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  1. On Dutch plates so guessing it just came over / under the Channel. Looked absolutely gorgeous.
  2. This car used to live just down the Kent coast from me in Greatstone - was in contact with the guy when I first bought mine in 2003. I used to drive round Romney Marsh past his house on a frequent basis and always checked to see if it was still there because it lived out on his driveway which, literally 50 metres from the sea, always worried me. Suddenly, a few years ago, it was no longer there - dunno if he moved or had sold it but have always wondered what happened to it... Here's a linky with a bit more info:
  3. SteveSmith


  4. Just bought myself the evo + Octane Sept 2014 combo for £6 the pair - great saving and fantastic Esprit content in both
  5. I was hedging my bets and not committing to this for some unknown reason and today I found out why... My 99 year old grandfather died last night - he emigrated to Australia at the age of 95. So it turns out I'll be in Oz in a couple of days and will miss out on the gliding AND the TLF BBQ Sorry folks
  6. SteveSmith

    TLF Summer BBQ?

    Crikey - that's two TLF BBQ's on the North Downs in 3 days !! Count me in
  7. From what I remember of last time, and from the previous thread, a winch was £22.50 and an aerotow was £60-£70 so if they're offering a winch AND an aerotow for a total of £70 then that sounds like a no brainer to me !! Sorry - I missed your comment on the BBQ in your first post. That sounds like a great plan
  8. The £70 option is for a winch AND an aerotow ?!? If so, from what I recall of last year, that seems like incredible value. Just need to check the date in my diary but I'm a tentative yes for now. I assume we'll do a pub meal afterwards again ?? Same pub as before (The Plough Inn in Stalisfield) as the food/beer was VERY good ??
  9. Although it would be impossible to get any more 'local' for me than this, I will actually be in North Wales that week so can't help I'm afraid
  10. Last time I saw him (which was a long time ago I'm ashamed to say), he had a stock exhaust. I'll text him in a bit (really need to make contact with him anyway) and find out if it was him.
  11. Sadly not me... My car is currently (hopefully!!) sat in my garage without an MOT until I get some new rear tyres sorted. Did you get the rego ?? It *might* have been Michael (username Set on here) - his SE is on an H plate but otherwise looks pretty identical to mine.
  12. No way - that's my Esprit on your drive isn't it ?? August 2012 certainly fits...
  13. I'm currently in Nairobi, Kenya and just found out about this. The accident happened about 200 metres from my office
  14. Woohoooo - B18TUS will live again with its rightful owner Sorry guys - won't be able to make this meet as I'm currently in Nairobi !!! Hopefully next month though
  15. Saw this the other day. TLF Bunch of Kents day trip ?!?
  16. I went for a slightly reduced profile on my fronts and am loving the 215/45/15 Toyo Proxes T1R. I specifically wanted the T1R and the profile reduction was the best sacrifice in my mind.
  17. We had a discussion about that at Brands as I recall
  18. <raises hand for a visibly stock standard Turbo SE> Mine was proudly presented as the Turbo SE featured in the Esprit Timeline at Brands in August You won't see it in the classifieds anytime soon I'm afraid (subject to continued financial stability) as I love it and use it and have loved it for every one of the last 9 years 11 months despite the anguish it has caused me for most of that time !!
  19. The car is still definitely SORN'd and NOT back on the road - the date of liability is just the date the current SORN expires.
  20. They wear pretty quickly to be honest but I'm not exactly gentle with mine. I'm happy with that with the performance they give and the reasonable replacement costs.
  21. I've been using Ultrac Sessantas on my daily Leon Cupra for nearly 5 years now - they are utterly fantastic performing tyres and don't break the bank either
  22. That's my car you're referring to Vanya but the problem wasn't proven to be due to the silicone sealant in the ECU connectors. Scott - have a read of the LONG thread if you have a few hours spare but want to seek inspiration.... My car had LOTS of issues but it is believed that some form of electrical issue was the cause of the very poor running and stuttering/misfire. Unfortunately Sparky couldn't confirm for sure what the electrical issue was. He cleaned/cycled every connector in the loom TWICE (as well as SOOOOO many other things). It then ran fine... Hope you get to the bottom of your problem. I know how it feels to have a poorly Esprit...
  23. Date wrong in the title - Tuesday 9th Sept ?!?
  24. It's very wet. Saw the sun for about a minute earlier but the weather has dampened the atmosphere a bit! But nice to see a load of TLF folk and we've been out on 2 parade laps of the GP circuit at 15mph max...
  25. Its back again !! And has anyone else noticed that its a different postal address each time for the seller but the telephone numbers and email address are the same...
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