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  1. Some generics are used from other parts bin but not the core values of your car. So the engine and suspension parts are unique, so is the ride. You can try to search via distributers from GAZ, Protech and the make of Lotusbits which I can't remember at the moment.
  2. great source for new history foot prints of our cars. Thank you for the hint. I found some new Riviera pictures for the register
  3. I have read several stories of both ways in the club Lotus magazine. There were only a few cars converted. It is said that Lotus itself didn't do the turbo thing because of the heat which needs addressing. But it seems to be clear that the bottom end should be switched to the Turbo engine.
  4. seems to be a red celebration model and of course calypso. The dash speakers are not oem but look very nice placed. I will never understand how a sports car could be advertised without any single engine picture. But hey, everyone is responsible for his own fortune.
  5. So, fortunately you will keep this one and complete your mission Some kind of fate Did you get the chance for checking the VIN?
  6. Very lovely. Remembers me a bit of this so called "in-between model" from a Lotus guy with a complete rearranged dash board. There is a bit of dilemma with our wedges from the 80. Still wearing chrome in and outside but black was the colour of speed. I am every time torn between the two poles. Do you have a free view on the water temp gauge while driving?
  7. in my Riviera was the identical Radio installed.
  8. Did you change the dash yourself? It looks very good and suits the car. Do you have a complete picture of it?
  9. you know that I posted the engineered sketch to this long ago? just do a search for it btw: the Elite is looking brilliant
  10. the list is in the owners manual and the service manual as well IIRC. If you don't have any, we have a look. I had played also with different bulbs and colors... it didn't look proper to the age of the car for my liking. As LEDs are more troublesome with the right color and brightness I didn't tried it at all
  11. later on they share a Turbo Esprit type parts number with both the same number for the Speedlines
  12. The sister car chassi 1075, WNG45X instead made it as the only S2.2 and only Riviera to the states. So here and there they under scribe their exposed position even more
  13. Chassis number 1074. There is nothing noted about the fate of it in the last years
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