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  1. I can't seem to get the picture of my car to attach to this page, but if you email me I can send you a couple of pics via email. thanks
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I do pretty much all of my driving on the highway/city streets and have do not take my Esprit to the track. I might take it to a track day next year, but I am looking for wheels that will look good and perform on the street. Would you still recommend the OZ Magnesio wheels for street driving?
  3. I am looking for a set of wheels/rims for my 98 TT Esprit. I currently have some chrome Foose wheels on the car and I want to replace them. Any suggestions or sets of wheels that are for sale would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know where the car went? I think there is a similar car for sale in Dallas, TX, but I do not know if it is the same car.
  5. Does anyone know where the horn relay is located on a 98 V8 TT? I have to get the horn working in order to pass a state inspection and I have not been able to locate the relay. I have traced the horn wire until it disappears into/behind the gauge cluster and I have been able to trace it to the horn(s), but can't locate the correct relay. The contacts in the steering wheel are sending a signal but the horn will not work. Should I attempt to locate the problem or just run another wire from the steering column to the horn? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone...I am looking for a little assistance in trying to locate an interior item for a 1998 TT V8. The latch behind the driver that secures the top is broken and I need to replace it. Does anyone know where I can find the correct part? Hopefully there is some type of cross reference to another car that will fit the application. Thanks
  7. John, Thanks for the response concerning the running temps. It seems my numbers might be a little bit higher than what you are stating, but not by much. I am just a little concerned about what happens when you drive on the 100 degree days. I have not had the car for very long and the driver side window is messed up (regulator or rod in the door) so until I fix it the only air inside I have is from the passenger side window and or the vents. This is not my daily driver, but I do enjoy driving it. If you happen to be in FW sometime give me a heads up and maybe we can get together. Thanks again for your comments. Nick
  8. This is probably a silly question, but what temperature is a V8 TT supposed to operate at during a combination of highway/city driving? I am a new owner living in Texas so I am a little concerned about overheating. I was driving my car yesterday and if I turned on the AC (it was 87 F outside) my temp jumped over 100 C, but if I turned of the AC then it dropped to about 90 C as long as I was moving. If I had to sit in traffic for a few minutes then the temp went up close to 100 C but would drop again as soon as I started moving. This morning I checked the coolant level near the engine and it was fine. I read the comments concerning the front fans, and I know they were not running after I shut the car off. I guess I am asking if your cars run around 105 C is that okay?
  9. I recently purchased a 98 TT V8 Esprit and a mechanic friend of mine suggested that when I arrive at my destination that I should let the car sit and idle for 30 - 60 seconds to allow the turbos "drain". I have never heard of this and when I purchased the car it did not have any manuals included so I don't know if this is something that is recommended. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hello Esprit owner in Texas. I studied these cars for quite a long time and finally found the one I wanted. I recently purchased a 1998 V8 TT that has had a few changes done to it. It was originally a red Esprit, but is now finished in Chrome Orange and it is riding on some Chip Foose wheels. I know some people don't like the chrome wheels, but I think they look better in person than in pics. The car has a little over 20K miles and has just a few little issues. The horn does not work (I could use some suggestions on that one), the power window on the driver side is messed up (not the switch but the regulator or rod in the door) and the top latch behind the driver is broken. I have to believe that the top latch can be an exchange item from another car and if anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated. The car has a clean CarFax and I am trying to get some service info from Lotus USA. I have called them and sent an email, but no response to date. I also need to get another key and fob because the car only came with one and I think having a backup would be a good idea. I live in the Fort Worth area and would enjoy hearing from anyone.
  11. Hi Mat, I am new to the website and to Lotus ownership. I recently purchased a 1998 V8 TT Esprit and I am looking for an owners manual, parts catalog, and any service information that I can locate. I do not want to do anything not approved on the site, so I am just looking for advice. Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick
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