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  1. One of the first things anyone in sales is taught or learns is to never slag off the competition because you might well piss the customer off and get into this kind of debate.
  2. If it's this easy and the reliability is retained then Lotus should offer such an upgrade path that retains the factory warranty like say Mountune do with Ford. They'd sell loads of them although the reliability is the key thing, especially of the drivetrain.
  3. As I thought then. So the faster car of the two is the lighter more slippy roadster. And Lotus really ought to try and not second guess their customers. Look how wrong they got the S1 at launch - a toy for the wealthy that might buy a boat or a plane rather than the IT nerds of the World. I've ordered my Roadster with Race pack and no aircon and want the Coupe's Sport Premium interior, black wheels, and red calipers i.e. exactly the spec 'I want' but nothing like the spec you can order. Lotus don't expect to sell many of them either so allow folk to order they car how they want it.
  4. If you spec the race pack you get the stiffer suspension and slightly different geo to suit the trofeo tyres but the tyres are still an optional extra so you can spec the cars to be the same, aero aside, although the roadster will still have the stiffer rear ARB which I would have thought helps on track. In the real World, on the same tyres, there will be little between them.
  5. Sell everything! Sorry to be a pain about this but that makes less sense. Lotus claim the Coupe is 5 secs a lap quicker than a 260 Cup and it manages this on the softer suspension settings and road tyres? And in any event why wang your new motor around your test track and not have it in its optimum settings of race pack and Trofeo tyres? On that setup it would be nearer 7 secs quicker than a 260 Cup assuming the Trofeo tyres are worth say 1.5 secs over road tyres and the harder suspension settings worth a little bit of time too. None of that adds up. Unless I'm conflating a bunch of stuff and coming to the wrong conclusion. This all supposes there is a bit more 'science' around the Hethel track times than there is with Top Gear's lap times.
  6. Having a hard time - do you want to expand on that with examples of what's actually happened. There can't be too many out there that are being heavily tracked yet. I'm not that impressed by the video. He's posted a slower time to 60 than Autocar did in their test two up with a full tank of fuel.
  7. I wonder just how much downforce that rear wing is generating at 80mph. It's really a styling exercise after all. I'm sure it makes some difference of course but 1.6 secs over a lap seems optimistic. Unless the cars were on the same tyres it's a pointless comparison. I was told by Lotus that the Exige V6 was drawn by Donato as a Roadster from the outset and the wing and splitter were added later. It certainly looks better to my eyes in Roadster guise. I do wonder if it would have been better for Lotus to have launched the car as a Roadster with the various packs including an aero pack to turn it into the Coupe allowing you to build the car as you want it (they want to charge me an extra £500 because I've specced black wheels and red calipers lol) . I understand why they didn't of course as the Exige is bewinged and splittered historically so it might have been a harder sell.
  8. So that was comparing like with like with the only difference being the aero i.e. both cars fitted with the race pack and same suspension settings and both cars on the same tyres? I can see the aero possibly having some benefit at Windsock since it's a very fast corner leading onto a long straight but the complex after the pits? Anyway, it looks great on the move. Looking forward to mine turning up in September (so they tell me)
  9. Well I'll be removing the limiter from mine despite your nagging not to do it on every forum; not that a limited top speed has much relevance.
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