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  1. You are driving semi slicks on a 4seater ? 😳 in which dimension please ?
  2. In my view such a register is the backbone of any classic community. Any interest or someone who might be interested in these cars get a better feeling, on what topic he might gets involved. At least knowing if you get a car, which was former written off, is useful and for all others an indicator, how many really have left. I have a register for all Rivieras and a Facebook group with them.
  3. Generally an investment for an endoscope camera is not waisted. Would be my first choice. After that I have usually bite the bullet for a complete rebuild of something. But fingers crossed
  4. The Elite will have Lumention. IIRC a different type with regard to the AB14m the distributor and the plugs. I am no mechanic but this sounds troublesome when only changing one of the above ? Is the coil as well up to the job?
  5. IIRC I got some replacement parts from a electronic dealer. But I don’t have my MY89 Excel anymore. As we are all optical beings and most of the switches did change during the long production time, do you have pictures of them ?
  6. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    no, it was just a mere of 7200ish... wiki says 7207. We had collected the build numbers and have somewhere a good VIN-list of them all. So even more rare
  7. There were 3 major different system in the life of the 4seaters. If you have to invest money, the best bet is really a big bore system from Lotusbits. You love it. It is something for the ears, the pedal and eye candy as well. It was on Santas list but somehow he had forgotten me... definitely in some time, I will get it. Show us some pictures of your boxes, than maybe we could help a bit more
  8. Don.Hasi

    Kia Elan

    I had one. See also at my garage. Yes, there is many special about the Kia Elan. The gearbox is a bit on the weak side and especially made for the Elan. We had an exchange part so we could rotate it to one owner to the other to make the most out of it. At the end I was at nearly 200.000 km. So not bad at all. The engine is a bit restricted. With a different cylinder head it could better breath and came finally to life. Wish I had done this conversion before. I loved this car. It was my daily for about 12 years, summer AND winter. It was all in all a great joy and did cope any job on a daily commuter. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate. I have lots of experience with it and a route to get parts directly from Korea. The community of the British Elan and of the Korean as well is very great. All around the world very kind colleagues. This is really a part I enjoyed as much as the driving as well.
  9. the trousers arrived safely and are really brilliant. Thank you for that. Annoying are the custom formalities and fees now... but nothing you can manage.
  10. it is a design of the Master himself and lead to some championships in Formular 1. Could be worse... Nevertheless... it is a unpleasant job, no doubt about it. But you feel the difference in your but when driving it in comparison to other layouts. So not only a pita job, there is also a benefit for it.
  11. do we know, when will the new collection of clothes make it to the shops?
  12. what dimensions are the trousers like in large, please?
  13. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    sounds like you had some weird experiences first hand?
  14. 350gbp sounds reasonable to me. You own the most expensive 4zylinder of its time with true sportscar values. With the second most important thing beside the engine you should show it some love when it comes to the suspension which is responsible for the world known Lotus handling.
  15. these are the first pictures of a fed version I ever remember where the fed bumper doesn't look misplaced. Not as good maybe like the European version but nevertheless good. Did you manage the upholstery yourself ? It looks absolutely top notch. Again one of the best work I have ever seen. Oh and did the car already come with the rear seat belt in place? Overall very good looking pictures of a gorgeous car.
  16. Nice find of a true and honest review. By the way... to be honest I am waiting now several years of a similar nice picture set of your wedges in the same way as your Esprit @89esprit will it ever appear?
  17. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    No offence intended. If you like it => bingo concerning the stock features... i mean the stock switches have 3 conditions: 1 all out 2 switch background illuminated with lights on 3 switch complete illuminated when engaged point 2 is missing right?
  18. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    I appreciate the work which is done with the buttons, but imho they don't fit to the design language of the car. Iirc the illumination is also not like the stock ones with missing illuminated signs when lights are on?
  19. Personally I don’t like these Frankenstein conversions but I understand that the Excel is easier to maintain. i also think the OZ will not suit the appearance but it is your car then... iirc the track is different to the earlier cars and affect the handling a bit
  20. Steve, which version from whom did you install in the end? Do you have any pictures from the install ? Are you satisfied with it after all?
  21. I try to collect all data from the Rivieras and yours is well known here with the former owner @matk i couldn’t get the details as promised. Will do them tomorrow. Until then some teasers :
  22. So chassi number 1130 (last 4 digits of the VIN)? curious, I never noticed the loss of the deflector on that car before. attached you will find 2 pictures of another Riviera, not mine. Will do details and measurements later the day.
  23. It is more coloured than in the picture and really effective. I will have a look for some details tomorrow. Which particular Riviera did you caught ? Is it one from the Netherlands?
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