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    LOTUS ESPRIT V8 1996
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    gearbox upgrade, red racing chip, 460HP, ansa exhaust,
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  2. at least one turbo needs a rebuild. I had the same problem. I left it idling for 2 minutes and, oh boy did is start to smoke, a whole cloud of white smoke, could not see the car anymo..... I kept on driving and no smoke while driving.
  3. if you have a problem paying 8000 euros for a big service and fixing all kinds of stuff to bring it back the way it ran when new , do not buy one. get a 911/928. or car has 26.000 miles and I spent already 15.000 euros on it in my first 2000 miles of ownership! ( and it was a good , never abused car form miamibeach) ( new turbos, new gearbox, red chip, brakes, racing catalytic converters - CAUSE IT HAD NO CONVERTERS AT ALL!,...) has 460 hp now and drives real fast, but it still and always will feel more like a crazy toy than a good car. ....a toy for people who like to burn money for no reason, like having a russian MIG jetfighter from the 60's. that's the truth.( but I still like it,... I have too, cause nobody will ever buy it from me anyway....)

    some of my cars

    79 308 drysump, 97 esprit
  5. bought it in miami, shipped it to germay. has radar dedector built in, seems to work fine ( you have a knob in the middle console which you can switch between city/highway and adjust the volume of the alarm beep) because i checked it with another plug in-warner. the problem is : if its ON and the alarm volume is even all the way down it still makes a loud beep every 5 seconds. maybe it wants to tell me that the system is on, but that's just drives you nuts of course. anyone knows about this? that's the way its is supposed to be? 97 V8. thanks for any thoughts!
  6. its an esprit, it comes with all those electrical issues all the time. i do not even look at the "check engine" light anymore. just have it erased once in a while. my car is serviced regulary by pro's so i do not care about all the warnings anymore. its more annoying if the lights ( parking light , one side for example ) stay ON! sucks the battery quickly. then starts the stress, with the antitheft device,... i have an 1988 bentley eight too, its the same story. english cars, built for masochists. i might just burn them one day, all the electric bull and the squeaks drive me nuts. i do not even drive them anymore. better to get a porsche turbo or GT3. thats all help i can offer, sorry. ( martin 1997 esprit V8, tuned, 460 HP, pro-gearbox, red racing box,...and tons of more burned money_)
  7. ramspott said he adjusted it as tight as possible. stiil opens up with a loud crash at 220, ( almost got a heart attack the first time!, thought half the car comes off with a big loud sound.....) as soon as its open it does not flutter, just sits still. but doing high speeds with an open fronthood feels a little strange,.. caused by underpressure in the front-compartment? shall i drill a little hole somewhere? any thoughts are appreciated! thanks, martin
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