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  1. Yes I am aware the aftermarket sunroof will upset the purists, I am not a purist as I fitted a Honda K20A engine into a Exige S1, I also fitted a Spyder chassis and Zetec into an Elan +2, notwithstanding that I have glassed in two sunroofs that were hideous, one Elite and one Eclat, simply because they were ugly, badly fitted and leaked.

    A sunroof on an Esprit is my preference, it makes the cabin less claustrophobic and brighter, also gives me a bit more headroom, three of my four Esprit have had sunroofs, the only one that didn’t was the Essex for obvious reasons, always found that I had a massive build up of static from my hair brushing the nylon roof.

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  2. Painting the petrol caps is my list of things to do, I’ve replaced the Stevens steering wheel with the Giugiaro wheel shown in the first pic, I have a new Momo Turbo steering wheel to fit but don’t have the crash pad, if anyone knows of one for sale I would be interested.

    Leather was faded and cracked when purchased so that has been re-connolised.




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  3. That too, every Lotus needs threatening with a hammer from time to time, it’s a language they understand. Also prevents it rolling down the gradient from my garage as I have to pull it out and push it in, need a bigger garage.

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  4. The red Riviera was sold onto a fellow forum member, awaiting full restoration.

    The problem I am finding at the moment is no one is prepared to pay what a restored car is worth, refurbished a white Eclat S2 in December, with labour probably owes me in the region of £20K including many new parts, low mileage and one of the best available yet had zero interest for nearly 4 months advertising at what I considered a very reasonable £12K, if it wasn’t for the scammers contacting me I would be feeling rather paranoid!!!!!!

    They will be appreciated one day, trouble is I have been saying that for 30 years and have been only proved partially right, maybe another 30 years.

    if you are interested in the silver Riviera I will introduce you to Alister at some point, I am in the middle of moving house at the mo but can arrange a meet in the not too distant future, he is not far from Cambridge.



  5. Hi Brian, I refurbished it over a period of a year for a friend of mine, Alister still owns it but I believe he is ready to sell, he has given me first option on the Riviera and if I sell one of my collection I will probably own it at some point, I have no doubt that it will be a highly collectable model at some point in the near future, convincing other people to give the Elite/Eclat/Excel the respect they deserve is proving rather difficult at present, regards David

  6. 6 hours ago, Stuart Monument said:

    Fantastic car. Now get on the road and enjoy it 🚗

    Rest assured it will be used and enjoyed, should make an appearance at Castle Combe in May and then as many Lotus events as possible until the snow starts again, so probably mid August.


    7 hours ago, cbclotus said:

     As above .Rare car ....Great colours .....Mike

    Rare indeed, the certificate of provenance shows that it is in fact unique, only Riviera in Silver Diamond with red leather/cloth interior and manual steering. There were 67 domestic Eclat Rivieras produced and 13 export, I was always under the impression that the total was 78 but clearly it is 80, of which I have had four.


    18 hours ago, mikeeech said:

    Lovely car. A really nice interior. To pass an MOT after 25 years is quite an achievement. Congratulations

    Not been in my possession for 25 years I hasten to add, I have been conducting a thorough refurbishment for the past 11 months. The tax disc shows 1994 so the previous MOT was probably 1993.

    Many will remember my black/gold Riviera that I sold about 4 years ago, that was stunning and I bitterly regret selling it, I would say that this one is every bit as good.



  7. 11 hours ago, rjwooll said:

    Nice car - but I do like the blue one in the backgound in some of the shots - it's mine!


    Fine pair of Elites in contrasting colours, and that's you lurking in the background in your hi viz if I am not mistaken, can't believe it was 2 years ago on the stand at the NEC, are you displaying this year Richard? (the car that is!).

    Few more pics of my Elite in a video I posted in 2015.



  8. 907 2 litre has a stroke of 69.2 mm, the 912 2.2 litre has a stroke of 76.2 mm so a 7mm difference which is obvious when measuring, 76.2 mm is equal to 3 inches so you definitely have a 2.2, the 907 engine number merely means it started life as a 2 litre, very easy to retrofit a longer throw crank when rebuilding so it is not that unusual.


  9. Hi Tony

    I will have several Elites and one Eclat Riviera coming up for sale soon.

    Altair Green Elite S2.2. manual, ex Roger Makhlouf car, maintained meticulously, literally no expense spared (£40K invoices to prove).

    Light blue Elite S2.2 automatic, ex Mark Britton (LooseCannon), will be re-commissioned fully before sale.

    Silver Elite S1 502, air con, manual steering, 5 Speed manual gearbox, registered 1979 T reg, grey marcasite/black cloth interior, 59K miles, will be re-commissioned fully before sale (undergoing presently).

    Elite S1 501, W reg 1980, will have an Excel chassis, power train to be determined, colour to be determined, can be built to taste.

    Eclat Riviera in Carnival Red, will be completely rebuilt top to bottom, won't be started until next year at the earliest.


    Yes I am a dealer and an enthusiast, been involved with Lotuses in one guise or another for best part of 40 years, you are welcome to visit Enfield and see the projects in person and discuss requirements, if interested you can contact me on 07914830140.



  10. Take from someone who knows, I have cut enough shells in my time, the A pillars offer no structural integrity whatsoever, just a couple of weeks ago I removed the roof off of an 83 Excel, after removing the windscreen I snapped off the A pillars by hand. The bonded screen will offer some rigidity but just the simple act of leaning on the A pillar to get in and out of the car will flex it sufficiently to crack the screen, no coincidence that the screen is already cracked then. An Elise is designed as a convertible and the A pillars are structural, even then you can crack the screen by pulling yourself out of the car by the A pillar. I guarantee that  you will be replacing £300 windscreens on a monthly basis, might end up quite an expensive exercise.

    The integral roll bar has either been cut down or entirely removed, the roll bar is a critical safety feature, the door striker plates secure to it and the door beam is securely located by the striker plate in a side impact, if the striker plate is simply bolted to the fibreglass B pillar panel then there is no side protection whatsoever, the door and solid beam would simply fold in and trap the driver, or passenger, against the backbone chassis, I wouldn't fancy anyones chances in such an event. Even if the roll bar has simply been cut it still reduces the integrity of the striker plate beyond what is acceptable in an accident.

    You could of course reinstate the roll bar and build a cage to secure the top of the windscreen preventing any flex, however, that would be even uglier than it currently is.

    It is a project for a reason, it is ill conceived and badly executed, a veritable death trap, I wouldn't drive anywhere in that.

    Totally agree with Ant, stick an Elite or Eclat shell on it and create a hybrid, best of both worlds.

    The above is just my humble opinion, I believe that everyone should decide what is best for themselves, good luck with it whatever you decide.


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  11. On 11/11/2015, 19:11:30, makkyh said:

    Its on here Dave under the thread 'The Elite painted at last'. I am sure there is a clever way to give you a link (help Dunc) but beyond me I'm afraid.

    Love Dire Straights too. This thread is just getting better and better.


    Found your thread Rick, first time I have seen it, no idea how I missed it in the first place as I read posts on a daily basis.

    What a brilliant restoration, of course I love the Altair Green paint but I also think the interior looks fantastic, different to mine but that is good as it keeps our cars truly unique.

    Mark Britten informed me that there were 4 Altair Green Elites and that there is one in Ireland somewhere, anyone know where the fourth one is? I believe it may be the one that had a black leather interior.


    On 11/11/2015, 21:49:23, red vtec said:

    I just looked at dates it was 2010 that I was at Goodwood, so could be that car.

    Just checked my records, previous owner had it from 2007, of course that doesn't mean he didn't put it in the Goodwood auction in 2010, if he did it obviously didn't sell.

    5 hours ago, winners said:

    Saw it last night, when I dropped my esprit off at the Club Lotus stand opposite, looking good. I'll introduce myself on Saturday.

    I left about 3.30 yesterday, didn't notice your Esprit then, I am planning on attending tomorrow so look forward to having a chat.


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