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  1. I arranged to see this car a couple of months ago when it was advertised on Ebay at £2200. The seller runs a motorcycle shop and I turned up to view the car, there was nowhere to park, the seller had also disappeared and there was no-one in the shop. The car was left open so I had a quick look around, although very dirty I could tell it was a nice car and would clean up well so I decided to make him an offer of £2000 the next day after turning up with cash. Before setting off to purchase I gave him a ring and said I was prepared to buy immediately and remove the car the next day, I explained that I had viewed the car the previous day and that he was not around to speak with. The seller was unbelievable rude suggesting that it was my fault I couldn't find him and it was ridiculous that he would leave the shop unattended and then he said that it was pointless me coming again as he had sold the car the previous day for £1700. Whatever happened to the purchaser at £1700 I cant answer but clearly the deal fell through, it is now advertised at £3995 having received what appears to be a hoover and polish, must have used a whole tub of carnuba wax to add that sort of premium. I personally dont believe the mileage and I would want evidence of the cambelt being changed before parting with a penny, but at £3995 I am definitely out of the equation, and in any case even if it was sensibly priced I wouldn't wish to deal with the guy under any circumstances.
  2. Thanks Dan for picking them up, my wife was most amused by your efforts to exterminate the spiders. I hope your never have to use the panels which will mean that your car has suffered damage, but at least you have piece of mind that they are there should one of the many nutters that frequent our roads take a magnetic attraction to you Elite. If you exercising the Elite around my way anytime pop by as I would love to see it. Cheers David
  3. I am getting rid of all 4 corners of my 1974 Elite 502 that I broke up 15 years ago, been sitting in my shed ever since and I have had them advertised on Ebay starting at 99p on more occasions than I care to recall. Seems to be no market for body panels but anyone with an Elite that they intend to keep forever might wish to have these in case of accident damage. I would prefer one person takes the lot but if you only want one panel then that is fine, but I need them gone by the end of this week, say Sunday at the latest, they go to the dump first thing Monday morning. Pick up from Enfield North London, EN3 5AF. Give me a ring on 07908185755 David. I think Lotusbits charge something like £150 a quarter, did I mention that they are FREE. Pity that they go to waste but it seems that you literally can't give away things these days.
  4. On Ebay for final time before entering COYS auction in London on 7 December when the reserve will be considerably higher. £12,000 starting price and no reserve, prices can only increase i the future with only 5 examples in the UK and 12 worldwide, could be many years before you see another for sale, no more dreamers please, you know who you are!!!!
  5. After a seemingly endless procession of timewasters, dreamers, tyre kickers and joyriders I have finally had enough. Final time it goes on sale until 7 December when it will be entered in the COYS auction in London. Starting price of £12,000 and no reserve, with other owners valuing theirs at £25,000 plus then this has to be the bargain of the century. David
  6. The car is now on auction on Ebay, £10,000 starting price so get your bids in if you want to own this rare car. I will reiterate the following points. 22 Essex Esprits produced. Believed only 12 remain worldwide with 5 or 6 in the UK. The first two off the production line were initially painted in the Essex colours and were supplied to the production of the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only". The more astute of you will notice that the Bond film Esprits were painted white and bronze, however, whether they were painted white, bronze, dayglo yellow, tartan or sky blue frigging pink does not alter the fact that they were Essex production models, this is well documented. My car is limited edition 007, and has the 007 stickers on the side, if you cannot see a connection with James Bond 007 then I feel very sorry for you, I am sure your mummy still has to tie your shoelaces. Rant over. Link
  7. My final word on the subject. It is not my OPINION that the bond film Esprits were the first 3 Essexes off the production line IT IS A BLOODY FACT, something that quite a few people on here don't seem to get. Anyway argue it until you are all blue in the face (or should that be Blue/Red/Silver in the face), I really don't give a toss. Anyone that wants an iconic car that has no connection whatsover with any Bond movie past present or future you know where to contact me. Ciao
  8. I give up, guess despite the facts people will still argue black is white.
  9. As I have said I don't get concours, I have never had a concours car and I have better things to do with my time than getting the toothbrush out every Sunday cleaning every nook and cranny, others will no doubt derive great pleasure in doing so it is just not my cup of tea. I like originality, but would not consider myself a purist, what tyres it has fitted does not concern me as long as they are road legal and are the correct size. With the leather, I think that a lived in look is perfectly acceptable for a 30 year old car, but if it needed to be concours, whether to sell on or take to shows, then of course things like that need to be done. I have never restored a car to concours condition but the Essex might be the first, I wont drive it thereafter but merely trailer it to shows and keep on sale until a suitable buyer comes along, having sold my Elise I am in no rush to sell.
  10. I entirely agree, to me (my opinion only I am not intending to speak for anyone else) the Essex is the ultimate Lotus not just Esprit, it is my favourite Lotus of all time, having owned 15 Lotuses I think I have qualified as a true Lotus enthusiast. 007 is not better than the others, I have already clearly stated that it is in no way up to the standards of Barries' or Steve's, and is valued at considerably less than theirs, however, if given a choice of one Essex to own and keep for posterity irrespective of value and condition then I personally would choose 007.
  11. I have stated in two seperate posts, this is now the third time that I will say it, we are all entitled to our opinion, it would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything. Where have I stated that anyone was wrong in having an opinion. If you don't get the Bond connection then fine, if you were selling the car I am am sure you would emphasise such a connection wouldn't you, be honest My lengthy posts are an attempt to correct misapprehensions and misinterpretations with hard facts not supposition, as anyone who has read the Essex Register and related history will testify. Yes I will regret selling it I have no doubt, but if I don't derive great pleasure in driving it what is the point in keeping it in the garage just to look at. If it goes into the hands of a true collector I doubt you will ever see it for sale again, I don't classify myself as a true collector as I buy a car on a whim with full intentions of keeping it forever only to find myself bored with it after a couple of years, the motorsport Elise lasted 4 years, the only car I have kept longer is one of my Elan +2's which I have had for 26 years.
  12. Ahh I've got you now. So any Series one Esprit with a seven in its chassis number will go up in value as it's linked to the one in Spy Who Loved Me? Regards Mat I think a limited edition model with the commemorative number 007 is slightly more significant than a S1 Esprit with a seven in the chassis number. David PS by slightly I mean hugely
  13. Sorry, I shall try to explain again. The Essex commemorative models were the first Turbo Esprits made. The first 3 were retained by Lotus, they were painted in the Essex colours, and were given the numbers 001 002 and 003. 2 Essex Esprits were provided to the makers of For Your Eyes Only. The cars in the film were ESSEX Esprits, they were repainted white and bronze. With these facts clearly detailed in the Essex Register how can you doubt that there is a link with the James Bond film. Since the link with the film is indisputable, unless you wish to question the information provided by Lotus themselves, then I duly contend that there is indeed a provinence with 007 Essex Esprit and James Bond, this is my opinion you are entirely free to completely disagree, it doesn't alter my perspective whether or not I owned 007. The Bond film Essex Esprits probably didn't have the dry sump turbo engines fitted, there appears to be some confusion about which engine was fitted, it makes no difference to the fact that 001, 002 or 003 was in the film. I would just like to point out that at no point have I ever thought I really was James Bond or pointed a walther ppk at anyone (since I don't own one) and I don't like martinis whether shaken or stirred.
  14. You are clearly more of an Esprit enthusiast than me, I have only had 2, the first a silver T reg 1978 S2 which I bought in 1982 and kept for a couple of years, really loved that car and having kids forced me to sell, if I saw it today I would buy it back without a moments hesitation, whatever the condition. When I bought the S2 I really wanted the Essex but it was way out of my price range and I waited 29 years before I bought one, it is now too rare for me to enjoy driving it so although I have now sold my motorsport Elise I am still committed to selling the Essex, I thought I would withdraw the sale once the Elise was gone but I am comfortable with my decision and it will remain on sale until sold. Address the concerns raised, sorry not with you, I see no concerns, perhaps you are reading between the lines. So it is not immaculate, needs a bit of cosmetic attention, but then again it is not priced as a concours example. £16K is a hell of a lot less than other valuations, £30K and £50K, I suspect you will question the validity of a premium over other Turbo Esprits, as I have said previously either you get the appeal of the limited edition Essex or you don't and I will wager you are in the latter category, your prerogative, we are all entitled to our opinion. I am happy with the condition of my car, has a new MOT, has full Lotus dealer service history, has had an engine/gearbox rebuild less than 10,000 miles, has a new turbo and bills for £26K, so the headlining needs replacing, the leather re-connolised and a few bits of paintwork, it doesn't need new carpets as they are perfectly presentable. If I attend to these so called issues, £2-3K tops, then it will be concours and valued up there with the others, so perhaps that is what I will do and shut up the detractors, then again if it is concours I wouldn't wish to drive it. As for my impression that you have a downer on the Essex I think it stemmed from the comment that you made when I posted the pictures of 004 and 007 at Donington, I recall your comment was "nice car pity the two blue ones are in the way", I presume that the yellow one you were referring to in the background might have been yours, probably just a tongue in cheek comment that I misinterpreted, or then again. Fair enough if you think a white S1 is more of a Bond car than a Turbo Esprit with a sticker on it, (don't have a downer on the Essex, are you sure?), I would contend that it is just as a tenuous link as the Essex connection, how many white S1 are there left, I suspect far more than the 12 Essex that exist.
  15. Barrie - when you viewed I expressed my opinion that if there is an Essex Esprit anyone would wish to own it is 007 as it is inextricably linked to the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only", you agreed but perhaps you were just being polite and wishing I would just shut up with my sales patter. I of course said the same thing to Chris, I didn't need to convince him of that as it was already very much his opinion. Essex enthusiasts will already know the link between the Essex Commemorative models and the James Bond film, for those that don't know then you should be informed that the first three Essex production models were retained by Lotus with 2 cars being provided to the film makers, they were painted originally in the Essex colours and of course repainted white and bronze for the film, the other production model retained by Lotus was used as a development hack for a proposed V8 engine. 004 was therefore the first customer car and is currently in the hands of Steve Tryner who has compiled the Essex Register, his car is concours and it would take £50,000 to part it from his hands, undoubtedly the best condition Essex in existence and probably worth every penny. Barrie, your car 011 is in fantastic original condition having completed just 25,000 miles, almost certainly the lowest mileage Essex in existence, I valued your car at £25,000 and you didn't disagree, in fact I suspect it might be nearer £30,000 for you to part with it, not that you ever would I understand from talking with you. With there being only 5 Essex Esprits in the UK it is difficult to accurately value such a rare car, I personally believe I have priced it very competitively bearing in mind the above valuation of 2 of the other 4 available, if I were to spend a few thousand make it concours I doubt anyone could argue with a valuation of £25,000, particularly since I have learned it has full Lotus dealer stamped service history book, I wonder how many other 30 year old cars, let alone Esprits, can boast that. The tyres were supplied by Chris and are nearing the end of their life, however, they are perfectly road legal and the MOT report shows them at a tread depth of 4mm. In fact the Essex Register shows that 007 was provided to Goldblatts with Dunlop tyres, so for full originality it might be better to change the Goodyears, having said that it doesn't bother me either way, I am not a purist, nor do I subscribe to the theory that to be perfect it has to be concours, I would much rather a more usable example that I could drive without worrying when the next stone chip was going to occur. GKP - as a moderator I would have thought you would be more impartial, it seems to me that every post concerning a G car you wish to put a downer on it, we are all Lotus enthusiasts and Esprit lovers, I have owned one or more Lotuses for the last 33 years, I currently have 5, was 6 until May when I sold one of my Excel SEs. You have a wonderful looking Stevens car, I even love the colour, why not just be happy with it and not try to score points against the G cars, I guess if you don't get G cars by now you never will. I could be unkind and say that I wouldn't give a Stevens car the time of day, many do say that, but the fact is I love all Lotuses and I would buy a V8 tomorrow, and I just might if I sell a few of my cars.
  16. Just a heads up for all esprit enthusiasts, I am extremely reluctantly selling Essex 007, would love it to go to a forum member but in reality I can't be afford to be too choosy, if I could sell my motorsport Elise then this would be remaining in my garage for many years to come. Ebay link <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  17. That about answers it Steve, looks like Will's buyer will be unsuccessful unless he sources one from abroad.
  18. So not for sale 004 007 011 Just 14 and 100 to answer for, are their owners on here?
  19. 5 UK registered cars, the register is on here somewhere or I can dig out a copy sent to me by Steve Tryner, so scope for finding a car for sale is miniscule, already informed WillB about the situation on SELOC. My 007 not for sale (unless there was a stupid offer I couldn't refuse) Steve's 004, presume after the work and money he has put into his immaculate example he would never sell (but every man has his price) The other 3 Steve will probably confirm, or they will post if they see this thread, I assume that they are owned by enthusiasts on here that they know they will never lose money on their prized possession, whether they would sell or not only they can answer. Will's buyer is going to need a great deal of luck or deep pockets, probably both.
  20. They don't hang around long do they? Saw advertised on Pistonheads 5 months ago and I purchased within a day of seeing the advert, been waiting a long time for one to come up for sale, didn't see it at Donington. Couple of small jobs to attend to before I wheel it out to the shows, maybe the Club Lotus parts fair in October then as many as I can attend next year
  21. Pics courtesy of Steve Tryner, Donington 2008, Steve's 004, my 007 nearest camera.
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