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  1. Hi Tony I will have several Elites and one Eclat Riviera coming up for sale soon. Altair Green Elite S2.2. manual, ex Roger Makhlouf car, maintained meticulously, literally no expense spared (£40K invoices to prove). Light blue Elite S2.2 automatic, ex Mark Britton (LooseCannon), will be re-commissioned fully before sale. Silver Elite S1 502, air con, manual steering, 5 Speed manual gearbox, registered 1979 T reg, grey marcasite/black cloth interior, 59K miles, will be re-commissioned fully before sale (undergoing presently). Elite S1 501, W reg 1980, will have an Excel chassis, power train to be determined, colour to be determined, can be built to taste. Eclat Riviera in Carnival Red, will be completely rebuilt top to bottom, won't be started until next year at the earliest. Yes I am a dealer and an enthusiast, been involved with Lotuses in one guise or another for best part of 40 years, you are welcome to visit Enfield and see the projects in person and discuss requirements, if interested you can contact me on 07914830140. Regards David
  2. Take from someone who knows, I have cut enough shells in my time, the A pillars offer no structural integrity whatsoever, just a couple of weeks ago I removed the roof off of an 83 Excel, after removing the windscreen I snapped off the A pillars by hand. The bonded screen will offer some rigidity but just the simple act of leaning on the A pillar to get in and out of the car will flex it sufficiently to crack the screen, no coincidence that the screen is already cracked then. An Elise is designed as a convertible and the A pillars are structural, even then you can crack the screen by pulling yourself out of the car by the A pillar. I guarantee that you will be replacing £300 windscreens on a monthly basis, might end up quite an expensive exercise. The integral roll bar has either been cut down or entirely removed, the roll bar is a critical safety feature, the door striker plates secure to it and the door beam is securely located by the striker plate in a side impact, if the striker plate is simply bolted to the fibreglass B pillar panel then there is no side protection whatsoever, the door and solid beam would simply fold in and trap the driver, or passenger, against the backbone chassis, I wouldn't fancy anyones chances in such an event. Even if the roll bar has simply been cut it still reduces the integrity of the striker plate beyond what is acceptable in an accident. You could of course reinstate the roll bar and build a cage to secure the top of the windscreen preventing any flex, however, that would be even uglier than it currently is. It is a project for a reason, it is ill conceived and badly executed, a veritable death trap, I wouldn't drive anywhere in that. Totally agree with Ant, stick an Elite or Eclat shell on it and create a hybrid, best of both worlds. The above is just my humble opinion, I believe that everyone should decide what is best for themselves, good luck with it whatever you decide. David
  3. Not sure why you would be under that impression, let me assure you that your Elite is as intact as it was the day it left your possession a few weeks ago, there is absolutely no intention to break it and it will be re-commissioned by me over the next six months, my target is to have take it to the Club Lotus day at Castle Combe end of May.
  4. Found your thread Rick, first time I have seen it, no idea how I missed it in the first place as I read posts on a daily basis. What a brilliant restoration, of course I love the Altair Green paint but I also think the interior looks fantastic, different to mine but that is good as it keeps our cars truly unique. Mark Britten informed me that there were 4 Altair Green Elites and that there is one in Ireland somewhere, anyone know where the fourth one is? I believe it may be the one that had a black leather interior. David Just checked my records, previous owner had it from 2007, of course that doesn't mean he didn't put it in the Goodwood auction in 2010, if he did it obviously didn't sell. I left about 3.30 yesterday, didn't notice your Esprit then, I am planning on attending tomorrow so look forward to having a chat. David
  5. Brothers in arms, of the four Altair Green Elites I know that one had a black interior and the other three green leather, what colour is your interior? I have seen your Elite in the pictures thread, any shots of the interior? Not this one as far as I am aware, previous owner had it since 2009 I seem to recall.
  6. My manifesto is simple, every household must own at least one Lotus.
  7. On display on the stand at the Classic Car Show NEC 13 -15 November, drop by and say hello.
  8. Sister car to Rick's, one of only 4 Altair Green Elites produced as confirmed by Andy Graham.
  9. I asked the same question, the seller refuses to give his telephone number to discuss, very unusual, he does not have legal title to the Elite, to do so he must claim ownership in lieu of rent and must be done through a Solicitor, he has not done so so the car is not his to sell, the legal owner has a claim on the car and can reject a transfer of ownership with DVLA when you send a request for the V5, he can even claim theft if the car is removed from the premises, caveat emptor. David
  10. 121,000 miles and in my experience the Nikasil liners are near the end of their usable life at that point, dealer must be aware of the mileage discrepancy as it previously had service history, perhaps conveniently mislaid.
  11. Never suggested you should have mentioned it, it was just a point of interest that neither of us knew at the time.
  12. Particularly gutting when I found out susbsequent to it going to Aus that there were two Essex 007, my RHD, also a LHD presented By Colin Chapman to the owner of Essex Petroleum David Thieme in 1980, and apparently still owned by him at his residence in Monaco, a fact I don't think you knew at the time or of you did you didn't mention it.
  13. Yes and no Barry, I have been re-commissioning Lotuses for 37 years, if they are too far gone I break them, if they are worth saving I save them and I am currently running at 6 saved and 5 broken in the last 4 years since I have stepped up my involvement, I do have another business but I am also semi-retired so that helps. Essex 007 was purchased with the intentions of keeping it for many years, circumstances dictated that I sell that one at the time, wish I had held onto it as it would probably be £25K plus in todays market, actually I know at least three people that would pay that today if I still had it, two of them members on this Forum. Still we learn by our mistakes. David
  14. No, I have other projects on the go as well as the Esprit.
  15. I hope so since it is my car, and yes it was in a real actual barn so the "barn find" is entirely accurate in this instance, I appreciate that quite a few will state that just for effect.
  16. I am pleased to report that the Riviera has been sold to a true Lotus enthusiast and Forum member, it will remain in the UK having very nearly gone abroad, and will be shown at many Lotus events for years to come, much as was my intention if I had managed to hold onto it. Many thanks for the huge interest in this car and the many positive comments. David
  17. And "AX" was being nice in his post was he, I don't see you slapping his knuckles. The comment refers to things said when you were selling your Esprit and your involvement as moderator in other heated threads, nothing nasty implied.
  18. Sorry is this a faintly disguised censorship, you are publicly chastising me for defending my car? You of all people should know full well how detractors can cause damage, yes I have read all posts from inception. Someone makes a spurious and misinformed citicism of my Riviera and I am not allowed the right of reply, please take a common sense pill, you know full well you would reply and defend just as I have done and probably in more terse tones. Just to clarify the misinformed comment, anyone with half as much knowledge and experience as they undoubtedly think they have would know that the silver painted section at the diff mountings is NOT part of the chassis and is NOT galvanised, the link bar has a propensity to rust very badly and most will paint it in hammerite, I believe black is also available as is green if it doesn't offend. Have a nice day
  19. I am also entitled to my opinion and my opinion is that he is being spurious hence the reason why I posted.
  20. Thanks for your comment, always has to be a detractor somewhere, I can understand criticism of a 5 year old Evora with a bit of paint out of place but to chastise a 32 year old car for a tiny bit of paint splashes is spurious and ridiculous. I suggest you look at your own car and pick faults, the one area around the diff mounts is the only part that is slightly untidy so well done for scrutinising and taking such a vested interest, some brownie points for you, hope it makes you feel superior. David
  21. Okay Ray, give me a ring on 07505664221 and we can discuss. Regards David
  22. Hi Ray It didn't meet reserve on Ebay but I have since been contacted by several interested parties, very good offers have been received and I am likely to accept the best offer tomorrow, I am keen for the car to remain in this country but I have had offers from USA, Germany (two) and Slovenia, the highest offer at the moment I am pleased to say is a Forum member based in the UK so hopefully it will soon be seen at Lotus events throughout the UK. Had I kept it I would have been very proud to take it to all the Lotus shows to be seen and appreciated. David
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