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  1. Oh, sorry. Thought there was the cover for the roof as well. My mistake. Mines is missing as well. So with this reg it is the only one in America. Nice thank you for the additional pictures. You talked about the archives from Lotus. Do you have the Certificate from Lotus as well? Would you mind posting it as well?
  2. This is absolutely unique. I guess, it will be the only Riviera in the US and most likely on your side of the pont. which Vin does it have? Do you have a picture of the VIN plate? Is it a former WNG registration plate? not sure about the seats and steering wheel. Are the stock ones with the car? And the last question: could you please measure the canvas for the targa roof and post some detail pictures of it ? Thank you
  3. I was fortunate to had both at one time and both have their charme. I love the MY89 with its wheels, arches, spats and Citroen mirrors as well as the S2 Eclat with the lighter glass sections, more and better view and the reliable gearbox too. I think the best way is, to own each of them. @Tim Jones you’re must be the best Eclat in existence. Fabulous. Where did you get your interior done? Looks spotless. Real stunning
  4. So you are asking whether it is possible to drive a RHD Eclat in a LHD world? If so, yes it is. There are only very few LHD in existence and they barely come up to sell. Everything is possible. Even converting. But it is a lot of work and from experience I doubt, it will be worth all the hassles. You get used to drive it like that. Try it, maybe in another occasion and judge yourself.
  5. Would you please measure the bag and show some pictures of it ?
  6. Mark: did you ever get some more informations ?
  7. Mine is not finished (some say it will never... ) but this one was the starting point which got me into thinking about it. And it has even more similarities with the Bentley and was ahead of it. And this one shows, it could be rearranged. Although I don’t like the switches, with some others it would be fine?
  8. Definitely similar. Especially the MY85 cockpit with the raised rounded driver panel
  9. I would have thought, it is just the other way round: with hotter engine and hotter belt as well, the original belt stretches which the blue belt reduces. And after a time of use it stretches as well...? Are there more experiences by time? Or is it a matter of which exact engine and therefore which tensioner it is (semi automatic or fixed)?
  10. Paul: do you mean the oem one from the factory or one to get the clamp version?
  11. Sometimes it is just a matter of the routing of the cable. When it has a smooth curve to follow it cures sometimes the symptoms. In other cases the speedo gear has to much play
  12. Do we have a result on the belts themselves? Which ones are to buy? Would like an automatic system... but which one ?
  13. In that area I would go to Lotusbits.
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