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  1. The mystery of S2 and S2.2. My car had a paint job with the same stickers afterwards like the presscar with one side S2 and second S2.2. Did we ever get the complete answer from the factory how it should be? @Mike: Which Riviera do you have ? Please post some details and pictures
  2. Hello Darren, yes, even Lotus has mentioned different numbers and I guess, it is also a mix of original Rivieras and retrofits. But definitely there are more than 3LHD. The other car is chassi #1116 and is viewable in the fb register. Yes, I think the price is a bit high in comparison with others and their condition. But generally you will get a limited number car with perfect handling, F1--heritage, sexy look, Targa and the very last car with Chapman influence on the engineering. There are some things which you get used to but there is no doubt that they are the better choice over Capris and their likes which will fetch much more money. So, they are pretty much undervalued and what ever you will pay, at the end it will be bargain. All wedges are on the up and I would guess the called 4000€ seem reasonable.
  3. Hi Darren, To your first question: only a few have Full leather. Most have half leather like mine or fabric. Tha car is some month for sale for strong money. There is also another blue one in the south which has also some nicks. There are some dealers with experience on the old sportscars but they are very pricey. I was the last time in the Netherlands for a greater job. There is also a member with huge parts bin also complete running engines. The figures of Sascha are wrong. There were 80 Eclat Riviera in total and iirc 13 LHD. The register is now open...
  4. The owners manual says 20/50. I have filled a millers in. Warm it is Great but on cold condition 2.gear is hard to get. Before was obviously something different in which felt great in all conditions but unfortunately we don’t know, what it was.
  5. This is what it could look like after the wash...
  6. I think you should go the route to get the fascia done with the S22 layout. The wiring manual is here available and shows all connections needed for the Elite including wiper and the sort of things
  7. Just to get a start, wouldn't it be easier to get the stock harness altered to you needs? And, which MY is your Elite?
  8. wow. In this case you have to decide about the incident rate...
  9. Yes, if driving the M100 in the wet, the first what comes to your mind is: why did they invent the traction control?
  10. In the stock layout the spare tire is mounted under the car. In the Excel it is a safety feature. In the predecessors it is just weight in mud. So I got rid of it and take a tire repair can/ inflater with me. For the cases the repair can doesn't work, the AA-Card will engage (must have for Oldtimers)
  11. Great job. The Jag XJ did have the same illumination and it is great. I love it really, very neat and subtle
  12. I have now taken Millers Type G. It is not promoted very well, so it wasn't on my searches. But it works so far
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