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  1. Good point with the outside position and thanks for the advises for the child seat. It would be my very next question for securing Baby.Hasi in the back 👍 do you remember the length of belt for the catch piece? Does 30cm sound reasonable?
  2. did you put the drum to the inner or outer side? Do you have any pictures of it ?
  3. The link again: with the specific picture attached
  4. It looks like this Eclat has automatic 2 point belts in the rear Does somebody has a source for them which will fit properly without any modifications in an Eclat? all I could find are manual adjustable ones... but I dont want the look of flying belts at corner speeds on Lotus levels. Thanks Don
  5. Looks very nice David. Which VIN digits does it have? It seems to be near mine, because of the lack of the document pocket
  6. There was a few weeks ago a similar request. IIRC it was not a Riviera but a S22. Could you please ask whether he has more details? Pictures, eBay when, VIN?
  7. Do you have some more infos about the car you are searching? Color, interior, VIN, ...
  8. The c-posts are several pieces which are sewed on the main roof piece
  9. your build number neighbor with 2 digits in front of you doesn´t have the decal as well. And as far as I could recognize it, the prominent movie car from who dare win, with the man, who should be Bond, doesn´t have it as well. And this car is two digits behind you.
  10. Yes, even the first normal 912 had one OEM. Don´t you have a sandwichplate on the oil filter?
  11. Hi Rich, fantastic taste do you have (someone had to tell you this :D ) There were some of the cars which have retrofitted Riviera roofs. I would guess the one in phoenix picture is one of these... we had already traced a car with a VIN from 1980, so before the official Rivieras. It had also the same colour like this one. Your car is one from the first batch... So I must have a look to your build number neighbors if they had the same decals. Beside this, it looks very tidy. Keep it like this and show it the world. And please share the informations of Andy. Thanks.
  12. @nello : like Bibs says, buy a proper outdoor one from specialised vir the forum and your car will be fine. The fabric is brilliant to let the car breathe and keep it dry in the same time. Been there twice.
  13. Thank you. No, the VX220 is longer in ownership. The Elan is gone, because of family expansion. Was a cracking car and broke the heart of my wife for letting it go, but 2 two seater make no sense by the moment. Truly underestimated Lotus like the 4seater as well
  14. Did I ever post this one of my ex Excel?
  15. More 4-5k€, with the damage and your findings more likely 4K if the chassi was changed back in her days. with the led day lights only 3k😳
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