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  1. Haha, I guess your aerodynamic front helps you to come closer
  2. Last week I made an oil change, and had a little surprise: The oil pressure meter was loose. I found out, that the screw, that supposed to be fixed to the can wasn´t. I got a new OPM from VDO installed, and now it´s also not leaking any more Pics will follow... The broken OPM. Everything else works fine. We went on a track (Spreewaldring) south of Berlin on Sunday - just great: - Audi TT RS Coupé - Audi TT RS Convertible - BMW Coupé - VW Golf II with V6 engine - Lotus Esprit Sport 350 On 23. October we´ll have the next track day. I hope for good weather!!
  3. Thanks for the correction. I only had in mind that your Esprit consumes more
  4. Maybe you can ask Mike Sekinger, where he got the seat for my Sport 350 from. They are carbon seats, and I love them! They give good side, and leg support and look awesome.
  5. While trying to install the software, it´s said that VBAJet32.dll had an access violation. I tried to PM you, Peter, but your mailbox is full Any suggestions?
  6. Haha, I know, what you mean with "noise", and I guess everyone else, who has ever driven his Esprit fast knows, too. I upgraded my noise canceling stereo with speakers behind the seats. But at some speed nothing helps - maybe the earplugs
  7. Douglas Valley Breakers might have the Sport 350 seats from the engine burned one! Here is the link: But I guess you have to resaddle them...
  8. I heard, that in the US you also have E25 / E 85 (means, 25% ethanol). Is that right? Günther has experiences with his Esprit and running on alcohol (E85). He has about 10% more fuel consumption, due to the lower fuel value. But it works, too!
  9. I took a look in the Esprit Owner´s Handbook: page a48 The so called "Gasohol" (" A mixture of 10% ethanol (grain alcohol) and 90% unleaded gasoline may be used in the Lotus Esprit.") is the E10. But if there are any problems, it´s recommended to use gasoline. Personally, I mix between Super 95 and Super Plus (98).
  10. A little Update: I made the Main Beam Modification from the LEW (, and I´m very pleased with it! After some time, finding the right relai at Conrad, I finally got it. If someone is interested and wants to get the relai from Germany, here is the article number from Conrad: 504403. The enlightment costs EUR 2,80
  11. Hey Mike, nice progress! But you could have cleaned the gear box, too
  12. I guess, driving has to wait due to SNOW.

  13. I had to reinstall my laptop after an infection. Now I have the problem, that while installing, the set-up program tells me, it´s unable to copy some of the files to the folder windows/system32/*** and another folder. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  14. Hasn´t driven the devil in weeks...

  15. Hello everyone, I think, the owner of the car has to comment on this topic, for he has the best perception on what is going on. Which is ... ME ! It is true, that when I arrived in Berlin, I had a problem with the caliper. I guess, I posted it in the Phoenix thread. Günter helped me with that and due to his expertise he percepted a strange knocking from the bulkhead. The problem was, that the water cooling was to close to the bulkhead and had contact, which gave this weired noise. I fixed it quite easily, with Günters instructions. Then there was a much bigger problem: One of the screw
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