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  1. Great job. The Jag XJ did have the same illumination and it is great. I love it really, very neat and subtle
  2. I have now taken Millers Type G. It is not promoted very well, so it wasn't on my searches. But it works so far
  3. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    Just seen this section today Yes, for those who loved the JPS Team Lotus wedges seeing them win in the 70 on TV and have a soft spot for VX / Opel because your first car was a Nova and the family had some sedans of it, well there was a jackpot feeling getting all together in one car. I love it to bits and hopefully my daughter will appreciate it, when I couldn’t get in anymore It will stay the weekender for two. It has a raspy Komotec manifold, Nitrons, upgraded brakes and many other small things. Just this year it has not got any mls. But it will be changed soon
  4. A mid engine shell with front engine chassi? Jesus...
  5. On the Excelforum was a summary about the springs IIRC. At the end, it doesn't matter in my view. You have altered the dampers so you a playing a different game. Take the spring rate which suits your taste best.
  6. Speeking for my S2, no, you don't. It is a bit fiddly to get it to the joint, but then plug n play
  7. Warranty is pot luck in the UK as well. For the price of the Ali one you can get 3. So don’t worry about the warranty. There are already quite a few in use without problems. The top mounting point dimensions need to be adapted IIRC. Other than that it is cool
  8. The calliper bolts are not available anymore through the Toyota dealers. So Lotus and used market source only.
  9. Good point with the outside position and thanks for the advises for the child seat. It would be my very next question for securing Baby.Hasi in the back do you remember the length of belt for the catch piece? Does 30cm sound reasonable?
  10. did you put the drum to the inner or outer side? Do you have any pictures of it ?
  11. The link again: with the specific picture attached
  12. It looks like this Eclat has automatic 2 point belts in the rear Does somebody has a source for them which will fit properly without any modifications in an Eclat? all I could find are manual adjustable ones... but I dont want the look of flying belts at corner speeds on Lotus levels. Thanks Don
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