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  1. I would have thought, it is just the other way round: with hotter engine and hotter belt as well, the original belt stretches which the blue belt reduces. And after a time of use it stretches as well...? Are there more experiences by time? Or is it a matter of which exact engine and therefore which tensioner it is (semi automatic or fixed)?
  2. Paul: do you mean the oem one from the factory or one to get the clamp version?
  3. Sometimes it is just a matter of the routing of the cable. When it has a smooth curve to follow it cures sometimes the symptoms. In other cases the speedo gear has to much play
  4. Do we have a result on the belts themselves? Which ones are to buy? Would like an automatic system... but which one ?
  5. In that area I would go to Lotusbits.
  6. Yes, it is fiddly to reattach. If engine noise increase is the goal you can get a KN inlet for the stock airbox as well. Maybe the best of both worlds. I have it and so long I am pretty confident.. that saying, if I ever get rid of the distributor, I will get proper KNs as well. I love just the look of them.
  7. Which belts are you going to fit then? I will have to do them in the future as well and I am tinkering about the back seats as well... I would love the same system all around but this looks only be possible with a newer system. But I do love the older ones more... they are more comfy than the ones from the Excel for example
  8. Hi Jesse, yours is one of the first RestofWorld Riviera cars. So there are some behind you. But with your location and equipment (auto+ac+pas) it is supposedly 1of a kind . If you really want to know everything of your car, you can order a Certificate of Provenance at Lotus. The results of the built archiv should be very interesting, also for us if you want like to share them. Don
  9. I would also suggest a new one made of grp or from someone who has knowledge with vinyl roofs. With only 1 latch our roofs seems to be more prone of this behaviour. Did you bought your Riviera from John back then?
  10. Hello Michele, this is interesting. Do you have pictures of your car please? We love to Hera and see more of them. Don
  11. You should define it a bit more... S1 and S2 have different pcd
  12. Are you sure about the grate? You know the thing with the "missing" Ackermann steering we have for better car control? i have as well problems with cracks at the front. If you lift the car on a side, you might fear, the engine will drop out itself:-( so, I am only on 4posts lift after that. I will addressing it in future... somewhere, somehow... will incorporate also a bar on the two post to give more torsion strength. The Excel is stronger on this point.
  13. Hi Jesse, there weren’t 223 Rivieras. According to different sources at Lotus there were only 69 or 80. The 223 are a different kind of figure. So, do you have yourself a Riviera? Please show us some pictures. Is it a red one? And what is your exact VIN ?
  14. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    @jep your Order, Sir
  15. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    @2GOOD unfortunately not. I have been on all meetings around Europe this very year. The only one, which I didnt attend,, was this one. IIRC there were beside a black and yellow turbo from the Eifel a silver Honda Elise which blocked some crossings for the tour? The description sounded like you all had a lot of fun. 2004 and 2005 were the epic years with international gatherings. I remember Sicey with his red RHD VX on some meetings in the Alsace as well. it was a brilliant time with a great united international community. A part why I still love this car so much.
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