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  1. What is the registration number so that the history can be looked up?
  2. Thanks for this. I have seen the one at Hethel showing the Elan, +2 & Europa. Are there any other Cheshunt videos?
  3. I have come across a 1975 Elite with a P prefix paint code. This predates the pearlescent white from 1984 so it doesn't relate to a pearlescent paint finish. If you have a Elite or Eclat with a paint code different from the normal L prefix, please can you contact Andy Graham @ Lotus with the VIN and paint code. [email protected] Thanks Andy
  4. Am I missing something here as this event is not listed on the Brooklands website? I don't have a Lotus, but is it possible to still attend?
  5. If you contact Andy Graham at Lotus Archives you can purchase the certificate which will tell you how the car left the factory. email [email protected]
  6. I take it you have tried clubs like Pontiac Owners Club? There are lots of US car clubs and magazines here in the UK for advise on this side of the pond if no-one in the US can help.
  7. Is it right the colour scheme of the Bandit car was inspired by the 'JPS' Lotus?
  8. That could because there never was a liner recal.
  9. What interior is in the Vanguards? Is it the early two-tone one like Spark, or the later single colour version?
  10. Does anyone have any Motor Show pictures they can share? It would be great if we could get a photo reference of each year.
  11. I don't get why Lotus is always compared to Porsche. To me Porsche is nothing more than a performance brand under the VW umbreller the same as Skoda is the budget brand, the Seat the fashion brand, Audi the upmarket brand and VW the quality car for the masses. Porsche build 4x4 & sedans. Kimbers perhaps you can confirm, Porsche aren't hand built like Lotus either?
  12. You need a 2001 Mustang. Pull out two metal rods and the whole headlamp & indicator assembly lifts out. The quickest and easiest headlamp i've replaced.
  13. It doesn't get much of a role, you just see the white Excel infront of the posh house. Has the Excel made any other TV programmes?
  14. I like how you get your car wink (one headlamp only up) in picture 32.
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