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    Lotus Type 116

    No offence intended. If you like it => bingo concerning the stock features... i mean the stock switches have 3 conditions: 1 all out 2 switch background illuminated with lights on 3 switch complete illuminated when engaged point 2 is missing right?
  2. Don.Hasi

    Lotus Type 116

    I appreciate the work which is done with the buttons, but imho they don't fit to the design language of the car. Iirc the illumination is also not like the stock ones with missing illuminated signs when lights are on?
  3. Personally I don’t like these Frankenstein conversions but I understand that the Excel is easier to maintain. i also think the OZ will not suit the appearance but it is your car then... iirc the track is different to the earlier cars and affect the handling a bit
  4. Steve, which version from whom did you install in the end? Do you have any pictures from the install ? Are you satisfied with it after all?
  5. I try to collect all data from the Rivieras and yours is well known here with the former owner @matk i couldn’t get the details as promised. Will do them tomorrow. Until then some teasers :
  6. So chassi number 1130 (last 4 digits of the VIN)? curious, I never noticed the loss of the deflector on that car before. attached you will find 2 pictures of another Riviera, not mine. Will do details and measurements later the day.
  7. It is more coloured than in the picture and really effective. I will have a look for some details tomorrow. Which particular Riviera did you caught ? Is it one from the Netherlands?
  8. I would be interested too. The Esprit has discs, Jaguar had a setup and of course the spider chassi. I am fortunate until now that the drums still work. But after that, I would like to alter the setup.
  9. Thomas: it depends which interior you have (half leather/leather) ? which Riviera do you have please?
  10. The CoP would be interesting for a future buyer as well. You should post it also. It is a nice document how rare they are, even more on your side of the pont
  11. Is the depth of the details from the production run numbers still the same kike before ? In the 1 picture of the paper with the car details und “Other mentions” is only a general figure. The old ones told also about how many were produced with the same colour, interior, LHD, autobox etc.
  12. Oh, sorry. Thought there was the cover for the roof as well. My mistake. Mines is missing as well. So with this reg it is the only one in America. Nice 👍 thank you for the additional pictures. You talked about the archives from Lotus. Do you have the Certificate from Lotus as well? Would you mind posting it as well?
  13. This is absolutely unique. I guess, it will be the only Riviera in the US and most likely on your side of the pont. which Vin does it have? Do you have a picture of the VIN plate? Is it a former WNG registration plate? not sure about the seats and steering wheel. Are the stock ones with the car? And the last question: could you please measure the canvas for the targa roof and post some detail pictures of it ? Thank you
  14. I was fortunate to had both at one time and both have their charme. I love the MY89 with its wheels, arches, spats and Citroen mirrors as well as the S2 Eclat with the lighter glass sections, more and better view and the reliable gearbox too. I think the best way is, to own each of them. @Tim Jones you’re must be the best Eclat in existence. Fabulous. Where did you get your interior done? Looks spotless. Real stunning
  15. So you are asking whether it is possible to drive a RHD Eclat in a LHD world? If so, yes it is. There are only very few LHD in existence and they barely come up to sell. Everything is possible. Even converting. But it is a lot of work and from experience I doubt, it will be worth all the hassles. You get used to drive it like that. Try it, maybe in another occasion and judge yourself.
  16. Would you please measure the bag and show some pictures of it ?
  17. Mine is not finished (some say it will never... 🙄) but this one was the starting point which got me into thinking about it. And it has even more similarities with the Bentley and was ahead of it. And this one shows, it could be rearranged. Although I don’t like the switches, with some others it would be fine?
  18. Definitely similar. Especially the MY85 cockpit with the raised rounded driver panel
  19. I would have thought, it is just the other way round: with hotter engine and hotter belt as well, the original belt stretches which the blue belt reduces. And after a time of use it stretches as well...? Are there more experiences by time? Or is it a matter of which exact engine and therefore which tensioner it is (semi automatic or fixed)?
  20. Paul: do you mean the oem one from the factory or one to get the clamp version?
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