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  1. Anyone got their clutch cover out of the car? I'm trying to identify which model one I bought fits and I think it might be a Stevens car with the renault gearbox. It would be useful to compare with one. Who knows if yours is busted you might actually want to buy mine - its brand new! John
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    Hi Katie Have gone beyond just starting it Went for a zip up the A34 to Abingdon just to see what it can do and boy I had a big grin on my face. Not to mention a few admiring glances (or was that for me??? nope I'm sure it was for the car lol) I'm sure as the Esprit is my everyday car you will spot me around the Newbury area, but if I look preoccupied its because I have only been driving it for 6 days and I'm concentrating really hard!!!! I am totally blown away at how much fun it is to drive tho and my hubby is lucky to get to drive it one day a week - if only I didnt have to do the shopping!!!!! The up side is that summer is comming and my hubby has a convertable Sue
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    Hi Alex Thanks for the warm welcome I have been informed that you are 'Alex of the screwdriver' diy casualty (I was dragged over by my hubby who was in hysterics to see your very comprehensive diagram which showed your boo boo very well btw 10 out of 10 for artistic impression ) I will post up some pics soon. We hope to get to Donny in April probably the saturday so we can meet some LEF'ers and put some faces to some names, not to mention basking in the glory of Lotus ownership. Sue
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    Hi everyone As a new Lotus Esprit driver here is my chance to introduce myself. Some of you know my other half who is Mr John 111 and lots of you have given him help to fix my car and for that I am very grateful As a woman driver (I can hear the groans from here!!!) I feel in the minority but will try to live up to the responsibility of being a Lotus driver. As to why I now own a Lotus Esprit turbo I'm sure you will understand if I tell you as a wide eyed 8 year old I stared dumfounded at the big screen as James drove his car off the end of the jetty. "What is he doing?" I said to myself until at that moment I saw the wheels retract, the display revolve and then it struck me - "Of course it was a submarine!!!! What was I thinking???" Since then I have never considered any other car to be as beautiful as the Guigaro styled Esprit and it has been a dream of mine to own one. Fortunately I happened to marry a very nice man who is very confident in his masculinity to let his wife own a better car than him and who is gullible enough to fix it for her!!! Now for my solemn vow "I promise to the best of my abilities to drive my car in a manner befitting its pedigree and performance. I promise to take it out at least once a day and to wash it every Sunday. Finally I promise to let my hubby drive it once a week (but only if he has been a very good boy), and twice a week (if he has been a naughty one!!! ) Now I must go off to the gym to build up my biceps so I can manouvere at slow speeds Sue
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