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  1. The Elite S2 Pcd is not is imperial just for the records. for the tub you have to check whether the space for the exhaust boxes is clear. The layout changed with the brake discs as well
  2. Chassi looks fine. For the rest, you are braver than me good look with it!
  3. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Thanks. No, Daniel. Was there another black Riviera? Did you take any pictures?
  4. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Thanks. You mean the piping? It is red... Err now pink... Have to change it someday.
  5. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Time to introduce Betty II
  6. A3: use rain X in combination with a PIAA silicone wiper. You have to use the wiper only 10% of the time and then it goes with less friction.
  7. wiring on back of alternator

    Brilliant! Thank you very much!
  8. wiring on back of alternator

    And from memory... Do you know where the wires are connected? that said, the pictures next week are also appreciated
  9. wiring on back of alternator

    @peteyg : do you please have a picture in situ with the wires connected on the new alternator? I would like to know where to connect the Brown thick cable and where the small yellow/brown one and how you have done it exactly. I would guess, the Brown one is a snug fit und the yellow/Brown one has to be altered?
  10. Motorola Alternator Connections

    Could someone please post the Pictures again? Thx
  11. That is a very kind offer! Details are following on PM. Thanks in advance Don
  12. Hi folks, I need expert advise, please. The alternator in my Eclat S2 is the same like the one in early Excels until MY85, the Motorola. The alternator of my car has packed up, so I ordered a reconditioned one from SJ. It looks very different in comparison to the stock one. But if it will fit... ? Does somebody have some experiences with it? What about the connections is it just plug n play?
  13. Looks good and like it has to be.
  14. Interior fans Elite, Eclat, early Esprit and Excel

    as far I could recognize, it is not only the direction of the rotation, it is the fan itself... the blades are mirrored as well
  15. Hi, i need both fans for the interior. They are different in terms of the direction (clockwise and counterclockwise) Thanks Don