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  1. Welcome to Maryland. The local lotus group is called the DC Chapter. We have a few events coming up.

    Chris Kosko

    [email protected]

  2. Thanks gents. Saw the same thread and reached out to Monte. Will let you know if I hear anything on all fronts. S
  3. Thanks for the tips Andrew. Only been here a month, but marmite is high on my list!! Will definitely aim for LOG in October.
  4. Permanent. I fully intend to take the car to shows etc, but it would be a real shame if I couldn't enjoy the odd blast in it occasionally. Insurance is the easy bit!! Hagerty - $775 per year. They have covered my vehicles in the UK since 2004 and are truly great to work with. If you have a daily use vehicle which is no more than 5 years old and are willing to limit your mileage then you should check them out (if you have not already). Thanks for the PM by the way. You have got me worried about Maryland state requirements tho!! Hadn't thought of that one, and their website is a s
  5. I'm relying on the Show & Display NHTSA limitation for shipping. The Lotus Omega was added in 2008/2009. Think someone shipped one to Texas shortly after that. Just haven't as yet got a straight answer out of the EPA (who have a separate set of rules). Think I might be able to have mine qualify under the 21 year rule for limited on-road use (2500 miles per year) from next year without it needing to be brought into compliance. Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts on this?
  6. Hi all, Ive just moved from the UK to Maryland. Keen on any intros or thoughts on any of the following: 1. Any Forum members in the area and any shows or meets that are good. 2. Shipping my Lotus Omega from the UK and dealing with the NHTSA and EPA. 3. Recommended Lotus mechanics in the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia areas. 4. Anyone moving from the USA to Europe and interested in a swap for a 1995 S4s which is currently in professional storage in the UK. Cheers, Steve
  7. Age: 31 Car: Turbo Esprit HC 1987 Location: London, E14 Insurer: Hagerty Points: None Mods declared: N/A Mileage allowance: 3,000 Agreed Value:
  8. The previous owner of my HC had the wheels mirror polished but I drove for about 1 mile on wet roads during winter (with salt) and then was away for 3 weeks and didn't get a chance to clean them. They are still okay but aren't their best. Most products say "not for mirror polish". Any suggestions to get them to their previous glory (or is it worth starting again - eeek )?
  9. Just wanted to say hello and ask if any of you guys have any recommendations for persons who might service my baby in the London area. Just need an "A" and an MOT but could also do with the a/c being recharged. Any pointers greaty appreciated. Cheers, S
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