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  1. Yes Duncan add at least 50%!!!! I wouldn't class the 944 as a hairdressers car, far too macho, now the other cars I have been driving recently, a Cooper S and an Audi TT, definitely have an effeminate quality about them, in particular in the Cooper S I keep getting waved at by men with handbags and weird haircuts, I have heard Simon Cowell drives one, nuff said. Porches on a Lotus forum is nothing new, check out S E L O C , I think it is compulsory to own a Porker to be on there. Now an Elise S2 is a definite hairdressers car, I have only owned an S1 Exige and a S1 Elise Sport 160 so no worries there, yet my thoughts are turning to a S2 111S, must be those handbags swaying me. David
  2. Lucky escape there Liam, for you and me both, maybe we will get the new owners opinion on here, he will need a lot of support (and councelling), just hope it is not broken for spares although I have to say that was in the back of my mind, definitely worth more in parts. Good shout on the 944, here is mine purchased 3 months ago, 87 944S 16V with OZ racing wheels and side skirts. As a Lotus man through and through I know it is sacrilege and a blasphemous thing to say but if it comes to a toss up which should stay between the Porker and the Riviera I am restoring then the 944 wins hands down, without any shadow of doubt, however, by redemption I would also add that if it was between the 944 and the Esprit then there also no contest, Esprit every time. David
  3. Did you buy it Liam? Auction ended as no longer available, hope they got a good deal. David
  4. The paintwork is the worst I have seen in over 30 years of Lotus ownership, the roof is a mosaic of paint and undercoat, my concern there is that moisture has got through the gelcoat and a respray will fail within a short period of time. Every other panel has very poor paintwork so a complete respray is required, I was hoping for just a top half respray but it needs more than that. Front and rear bumpers are damaged and will require fibreglass work and a respray, the front bumper in particular is almost hanging off. The interior is a mid blue velour, quite the worst I have seen in any Lotus, and I have seen some horrible ones, none of my 19 Lotuses had such an interior, as stated it is not to my taste but others may find it appealing, it is clean and original at least, the worst bit is the material around the passenger A pillar has split and will need recovering, I would think it difficult to get a decent match. The centre dash panel has a stick on fascia, quite badly done and looks horrible, the digital clock didn't work. The engine started with ease and with good oil pressure, however, was reluctant to tick over whilst cold, the choke just made it worse, the carbs were way out of balance and there seemed to be a slight misfire when revved, however, I did not take it up to operating temperature. The owner admitted to changing the head gasket, so it could have previously overheated, I would be careful to run for a good half hour to ensure the head is not warped if I was going to purchase. I didn't drive the car, preferring to agree a deal before going to the trouble of a test drive, so I can't comment on the road manners, however, the gearbox selected all gears without issue. The whole car just seemed tired to me and felt to have have covered a greater mileage than the 79,000 showing on the clock. Hope that helps Liam, good luck. I offered him £1300 and I have to say I was being generous, I personally think it is worth less and was slightly relieved that he didn't accept, particulary more so today as I have just bought a S2 Esprit for partial restoration, had I bought the Elite on Saturday I wouldn't have had the room for the Esprit, fate I guess. David
  5. Not sure, will check the size when the car is delivered tomorrow, the tyres might be lower profile than standard turbo spec. David
  6. Bought by me, split rims might be for sale if I can find a decent set of speedlines, I prefer original items. Decided not to hear it run, the car has been in storage since 1992, so the cambelt is at least 21 years old, could easily snap by just cranking the engine. David
  7. My passion is to get them back on the road after re-commissioning or partial restoration, a full restoration is still not commercially viable until prices increase, and they will one day (then again I have been saying that for the last 20 years). I would buy the blue S2 at the right price, £1700 is not feasible considering the work required, not forgetting the interior which needs ripping out and re-trimmed in leather. I am nearing the end of a partial restoration of a 1982 Eclat Riviera, the amount of work I have put into the car makes me think that I should keep it, that is until the next project gets listed on Ebay and I can't help myself, only a couple of years ago I had 6 project cars at one time, which I have now come to realise is 5 too many. Thanks for offering to find out about your old car Liam but yes it is out of my budget, not really looking for complete cars. David
  8. I did initially offer £1300 for both, then eventually upped to £1500, rejected and they wouldn't even give me a bottom line figure, at least you got a purchase price from him, other car is a total mess and has been sitting there for many years, I didn't really want it but thought an offer to take them both at the same time might have appealed. On the way home I was really relieved that he didn't accept my offer, the orange one is worthless and would cost me £150 transportation on top of the £350 he wants for it. The S2 is still desirable to the right person, thankfully it won't be me, the owner's son (nice guy) offered to get a cheap respray for me at £700-£800 but I declined, would probably look okay for a few months, yes I was quoted £3K for a decent respray by my local body shop . David
  9. Viewed it this afternoon, very very tired example, "paint is flat" is a total understatement, every panel has paint flaking, total respray required which puts it well out of my budget, the elderly owner is being totally unrealistic about the value, peculiar when he only paid £1000 for it 5 years ago. Also has a hideous blue velour interior, not to my taste so I won't be buying this one, good luck to the bidders, I hope they view it before bidding as it looks ok in the pictures, I can see it going for near the asking price but probably will be rejected and relisted as it is not as described, well at least he says it will benefit from a respray which I have to say is being economical with the truth, wasted journey from my point of view. David
  10. My 1982 Eclat Riviera will be up for sale soon.
  11. Chassis still for sale if anyone is interested, give me a ring on 07505664221. David
  12. Dan, I have a new set of carpets that I am selling on Ebay, if you already have the carpet material you are welcome to take templates from them before they sell. Also have your starter motor just in case you have forgotten. David
  13. Purchased the next best thing, a 1982 Eclat Riviera in red, so no longer looking for an Elite, thanks to those that messaged me. David
  14. My Ebay advert Regards David
  15. My Ebay advert, highest bidder secures. Regards David
  16. My Ebay advert, highest bidder secures. Regards David
  17. My Ebay advert, highest bidder secures. Regards David
  18. Looking for a good Elite S2.2 preferably one with engine damage as I have a low mileage unit ready to drop in, will consider anything though it must be a S2.2, Eclat S2.2 is my second choice so I wouldn't rule it out, paintwork in good condition is a must. Thanks David
  19. Selling my complete leather interior including dash for £250. Full details on my Ebay advert. Forum members will get a 10% discount so £225 but the sale must be concluded through here and not Ebay, a small deposit will secure it until you have time to pick it up. I will also be listing the complete bare bodyshell with no accident damage, completely stripped apart from the front screen, side windows, aluminium trims and rear screen, no doors. I will be selling this with a V5 in my name and must be transferred to the new owner, number plates (W reg) and the vin plate, offers invited. Galvanised chassis already sold. David 07505664221
  20. I wish I had asked her why she was called Lotus, if the book is published then we can all find out for certain, and for the cynics I haven't got anything to do with the little old lady or the publishing of the book.
  21. I met this little old lady in her eighties at the end of May, she was tending a stall at the Enfield Motoring Pageant, I was wearing a Club Lotus T shirt and she asked me if I owned a Lotus, she then went on to tell me about her friendship with Hazel. She mentioned the book she was writing, I have no idea when or even if it will be printed, she was a very nice lady and I see no reason why she would fabricate such a story, perhaps only Hazel can confirm or deny the story but I am convinced she was telling the truth.
  22. "Lotus" was Hazel's nickname when she played netball before she met Colin, he adopted the name. That was told to me recently by Hazel's best friend in the netball team, I didn't catch her name but apparantly she is writing a book about Chapman's early days when he used to borrow tools from her father in Muswell Hill.
  23. Seems that way Paul, I sold the other motor on Ebay at £30 first time it was advertised, as presumably the buyer was desperate for one, the other one I must have advertised last year probably 5 or 6 times at £30, each time when Ebay were offering a free listing weekend, no takers even though it was half the price from the breakers. I think that if you happen to need that exact part there and then you will pay whatever it is being advertised at, but if it is only as a spare "just in case" then £30 on a part you may never need is a pointless expenditure. I have sold parts on Ebay for 99p even when there are numerous watchers, doesn't seem to make sense. I can't complain, I have bought 99p bargains on Ebay, a very good condition petrol tank for my Elan +2 for instance when I had placed a bid for £40 being what I thought it would go for but I was the only bidder, swings and roundabouts. If you are looking for anything in particular let me know, when I have my garage clear out I will know whether I have it or not. David
  24. SOLD now thanks for reading and bidding. I am having a garage clearout of various Lotus parts, all Excel bits will be listed on Ebay at 99p with no reserve, can't remember everything that I have but when listed I will give the heads up on here and, would prefer members to pick up a few bargains.
  25. Mine on Ebay finishing today at 5.26, currently at 99p and will be sold at that bid if no other interested parties. Lotusbits sell them at £50 plus VAT, anyone with an Excel should have one as a spare especially at next to nothing prices. I have found it hard to give away (gratis) parts in the past I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when there are no takers at anything over 99p, oh well c'est la vie. David
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