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  1. Gunter Rodger has a vividd imagination!!! John replaced the 'inner' and it made no difference.
  2. Well now it's official. I will still 'lurk' on the forum and bestow my pearls of wisdom if that's ok. Tony. John eventually breaks things, but if not I have a list of things to moan about . As for my next car, I have something in mind and before you ask/pester I'm afraid it will not be a Lotus this time. Im sure I will come back to the fold in the future but as for now I want to try some different cars now I have cast off my mummy/housewife persona. No. 1 son says I can have any car as long as its cool or it has his name on it, so I will be putting forward a proposal soon. Not feeling too bad now but I'm sure I will have regrets when I have to hand over the keys. Sue
  3. After 4 years I have enjoyed my car, meeting lots of new people and even having strangers point at me driving down the road but now I think it's time to move on. I have had so much fun meeting a bunch of middle aged men in car parks (ooo errr sounds a bit rude!) and talking about our pride and joys. I'm really gonna miss you guys. John will be posting an advert soon. Don't know what else to say. Sue
  4. Half term next week and I'm loosing my voice . I might invest in a whistle.
  5. I'm doing a BA open degree which means I'm free to study what subjects take my fancy. As for having the time I'm currently knitting a cardigan and making a top just to keep myself occupied when the boys are at school. I'm no good at doing nothing.
  6. I have passed 4 undergraduate courses with the Open University, i need one more to get a degree but that's on hold for the moment. However, I have just discovered that having gained enough points from these courses I now have a Diploma of Higher Education My official title is now Sue Unsworth DipHE!
  7. There is really only straight or zigzag stitch (discounting embroidery stitches) so imho it's more about seams and stitch length. However I would recommend a stretch stitch so that when you sit on the seat there is a bit of 'give' and you don't split your stitches. As always practice on a spare bit of leather and buy lots of new needles as the need to be very sharp to sew leather and can get blunt pretty quickly. Sue
  8. Been watching it for days
  9. Great pics . Now we must reschedule so my car can look that cool.
  10. That's the bit I'm not looking forward to!
  11. Awesome pics. Here's hoping you can make my car look as good as Sparky's
  12. Got a cake and lots of chocky for my birthday. Let the pig out begin!
  13. Hi Malcolm I'm in Thatcham, just down the A4. My car is available if you want to experiment photographically Sue
  14. Done. Voted for 2CV. Nah just kidding S1 all the way
  15. So that's where I left it. Thanks
  16. Wouldn't it just be a parade of fast cars? Just as exciting as watching a train pass by.
  17. Hey Bibs I'm just a plagiarist and don't clarify my facts. So ner ner.
  18. Carbonated drinks are made by forcing carbon gas into a beverage under pressure. In an unopened bottle, there is an equilibrium between the carbon that has been dissolved into the liquid and the carbon gas floating at the very top of the bottle. Opening the bottle results in a bit of fizzing as the pressure that has been keeping the carbon dissolved is released, but nothing that will spray you in the face with soda. If you shake the bottle before opening it, some of the carbon that has been floating at the top of the bottle gets suspended in the liquid. This "extra" carbonation stays in larger (though not necessarily visible) bubbles than the already-dissolved carbon. If you or your innocent friend open the bottle at this point, the large bubbles will rise very quickly to the liquid's surface - resulting in an impressive soda explosion! Needless to say this was copied and pasted. I'm not that much of a nerd that I know this
  19. As the title suggests there is a classic car show at Newbury Racecourse this Sunday. Weather looks good so I might give my car a wash and polish and pop along. Thought I would advertise it here just in case anyone is free on Sunday.
  20. Don't forget American Beauty, The Departed and one of the strangest film I have ever seen Memento.
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