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  1. Saw Ted last night. If you like family guy and American dad then this is for you. Lots of homages to 80's films and tv. Funniest film I have seen in ages.
  2. Moxie I just call it MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!
  3. I saw TSWLM when I was 7 years old and loved the car. Fast forward 32 years and I mentioned it to my husband, to which he said "We can do that" A couple of weeks later he said "Well you want one with a galvanised chassis, which means the S3, and if you are going to do it properly you want a Turbo.". I did the 'female' thing and just nodded. We found a lovely S3 in a garage in Salisbury (and it was Ice Blue) and arranged a test drive thinking this would be my only chance to drive one. My husband then informed me that he was bidding on ebay an S3 for my 40th birthday and said those immortal words "we won't get it." With 4 minutes to go he rings me and says "Has it gone yet?", to which I say "Nope." Four minutes later I was the proud owner of a S3 Turbo . Guess what colour, yep Ice Blue. Needless to say I love my hubby/mechanic and have realised my childhood dream.
  4. A man approaches a woman in a bar and says I was going to tell you a joke about my penis, but it's too long." The woman replies "I was going to tell you a joke about my vagina, but you won't get it."
  5. Just out of interest when was the last time you ate a devils scrotum Alex?
  6. Nah Michael , Treat them mean keep them keen.
  7. Sparky is my hero since he sorted out my clutch problems at the factory weekend. And yes he got a big hug but no kiss. I save that for my 'superhero' my lovely hubby who keeps my baby going.
  8. Sorry Michael history was never my strong point. Next you'll be telling me that the earth is not flat!!
  9. Just seen a trailer for Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter??!!???
  10. Nice motor Phil . It's is hard to tell the different colours from individual photos, you really need to see them side by side. What year is yours? I see yours has colour coded wing mirrors whereas mine are black and I don't have a sunroof. It looks similar to a friends whose S3 is an '85 and glacier blue.
  11. And there I was thinking you put it there to annoy the neighbours.
  12. Hi Ben I am happy to answer any questions and have sent you a personal message
  13. My lovely hubby bought me an S3 Esprit Turbo in Ice Blue <------ It is all mine and my daily drive. Sue
  14. A big thank you to Trev for this. I'm gonna print it out and carry a copy around with me. Why? The next time I moan about: How I have to untangle his grundies from his trousers to wash them About poor toilet aim Him drinking from the carton (no telling what 'nasties' he has left behind!) His temporary blindness when it comes to his mess The way he compacts the rubbish in the kitchen bin so he doesn't have to empty it When stops mid conversation to drool over a car The way bits of car 'mysteriously appear on my dining table On a freezing day he asks for my help on the car, then precedes to spout profanities and does it al by himself anyway No man can 'tut' and roll their eyes and I can whinge to my hearts content :) because Trev has given me definitive proof that men are happier than women!! Sue x P.S. Rest assured I will distribute this 'proof' amongst all the women I can.
  15. Sorry Sparky I didn't know it was compulsory to comment!! Had a great day in the sunshine, and of course it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced 5th gear and reverse seems to be an optional extra so my personal mechanic will be at work tomorrow with his regular wages of coffee and bacon sarnies Look forward to the next meet. Yours sincerely (after being bullied by Sparky) Sue
  16. A few broken finger nails later.................. Paint codes for just Esprit G Cars (We think) L 01 – British Racing Green L 02 – French Blue L 03 – Wedgewood Blue L 04 – Cirrus White L 05 – Carnival Red - esprit s2 L 06 – Burnt Sand L 07 – Lotus Yellow L 08 – Matt Black L 09 – Royal Blue L 10 – Bahama Yellow L 11 – Regency Red L 12 – Lagoon Blue L 13 – Pistachio Lime Green L 14 – Colorado Orange - Moxie L 15 – Black Gloss L 16 – Ford Tawny L 17 – Renault Mid Green L 18 – Glacier Blue L 19 – Sable L 20 – Indigo Blue L 21 – Purple L 22 – Bitter Green L 23 – Sepia Brown L 24 – Firecracker L 25 – Monaco White L 26 – Olympic Blue L 27 – Gunmetal L 28 – Rover Brown L 29 – Mint Green L 30 – Garnet L 31 – Lemon Yellow L 32 – Oxford Blue L 33 – Ford Signal Orange L 34 – Roman Bronze L 35 – Brazil L 36 – Silver L 37 – Jupiter Basecoat L 38 – Garnet Basecoat L 39 – Versailles Red L 40 – Midnight Blue L 41 – Crystal Blue L 42 – Calypso Red L 43 – Martini Green L 44 – Essex Blue L 45 – British Racing Green L 46 – British Racing Green L 47 – British Racing Green A 01 – Blue Oxford A 02 – Black A 03 – Silver Diamond A 04 – Gold A 05 – Viper Green A 06 – Bermuda Blue A 07 – Roman Bronze A 08 – Lotus Bronze A 09 – Martini Green A 10 – Metallic Black A 11 - Martini Green A 12 – Onyx A 13 – Tabac A 14 – Altair Green A 15 – Helleblau - Hoppo A 16 – Essex Blue A 17 – Essex Blue A 18 – Tissot Blue A 19 – Copper Fire Metallic A 20 – Gold A 21 – Monaco White A 22 – Lotus Yellow A 23 - Calpyso Red - Buddsy A 24 – Gunmetal A 25 – New Gold A 26 – Copper A 27 – Toyota Red A 28 – Ruben Red A 29 – Copper A 30 – Jupiter Red A 31 – Copper A 32 - Mediterranean Blue A 33 – Ice Blue - Boots A 34 – Dark Blue (Essex) - peteyg A 35 – Silver A 36 – New Gold A 37 – Fiat Grey A 38 – Chrysler Steel Grey A 39 – Ice Blue A 40 – Silver A 41 – Silver A 42 – British Racing Green A 43 – Gold (Oyster) A 44 – Glacier Blue A 45 – Silver Frost We do have manufactures paint codes and Lotus part numbers for the colours. These can be provided. Sue
  17. When my cambelt snapped they said they were not allowed to tow it so I had to wait for a truck that could lift it on to it's 'flat bed'. I would go with Trev's suggestion and get a trailer. Better safe than sorry!!
  18. I eat meat, fish, dairy and vegetables and think humans should have a varied diet. What I don't understand is the food designed for vegetarians that is made from non meat substances but pretends to be meat. For example 'meat free sausage rolls'. If there is no sausage in it how can they be called sausage rolls????? If you want to be a vegetarian you have to sacrifice eating food that tastes or pretends to be meat or imho you are a hyprocrite.
  19. Hope you both had a good one x
  20. Hmmmm let me think ........ NOT A CHANCE!!!!
  21. As the title suggests I confess that I am a geek, specifically a Star Wars geek and will be getting the new kinect game tomorrow. Can't wait for my Jedi training to begin
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