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    Sorry to hear of your loss x
  2. Merry Christmas xxxxx
  3. My technical man is sorting that out. I just drive it
  4. Thanks guys. Like sparky I only like the 840 & 850. It's the shape that does it for me and the steptronic gearbox is fun
  5. Well there is a BMW 840 ci 96 sitting on my drive. Completely different driving experience but I think I will have fun. For the technical specs pleas talk to my live in mechanic.
  6. Andy I just have impeccable taste Gunter I'm sure John would be grateful for any help so thanks for the offer. I know that it will be heavy and a completely different driving experience but I'm 'sowing my wild oats' car wise and thanks to John I can drive different cars with the security of having a live in mechanic.
  7. Well went to a garage to see a car. Unfortunately couldn't get a test drive and it wasn't the exact model I want. The car I went to see is a BMW 840. I await your opinions and the inevitable German leg pulling so I will start, "Fur you Tommy Atkins zee var ist over!!!"
  8. Yes it was sad. I had so much fun driving her and meeting such genuine enthusiasts and great people from the forum. However being a woman it's now time to shop!!! Rest assured I will still be 'that woman who drives a blokes car', just a different make for a while (one with pas would be nice ) However Lotus will always hold a special place in my heart and I'm sure I will not be able to stay away for long.
  9. Yes I am here lurking amongst the testosterone fuelled posts Not sure about hot hatches they are driven mostly by chavs here. I have a car in mind and hope to test drive it this weekend.
  10. Well that lets me off the hook and now I know what to buy John for Xmas
  11. As the title suggests I would like to sup at the collective and awesome fountain of knowledge that resides in this forum to help me decide what car next. My budget alas cannot stretch to another Lotus at the moment, besides I have scratched that 'itch'. I would like a car that is unusual, has more than 2 seats and has a boot. Unfortunately I have been spoilt by the power and performance of the Esprit and would like something comparable. Fickle I know but I am a female of the species. Sue
  12. Well she went this morning on a trailer to Wales. They love the car, especially the colour, and say they will keep her under cover till the spring and use her as a fair weather car.
  13. Pop quiz - what do I do? On the one side a chap from Australia is interested, father had an Esprit, want to use it as a daily runner. On the other side a chap who seems to have no clue about Esprits, is buying it for someone else.
  14. Pass on our best wishes x
  15. Boots


    Hey PDF all those 'holes' you mention in Skyfall and you fail to mention that 1. In TSWLM an Esprit cannot change into a submarine. 2. In Moonraker even if you have steel teeth you don't have enough bite pressure to chew through a steel cable. 3. All women in James Bond movies want to sleep with him. 4. Bond turns Pussy Galore 'straight' 5. In Die Another Day you cannot flip a car right side up with an ejector seat. 6. How come Bond uses up all his gadgets before the end of the movie. 7. How clarevoyant must Q be to give Bond the right gadgets? 8. In Goldeneye how does his DB5 keep up with a Ferrari 355? 9. How come all the villains know who Bond is, tell him their evil plot and don't shoot him while he is asleep/having an interlude with a lady/on the loo etc? Now that's Bond dealt with don't get me started on Back To The Future, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Star Wars etc. Oh no sorry I got it wrong. These clearly state, along with Skyfall that they are works of fiction. Otherwise they would be called documentaries, be very boring and on BBC 2 or Channel 4!!
  16. Gunter Rodger has a vividd imagination!!! John replaced the 'inner' and it made no difference.
  17. Well now it's official. I will still 'lurk' on the forum and bestow my pearls of wisdom if that's ok. Tony. John eventually breaks things, but if not I have a list of things to moan about . As for my next car, I have something in mind and before you ask/pester I'm afraid it will not be a Lotus this time. Im sure I will come back to the fold in the future but as for now I want to try some different cars now I have cast off my mummy/housewife persona. No. 1 son says I can have any car as long as its cool or it has his name on it, so I will be putting forward a proposal soon. Not feeling too bad now but I'm sure I will have regrets when I have to hand over the keys. Sue
  18. After 4 years I have enjoyed my car, meeting lots of new people and even having strangers point at me driving down the road but now I think it's time to move on. I have had so much fun meeting a bunch of middle aged men in car parks (ooo errr sounds a bit rude!) and talking about our pride and joys. I'm really gonna miss you guys. John will be posting an advert soon. Don't know what else to say. Sue
  19. Half term next week and I'm loosing my voice . I might invest in a whistle.
  20. I'm doing a BA open degree which means I'm free to study what subjects take my fancy. As for having the time I'm currently knitting a cardigan and making a top just to keep myself occupied when the boys are at school. I'm no good at doing nothing.
  21. I have passed 4 undergraduate courses with the Open University, i need one more to get a degree but that's on hold for the moment. However, I have just discovered that having gained enough points from these courses I now have a Diploma of Higher Education My official title is now Sue Unsworth DipHE!
  22. There is really only straight or zigzag stitch (discounting embroidery stitches) so imho it's more about seams and stitch length. However I would recommend a stretch stitch so that when you sit on the seat there is a bit of 'give' and you don't split your stitches. As always practice on a spare bit of leather and buy lots of new needles as the need to be very sharp to sew leather and can get blunt pretty quickly. Sue
  23. Boots

    Sky 007 channel

    Been watching it for days
  24. Great pics . Now we must reschedule so my car can look that cool.
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