Wednesday.
  23. I took my 2010 NA Evora to a local car meet, which was mainly dominated by older cars and American stuff. It got a few looks but was largely ignored, and I did see a few puzzled faces wondering what it was. I do now genuinely believe most people don;t know what it is, or that it exists, The car simply doesn't deserve that. Next time I am going to take the Esprit down, they will F***ing look at that!
  24. Thanks Dave, will be giving that a try too.
  25. I have a small but annoying issue on one of the gearbox drain plugs. Recently drained and refilled the gearbox, with new copper washers from SJ. The plug nearest the front of the car has been fine but I have had a very small leak front he plug nearest the back of the car. Have tried on three occasions to sort, even purchasing a wider copper washer than the SJ version but still not resolved. Anyone had this or any tips on how to resolve? Not sure if I should use some kind of sealant, or two washers (although with the compression I am not sure this would work?).
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