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  1. wanted as above anyone got one for sale or know where i can get one thanks
  2. boabie

    wanted mirror

    hi anyone got a electric drivers door mirror for a s2 esprit 79/80 mod lets know if you ve got one for sale please
  3. boabie

    esprit stickers

    can anyone know wer i can get esprit transfer/stickers for my car it a s2 its going in to get a paint job and need the esprit s2 stickers to go back the car any help would be great
  4. thanks guys is it deffo type 14 the guy says its 16 just need someone to confirm it a type 14 cheers andthanks for your help
  5. s2 front callipers are they tha same as any other car need 2 fast for mot
  6. failed mot on broken front spring anybody got one s/hand or new it for a s2 mod are the front callipers the same as any other car cheers
  7. boabie


    hello just saying hi to all you dudes out there am from glasgow and got a s2 had it 9 year never new this site was here so hello again hope to meet some of you soon
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