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  1. Much better Roger And Kimbers what can I say. My knees have turned to jelly.
  2. Thanks guys x Roger don't think that shade suits you try pink Christopher John did break something but thankfully not my car!
  3. Sitting on my sofa watching Casino Royale (Daniel Craig not David Niven) and started thinking about which Bond film is my favourite. Obviously several films can be chosen according to category - stunts, opening action sequence, cars, ladies etc So what's yours and why?
  4. Leave the poor woman alone!! Congrats to you and your wife.
  5. I am a person who loves music hence I upgraded my I pod touch to an I phone. Johns car has a fancy stereo which has Bluetooth so I can connect my phone and play my eclectic music collection whilst nipping down to the shops, with the added benefit that I can make and receive calls through the stereo. That's clever I thought and wondered whether I could get a fancy gizmo that would allow me to do the same in my car. After searching the web I found the Griffin handsfree and it does what it says on the box (courtesy of the Bluetooth fairies) and charges my phone at the same time. The only mod we made was to install a new 12 volt accessory socket (cigarette lighter) which is wired directly to the battery (yes it is fused) as the original ones don't deliver enough juice. Haven't tried it with the sat nav yet but will update you when I do. Sue
  6. Yep BUT 25% off so no need to be jealous.
  7. Ta Bibs reduced our sky bill for 12 months
  8. I'm happy cos we went to Bournemouth today and watched our youngest playing in the sea.
  9. Sorry about the mis-spelling. There wasn't a man around to correct it and anyway my head is too full of embroidery an kittens!
  10. Believe me I know how to drive my car hoverer, Roger insists that I broke the engine of my S3 Turbo when in fact it was my husband who overboosted it (and subsequently fixed it). Don't mind us Roger and I enjoy having a 'dig' at each other from time to time Sue
  11. Ok I confess I am just like this woman :harhar:
  12. He does fix it when it goes wrong so I will let him have another go. But rest assured he will drive my baby properly as I have cleared enough room in the shed for a lumpy mattress!!! Roger No use whispering I can hear you, and I will put it down to the views of 'your generation'.
  13. The title says it all. Would let you drive my car but it has got no wheels!!! Will give you your present later Love from your sexy, smart adorable wife xxx.
  14. 1/. Trevsked (Trevor, probably Sport 350 unless I can find a Sport 300) 2/. Sparky. (98 GT3) - Croydon 3/. Gasmangt3 (96 GT3) 4/. Bazza (Essex or S3) 5/. Bibs (Who knows...) - Swindon 6/. Alan & Evi (S3 Turbo) - Oxfordshire 7/. nigeninja (s4s)-Tamworth Staffs 8/. Moxie ('77 S1 & '83 Turbo, but leaving them at home for obvious reasons) 9/. Dodge19779 (S4) Leamington...Coventry.. 10/. Dodgy ('81 S3 Turbo) 11/. Mattwatts S1 12/ internets (98 GT3) 13/ Skiing (NA S3 - most likely with new / rebuilt engine by this point...) 14/. Hopo S3 ...... probably now the Turbo........- Ealing 15/. Nelly9000 (79 S2) - Southampton 16/. fsrowsell (92 Highwing) - Uxbridge 17/. Wookie (Mantis/Mantula) 18/. obione (91 Turbo) 19/. Alex --GT3-- Middlewich , Cheshire 20/. PaulEspritGT3 (GT3) - Redditch, Worcestershire. 21/. Hopo's mate in the other car..... S3 Na most likley - Ealing 22/. Rich H S4 23/. Jez S4s 24/. Paul C (Bosch) - Oxfordshire 25/ Changes ( 89 SE with all 422 bhp attached ) 26/ Andjons (S4) 27/ Dave and Megan 28/ Mr Pig and Wilf (S4) - Corby - East Northants. 29/ Caulkhead68 (1988 carb turbo) , Hampshire 30/ Roz (sans Esprit ) 31 PFD S4 32/ Boots + Mr John (but only if he has been a good boy)
  15. Had a great time except for my wiper arm making a 'pinging' noise and giving up the ghost. Thanks to the Three Musketeers (Sparky, Dave and Henry) who did a 'bodge it and leg it' job. The weather gods took pity on me and the rain stopped when I reached the M4
  16. Thought most men want to show off their 'big ends'??
  17. You smooth talking devil. Btw does that line ever work?
  18. We can park together and compare tinits. I SAID TINTS !
  19. Just thrown my hat in the ring. Not that confident but worth a try
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