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  1. Picture 5 shows the original Factory supplied zipped canvas cover for the targa top
  2. Don, check the 5th picture down and you will see the cover for the Targa top, I have had 3 Rivieras and this one is the only one to have the cover, all three Rivieras had the map pocket in the drivers footwell so that was introduced in late 1982. David
  3. Good to hear Brian, so the MGB is more reliable than a Lotus, who would have thought !!!!! You know what wives are like, park the Riviera in the garage and she will never know the difference, course you would have to dispose of yours first (the Eclat not the wife ). We could even do a deal with the MGB but having made it all the way to Le Mans you probably want to hang on to that. David
  4. Thanks, I haven't decided on a price as yet so will stick it on Ebay first, when I have reached a valuation after I finish re-commissioning and MOT it I will place an advert. David
  5. After weeks of agonizing I have decided that it is the Esprit that I want to keep but it was a close run thing, particulary as my wife prefers the Riviera, and it is in far better condition than the Esprit, nevertheless my mind is made up so will be putting the Riviera on Ebay soon. David
  6. Thanks Brian, you are the only other Lotus owner that has so far seen it in the flesh, as it were. Hope your trip to Le Mans in the MGB was successful. David
  7. Thanks Dan, drop by and have a look sometime, how's the Elite hopefully not still giving you problems? David
  8. They are out there John, you are not looking hard enough !!! Wish there was a steady supply of them in this condition but in reality most are basket cases. Have to say this is the best condition out of all the 24 Lotuses I have owned, including a 3 year old Excel SE I bought for £11,000 in 1989 and a 4 year old Esprit S2 I bought in 1982. David
  9. Factory option I believe at the time, from the look of the rear seats I doubt very much that anyone has ever sat in them and of course the car was only on the road for less than 8 years. David
  10. Haven't decided yet, I want to keep either the Esprit or the Riviera, wish I could keep both but not practical, so one will have to go, bit of a dilemma, will decide one way or another in a few weeks. David
  11. The black carpet is definitely original to the car, in keeping with the black and gold theme, only the drivers side mat shows signs of wear, the leather is a gold colour quite unlike any other of my 24 Lotuses I have owned to date, headlining is original and when purchased there was not a single sign of mould or moisture anywhere inside the car, if you want to preserve your car cover it in about 20 thick blankets !!!! David
  12. They crop up every now and again, I also have an Esprit S2 that hasn't turned a wheel since 1991, stored in a real genuine actual barn !!! Thanks Duncan, it is a beaut, if you are passing Enfield anytime drop by and have a gander. David
  13. I have a complete Elite roof panel going free if you want it, pick up from Enfield EN3 5AF, give me a ring on 07505664221 if you want to arrange collection. David
  14. Chassis number is retained by the bodyshell as denoted on the VIN plate, the "chassis" is actually a subframe that can be replaced without notifying DVLA as agreed by Colin Chapman with DVLA in the seventies when Elan's were being issued with Q regs due to a chassis change. Notify DVLA of a chassis number change and you will be issued with a Q reg. Engine number changes are commonplace and can be notified without issue, DVLA will simply issue you another V5. HTH David
  15. Pictures on Autotrader :- Private seller advertised on Autotrader on Sunday £1500 ONO, gone within hours, gotta be quick in this game, I was too slow as usual. Private seller sold it way too cheaply, dealer has overpriced it, even in today's rising market, but a rare, if marmite, colour, I hate it with a passion, probably why I hesitated contacting the owner, others will love it and may pay a premium. David
  16. I have just been out to the Esprit to check on the wheels and found an amazing discovery, they are 14 inch Compomotives not 15 inch as fitted to the Essex, don't know why I hadn't realised this before!!! The eagle eyed would probably have sussed that from the pictures. Sorry to dissappoint "Hopo" and "The Pits", good luck in your search for a correct size set. These 14 inch wheels must be very rare as I have never seen a set on another car, looks like I will be keeping them. David
  17. Yes a highly unusual colour, don't think it is a Lotus colour, looks metallic red in the pictures but in the flesh it has a bronze tint. If you can find a set of Speedlines I would be interested but Hopo has first refusal on the wheels as he contacted me first, they won't be cheap though as they are in better condition than the ones I had on my Essex.
  18. Just the usual monitoring of Ebay, missed out on a set a couple of months ago, wasn't sure I wanted to get rid of the Comps as they are stunning wheels but they really should be on a Turbo.
  19. If I can find a decent set of Speedlines for my S2 I will be selling the Compomotive split rims, trying to put it back to standard as Lotus intended. David
  20. Breaking a 1991 Excel SE, 96,000 miles, car is complete at the moment as just purchased. Email me on [email protected] with your requirements and I will get back to you asap with availability and prices, or give me a ring on 07505664221. Ebay link:- David
  21. It was on "Car and Classic" listed as offers, I contacted the seller just after it was sold and he told me that he sold for £700 as he needed the space, shows what a wash and polish can do, now at £1938 with reserve not met, already at way more than I would pay for it but good luck to the seller, with these cars they are worth what the purchaser is prepared to pay. David
  22. Hi Mat No you are perfectly okay with that, anyone who knows the history of Lotus will be aware of the saga over chassis changes. Early Elans were given a Q reg by DVLA when the owners informed them of a chassis change, the reasoning is, then and now, that the identity of the car remains with the chassis, however, Chapman successfully argued that the chassis was just a subframe and changing it would not necessitate an ID change. That was a special dispensation for Lotus and probably other similar structured cars of the time, owners were given back their original reg and I don't think any retained the Q reg, I certainly have never seen one. So yes the ID can be retained with the bodyshell and of course the VIN plate is mounted on the body, however, the original chassis does have a chassis number stamped on it and to notify DVLA of a new chassis number is asking for trouble, I doubt any of the original staff that were around in the sixties still work for them today, I believe Club Lotus still recommend that if you change your chassis get the original number stamped onto it to avoid any potential problems if the car has an insurance claim. Current Lotuses such as the Elise must go onto a Q reg if the chassis is changed as it such an integral part of the original car, hope that helps. David
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