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  1. Replace with a '95 Corvette fuel pump, Bestest#BE16008 or BE3270. The strainer, plug, receiver match up precisely. There is a very slight difference in the upper plastic but 'doesn't matter. Do not use the Walbro GSS 340 - it takes major modification and costs the same as the Corvette. Use the steel clamps provided and not the plastic factory squeeze clamps. Cost about $70
  2. There are some original Les Paul "guitars" at the Rock and Roll museum in Cleveland,Ohio, USA. (a neat place to visit if you have the chance - not the city but the museum). He first tinkered with a piece of railroad, adding electric pick ups then a straight piece of wood which was much easier walk around with as you played. He later added sides to the straight piece of wood making the solid body guitar as we know it only because he wanted it to look more like a "normal" guitar.
  3. Just a warning so you don't get stung like I did - the closest gas station to the Orlando airport is a well known rip off so if you fill up the rental for return get gas where the price is well posted. Gas is now somewhere $3 a gallon. At this station it's over $5.
  4. If you're lucky it may just be a weak clutch. Put it in 3rd or 4th and press on the clutch while keeping on the gas a bit then release the clutch. The tach should immediately go back to the proper RPM's for the speed. If the tach is somewhat slow to return then it's the clutch
  5. I just got back - I've got to figure out how to post pics - they are on photobucket but the link doesn't work when posted. Here's the link again - it may take a while to load Next to "wmtatumjr" click on "all" than click on tiny pic to enlarge...the above link appears to be working now.
  6. Luckily my business is right down the street from where they restore antique aircraft - they do an amazing job so if interested poke around this sight for some before and after pics. Click on Also if you're near Virginia Beach, Va. there will be a display, dance, meal 5/16 - 5/17/09. See I'll try to be there and post some pic's later if I can convince my wife to go along.
  7. Replacement outer wheel lips can be ordered from - they have US and Europe outlets.
  8. I get a lot of "Is that a Ferrari?" so I was pleasantly surprised when someone shouted "Wow, a Lotus....E Spirit". Well, I guess Esprit DOES look like E Spirit so I sort of just let it go. After all, he got the Lotus part right.
  9. Mine turned out to be the primary relay (you should hear the fuel pump when the ingn is turned on) You can remove the brown relay located near the battery in the long black box. After pulling relay use four butter knives or something similair remove the brown box from the black base. Remove the flat spring and the top contacts will fall off. You can clean both upper and lower contacts with a pencil eraser then put back together. This fixed mine
  10. Tim - One more thing to consider. ECU's in general don't shut down 2 cylinders but are more apt to shut down all 8 or at least make all run crappy. Don't rule it out (extremely weird things can happen) but since you have compression and gas to all cylinders the only thing messed up is the spark to a few of them. The ECU has to know when cylinders are near top dead center and they know that using the Crank Angle Sensor located on one left and one right cam. Your left one may be going bad. When cold it may operate OK but not when hot. When you get the ECU back and in case you still have the problem when hot go to Radio Shack and get some Kool it spray, spray it on the left CAS and see it it clears it up temporarily.
  11. You need to isolate the bad cylinder(s). When it's running rough look at the RPM's on the tach then remove 1 spark plug lead at a time - a good cylinder will cause the RPMS to lower but a lead on a bad cylinder will have no effect on RPM. If the mis-fire seems to drift from cylinder to cylinder I'd first look for a distributor problem such as a bad dist. bearing. A cracked dist cap can cause your problems. If cars no longer have distributors then it's been too long and I'm too old to be giving advice. I believe it IS electrical however - gas IS getting to the cylinder but it's not burning.
  12. The muffler on my '99 V-8 was removed by the previous owner but sent to me in a box in case the inspection police got picky. If anyone is thinking of doing this you don't have to worry about excessive noise as the turbos and cats do a nice job quieting by themselves. The car passed inspection though I wouldn't take it to someone too familiar with Lotus's. The muffler is surprisingly heavy so this is a plus too. I've got to say the sound is quite pleasing and not at all loud. I'm 56 years old and gawd I love this car!
  13. I almost bought the Elise - a great concept, great power, but a little too small for me. I bought a used Esprit V8 instead and 'can almost get in the thing when I put the emerg. brake down. Both these cars really impressed me only I'm a bit bigger than I used to be and I enjoy an added inch or two.
  14. Ignition & Fuel Pump relay (AMR 1088) is difficult to find in the US but it also fits Range Rover - Try Range Rover North in Vermont.
  15. I've only got one pic from when I picked it up. The Diablo is the new toy of the previous Lotus owner. Pic may not be visible but I uploaded....'not sure where it went
  16. Hi! Newby here and I wasn't given any "key" for the immobiliser. Are these usually kept on the key ring or some other place? I know where the OZ key lock thingys are held but haven't peered in there yet. BTW What a GREAT car! They are VERY uncommon here in the states. I couldn't believe the "thumbs up" I got. It's been 25 years since I got out of the Britsh car scene (Triumphs, TVR, XKE). Amazingly, the light switch didn't break when I turned on the lights (No Lucas?) Only thing I miss is Smith's guages - I loved the look of them and if you wiggled the trip reset just right the odometer wouldn't work. 'Glad to be back!
  17. I had an old 'vette and the tool was missing when I bought it. Though your locks are a bit different you might weld a piece of metal to the lock then remove it. A guy at the tire place did this for me for free though I bought the tires from him.
  19. I'd check for a loose wire at the guage or at the sending unit at the petrol tank. The sending unit itself might be bad. 'Sounds like a wire problem though.
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