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  1. VIN SCCFE33C4VHF654000 Build Date: Oct. 1997 1997 Lotus Esprit V8 Alan Bennett Georgetown, Kentucky USA
  2. Wayne, Thank you again for the information. That makes perfect sense! Cheers, Alan Hello Jeff, I will look into the AFR reader suggested above and without accurate data I am just shooting in the dark! Alan
  3. Hi Wayne, Thank you for the reply and the information! I completely understand that it is very difficult to impossible to troubleshoot at problem over the internet. “1. That make sence, but does the Red ECU calculate the A/R ratio based on a nominal value for the post O2 sensor? What I am having a difficult picturing is how does the loop becomes closed without an actual value from the post O2 sensor. "2. I would agree one hundred percent this was very stupid by the previous owner. "3. What I was referring to is the clear hose that is located under the intake manifold (purge, EGR manifold to NRV hose) had been cut and spliced by the previous owner. It was disconnected at the splice. "4.OK thank you for the information. "5. You can smell the gas coming from the exhaust and the pre O2 sensors are reading around .900 mv. I do not have an A/F sensor. "6. No one has installed an external fuel controller. BTW, I have really interested in what you did with you intercooler project. I job very well done! Thanks, Alan ]
  4. Hello Everyone, I purchase about a year ago 1997 V8 US model that the previous owner installed a Lotus Red ECU from US MY1998-2004. The engine starts and idles fine with no issues, but upon acceleration it does not accelerate smoothly and the engine is running very rich. Also, when I purchased this car it ran like this and it had been serviced about 1,000 miles ago at a Lotus dealer for similar problem by the previous owner. The Lotus dealer found someone had removed the hoses to the wastegates and the EGR value. I have a CEL and the code is P0462. The P0462 is related to the wrong model year ECU and I know it is related to the ECU is looking to non-existent fuel pump relay. I am running straight pipes at this time and the acceration problem occurred with the catalytic convertors as well. I have calibrated the turbo wastegates per the Service Notes. I have checked the connection of all the vacuum holes and routing. I have the ability to scan (thanks Peter!!!) the engine operating parameters. Does anyone know if the MY 1998-2004 Red ECU have different air to fuel map from that of 1997? With the Red ECU, it is running an open loop system in that it does not pay attention to the O2 sensors. How does the engine change the air to fuel ratio in open loop and adjust for changing operating conditions? What operating parameters should I be most concerned with when I am doing my data logging in order to improve the acceleration and rich air to fuel condition? If anyone has any other suggestion, I would be most interested. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and any assistance you could provide! Cheers, Alan
  5. Ray, What did you do to correct the condition mentioned above? I have similar condition on my 97 and your feedback would be very helpful. Cheers, Alan
  6. I just finished respraying my 1997 V8 with the original color of New Aluminum (great color) using Standox. It (Standox) was not even close to the factory color. The Standox color had to much of a blue tint, but after about three different attempts at mixing the samples the refinishing store was able to get it very close. Silvers can be difficult to match! I would suggest mix a small sample and spray it on a spray out card prior to mixing a large amount base coat. Cheers, Alan
  7. Hello Ray, Outstanding craftsmanship! I have been considering intercoolering my V8 this year and your idea has given me a fresh way at looking it. Plus, you live fairly close to me. Cheers, Alan
  8. Hello Gonzalo, Very impressive rwhp! I have been considering the reflow turbo's from PUK and Dynamic Racing along with intercooling for my 97. I would be interested in the details of where you had your turbo's reflowed and what was done to them. Also, have you noticed any negative effects in the drivability (i.e. lag)? Thanks, Alan
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