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  1. I am inviting you to a Free Charity Event with Free entry and Free food, in exchange for bringing yourself and one of your Lotus cars to this event. DomG here, your host for Yorktown Cars & Coffee in Yorktown NY. The event is a Charity Car show in conjunction with the Victory Cup series of Charity events around the country. I have agreed to help get folks to bring their cars in exchange for FREE admission, a FREE Tailgating pass and FREE food for all participating cars and passengers. Look up and from there the Cardillo Cup for details including the Charites who
  2. Another Wedgehead here. Count me in. DomG
  3. Tony, I cannot imagine driving around in my S1 on a hot summer day without the windows down so i can hear the engine burble....... .....did that sound convincing? Lucky B%$#^%% DomG 77 S1 Esprit
  4. From what I have heard 910Esprit has the history right. It was a "perceived" issue or concern for the Dellortos. My PO had one fited as well. had to remove it once it failed on my and was unable to find one locally. Its been running without one ever since. Also, I am using a solid state fuel pump with no issues. DomG 77 S1 Esprit
  5. First off my S1 fuel system was modified by the PO so everything is easy to get at.... Now that that is out of the way....if you have an S1....where is your filter? It should be somewhere between the fitting on the botton of the right side gas tank and the fuel pump. If you cannot see it then consider that its under the decking on the right side of the engine bay. If you look there should be several screws or bolt heads sticking out of the carpet. Remove the battery then those bolts and the decking should come up. I know my fuel pump was in there so it might be where the filer
  6. I used an ignitor I in my 74 Elite. Same 2.0 engine as in the S1 Esprits. Worked well. No issues. Just be sure to feed it 12 volts. the S1 coil may only present the ignitor with only 9 volts or less thanks to the in line resistor on the ignition wire. DomG 77 S1 Esprit
  7. And now for something completely different........ If the carbs are out of balance the engine can run hot. Had a similar missing issue which got really bad once it was warm. Got myself a 4 tube manometer....(two Dellortos) and spent some quality time balancing the carbs. Turns out the engine was running almost entirely on the front carb. Of course I did this AFTER verifying I had no air leaks or manifold leaks...etc..... DomG 77 S1 Esprit
  8. My 1977 S1 Esprit on the new track at Lime Rock Race Park during the 2008 Rolex Vintage Festival
  9. Gavin, Where are you ordering it from? The rubber on mine has deteriorated to the point where I'd like to replace it. Oops...I don't have the twin Zenith's, I have the twin Dellorto setup. But I'd like to see if they have the one I need anyway. DomG
  10. MIne is on the sail panel in the engine bay right behind the battery. However, on reading the posts and noting you are in the UK and hence sit on the right, I'd say that Matt's picture is what I'd go for.
  11. No shims on mine. However, the existing mounting holes had enough slop to position the bonnet a number of differenct ways, good and bad. The trick with mine seemed to be to make the gap between the edge of the pods and the leading edge of the hood quite large. Two people hold the hood steady while another person tightens the nuts on the inside of the bonnet in the tire bay. DomG
  12. I can get some picts this weekend. Also, you do know that the bonnet of an S1 should only be raised with the headlight pods down. They will crash into the bonnet if left up. the S2 hinges are completely different.
  13. 1977 S1 Esprit Lagoon Blue 787060362H US Federal car dglotusltd Shrub Oak, NY USA Dom Giangrasso
  14. Paul, Got a picture? It does sound like your mounts were modified already. I decided against the Turbo mounts because for the expense (horrific) they do a better job but not perfect. The key is that the stock mounts are only designed to support the engine, not hold it in place. If your engine is secured by other means then they are not as big a problem. If you have modified mounts or turbo mounts...all the better. DomG
  15. Paul, Its actually not a new dizzy. Just tell pertonix what dizzy you have and the kit replaces the whole points/condensor assembly inside the dizzy. Install took 30 minutes with most of that time taken fiddleing to get the dizzy back on the engine. Between the spring in the shaft trying to push it back out and the unusual position on the block it takes 3 hands. Easy mod and I agree the best bang for the buck (or pound) at under $100 USD. Same cap, same rotor, same Dizzy body...two wires. Only got ya is that it really needs 12V at the hot lead, so if your coil lead only gets t
  16. Paul, your killing us. Pictures please....even lousy ones....we gotta see it. Dirving fever is getting to me in NY and the damn snow is still on the ground. I need a Lotus fix....soon.... DomG
  17. I have seen factory cars with both the 205s and the 195s on the front. However, I recall both were 60 profiles with the 70s reserved for the rear. Anyone else?
  18. Ok I have to add my 2 cents (US). That was my Viper Green Elite. It was a 74 (first model year of that style). It was a color both loved and hated. Turns out it was not the original color though. It was originally Calypso red. Owner number 5 (of 9) had it sprayed with the Porsche color Viper Green. Thats what you see there. Sorry but its not the original Lotus color. This is not a guess. I actually spoke to the PO who painted it and the factory plate had the Red color code. Given that, the photoshop of the S1 does look cool. Someone needs to see if they can recover the orgina
  19. Wow Tony.... its that bad that you had to email him.....
  20. Unless you can spin it around enough to find the markings....a mirror helps....its really no so bad taking it out. the royal pain is getting it back in. the right way is to line up the cam marks at TDC then note where the rotor is pointing...then remove it. When she goes back just line up the rotor and the key at the business end of the shaft will ckick into place. The engine side of the dizzy shaft is keyed so it will not sit properly until the key lines up. Lining up the rotor to realign the key to the slot down the whole make life easier. It can be done without the prior step b
  21. The balance pipe is amazingly small. So the fuel balance process is not speedy. I usually end up filling on both sides then return to the original side I started with to top off. Tha last action is to address the inevitiable drop in fuel level as it races to the tank with less fuel while I move around the car. Even with a bigger crossover pipe/hose the takeoffs are quite small. I know some folks have welded in new and larger takeoff taps while the tanks were out to facilitate the balance at fillup and while driving. Dom G
  22. My 2 cents again. The Tach issue was ultimately a rev limiter in the circuit on the 83 car in question. Your S1 has no such limiter. The limiter used by Lotus in an S1 is actually a special rotor with some funky mechanical action which breaks the circuit above a given RPM. The S1 ignition system is simple and buying the correct kit is a matter of knowing what Dizzy you really have. No drilling or such is involed in the install. One simple module and 2 wires. In contrast the Lumination systems I have seen involve a dizzy sensor and an seperate electronics package that has to be pl
  23. You could also fit a Pertonix ignition to the Dizzy. The module fits right need to know your distributor model... The 2 wires could not be a simpler install.
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