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  2. hi, i think they are tr7 motor units, any good motor elec people will get round your problem,let them look before you throw away, steve
  3. hi, yes ,check along top of gearbox tunnle, interior side, the main loom runs along this aswell, some big brown full current wires go along this from battery and other things, doesnt need much, to melt outer casings on wires, without a fire,, i think choke runs backwards along this loom into engine bay through firewall, redo your earth straps and add a few more anywhere on chassis, earthing always been a problem on plastic cars, steve hi just tried to add a few pics of what happened to a vette i am doing at the moment, eerrrr hot vette in the real meaning,steve
  4. thanks guys, just something a bit different, steve
  5. hi jon , sounds like your mates vette is a big block, anything between 5-10 mpg is good although mine is a small block, its 400 bhp, manual and only gives 12 mpg at best anytime, a low tune small block could return 18-20 but only just, talk about carbon footprint, steve exaust is a handmade stainless twin 3"system with aero free flow mufflers , sets of car alarms, rattles the floor and has been built to take 600 bhp, i never put on the radio, the noise is fantastic danny, car was last used in 1992, when it competed in circuit racing in europe, it then was took off the road with head trouble, and thats how it stayed till i bought it in 08, it was black, and needed it all doing, big money was spent by previous owner, and i redone it all again, 6 months later it was out and about, as you see it now, its stunning and needs nothing, fully detailed below and above
  6. hi, yeah i forgot ,they are ripping it apart with diggers at the moment ,silverstone was near to our club weekend out, but cost was a problem for a lot of members, will look into that aswell, but it could work the other way round, if you lose donnington due to works etc, it may be poss for you guys to tag with us , just a new flavour to the mix., all for a bit of change, will try to talk with club lotus as they might have done something already for next year , i will put this to a few of our members , ime sure a few have had lotus in there time, and you would all be more than welcome, , leave it with me, your thoughts aswell, cheers, steve
  7. hi, not sure how to send pics on here but i could send to your e mail, then you load if you know how to this site for me,, anytime, steve
  8. thanks guys, will call him , and run it past him, still give us your thoughts etc, cheers, steve
  9. hi all, having been to the donnington show earlier this year, [ i have a 84 turbo ] i was wondering if you guys would let us share the weekend with corvettes, your show works well , great venue , cars bombing around the track etc, hotel etc, we currently have our own weekend nationals, but many of our members would like a refreshing change, this is only a suggestion, obviously lots to discuss, shared costs etc, i dont wish to upset anyone with such a daft idea, but, corvettes are fibreglass, classic ,all years and all v8s, so we have a bit in common, we had some 600 cars this year [ all corvettes] if anyone could put me intouch with the right people ,thats great, if not , we could arrange our own , not to clash with yours , obviously, a mixed marque could be good for both of our causes, its only a idea,what do you think, your thoughts , cheers , 63 corvette
  10. hi , i did not like how those switches could fail, seen too many fried engines, i fitted a kenlow, and put it around front cross member, fully adjustable, and then a seperate switch, if ever that failed,nothing against being original,but when theres better, hhmmm,
  11. hi,when i bought my car the previous guy decided to re build it, and that was a straight car, everything came apart and not one nut or bolt unturned ,replaced etc, all that work , respray ,engine, chassis, wheels , tyres, brakes, you name it , it was done , nearly-- 20k spent, that guy must still be on day release from mental home, i finished it off, interior,electrics and some fine detailing, all in all it must have been a bitch of a job, your going down a road that might not see the car mobile again for 2 yrs or more, paperwork for mine went back 5 yrs, even then he paid 3k for a running car, saying that, ins value was 18k agreed, which was too low anyway, car is now sold floating over to hong kong, i ended up with a car too nice to drive, i supose it depends on your standards of finish, say goodbye to any relationships you currently have, and say hello to the guy in that mental home when you go, seriously though if you think its worth the effort, cost it all up first, good luck, dont let everyone rip you off, steve
  12. hi, yes 84 has a small rocker switch just above left knee, theres a good old bunch of relays and fuses around glove box area, put power direct to ariel to check if its stuck, like everything on these cars sounds a bit relay suspect,steve
  13. hi, price one up , might change your mind, if its ok, leave it till its obvious for repair, it all can be done from above the car anyway, poss a mornings work at worst,+ a few new gaskets--check any play on the car with big air pipe off, should be spinning like a good un,steve
  14. hi, yep , carry on, fix it , then look back on this thread, you might just kick yourself, [ not hard but slightly], you could also , break yours and help 10 others, and make a bit at same time, your minds made up ,i know, heart ruling the head job, all the best anyway ,hope repair etc works out well, you will learn alot along the way, take pics of repair aswell, it will help later, steve
  15. hi, bit of a result, cash + car, but from my experiance of damaged cars ,write off or otherwise it depends on the car your doing up, family type cars are generally no problem, and can be a cheaper option than a straight one, but sports type cars , lotus,ferrari, porsche etc,can be very hard to shift later on even when documented well , it will always be known in the right circles as damaged, repaired, you might be ok doing it yourself with no cat c-d attached, personally i would break it, double your money or more, and buy a real good one, if theres such a thing, keep the very hard to find parts, you will eventually need them, i know you want to keep it forever, this very rarely happens, sounds like you have a lot of spare time, and for a car that might only be worth the same done, your whole pay out will be gone-its a tough one -sounds dead negative but you have to weigh it all up--been there done that etc,t- shirt,hat, shoes --steve
  16. hi , its been said plenty of times, use a genuine lotus filter, this might not have happened ,saying that i use fram on normal everyday stuff, its down to choice i suppose, [ and cost] but in mine its genuine when i change oil,[ good oil aswell], heart of a healthy engine, steve
  17. hi, just get your rad etc up to scratch, cooling system should be able to cope with what you throw at it, in std trim anyway ? mine will stay cool all day , fans on and off as needed, tickover or running or traffic, additives may help in certain areas, the correct water to antifreeze normally sorts it aswell, but that side of things should be in perfect nick,or yes it could get hot, but fans should take care of most heating problems, providing you dont lose coolant in system anywhere
  18. hi, its a daunting job at first, but pretty straight forward when you get into it, got my parts from brodie , price of parts are frightening, thank god gear teeth were ok ,its nothing that cant be done at home
  19. hi, the smell of crisp new dollars+ overtime+dollars+overtime, aaaghh a garage owners dream, just put your money in this neverending lotus pit, then wellcome to the joys of lotus ownership, till next year?
  20. hi, just done my own gearbox, , not difficult but fiddly, turbo came off so i could get bellhousing past , yes exaust has to come off, as the box moves backwards to lift up, i would imagine clutch only takes 1/2 hour to fit,but to remove the box might take a morning-for a garage anyway,put a new spigot bush in, not to forget nylon washer, all my stuff was already new, so it came apart pretty easy, still took a while though to get it all together, if i stuck at it 3 days might do it, perhaps a week , with plenty of swearing and loads of coffee, took box out -replaced syncros-set it up - and back in ,new slave- less than a week, on my own, others might do it quicker, some take longer,steve
  21. hi, that value is whats going to write it off, not massive repairs, but bodyshop costs, storage and parts alone should finish it off, there is a chance you could buy back any salvage, but then you still got to fix it up, depending how good it is, is it worth doing, might be able to break it, + your pay out, might work out ok, hope it can be fixed though, theres a few options yet but they may not be very generous with your payout, i made sure my 84 turbo was on a agreed value of 18k, steve
  22. hi ,looks just bang on to me, aftermarket bling can look a bit nasty, dont sell lotus wheels,i think you will be pushed to find another good set,wheels are a very personal taste, but those thats on , most people will love, keep em on, steve
  23. hi, just looked in parts book and it dont give sizes? just part numbers, but i would have thought any good plumbers merchant, or diy shop could poss match them up, take old ones along for ref, steve
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