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  1. Well I made it till the end of the year. An opportune moment for me to take a bow, say thanks to you all and wave bye-bye. It's been fun and I've met some good folk who I'm pleased to call friends. I'm sure this Forum will continue to flourish because of the hard work put in by Bibs and his band of merry helpers. Enjoy your driving and the associated banter. Take care and have a peaceful and prosperous 2011 Now where did I put my Les Paul, Cheers, Graham AKA. Backmarker
  2. Agreed. Piss poor and predictable. Must do better boys
  3. I'll be turning up Saturday afternoon. Eldest and one of his mates have tickets for the Top Gear bit so I'm taxi service too. See you there folks
  4. If it's Dave's round, count me in Bibs. Do we have to wear black too.?
  5. Roger, I can only say that my experience of Apple and its products is just the opposite of yours. Every single device has lived up to the hype. I have owned an iPhone 3G, an iPhone 3Gs, and still own and use daily an iPhone 4, an iPod Shuffle, an iPad 2 and a MacBookPro. My kids are still using my older iPhones and they each have iPods of some desciption. Each product has worked perfectly and continues to do so. They do everything that Apple say they will do. At work, I am forced to use Windows. By comparison, its complete pants. Yes Windows is a lower initial capital outlay, but you get what you pay for. Apple FanBoy Apologies to Bibs and others for ambushing the Android thread
  6. Guys, I was responsible for setting up this one at the beginning of the year when I was a Lotus owner. As I am no longer a supercar owner I can't really dictate/organise the event. Back in January my plan, if I remember correctly, was to meet at jct 14 of the M6, take the A518 to Uttoxeter, then the A515 to Lichfield with stops for coffee. From Lichfield, I planned on folk dispersing and making their way home. You are of course more than welcome to use this planned route still. Equally if you prefer a different route/venue then please run with that. Subject to Bibs confirming TLF attendance, I hope to see you all at the NEC in November
  7. Once you're used to typing on an iPhone, the iPad is a doddle. Don't let new models put you off. As Bibs says the new software usually works on existing stuff
  8. No one dies of old age. Even those reaching 114yrs die of something. Whilst no illegal drugs have been detected, alcohol is not of course illegal for us grown ups. In sufficient amounts, it can be fatal. By all accounts, Amy liked a glass of sherry of an evening so there might lie the answer. As for illicit drugs, I believe they stay in the system for various lengths of time, but I've seen it suggested elsewhere that she'd turned her back on the naughty stuff many months ago. Sadly though, she just couldn't give up the sherry
  9. Time to buy that Evora Dave ? Hope it's a cheap and easy repair mate
  10. Well done that man. I took the plunge Ben with a Fender Strat copy ( in blue and complete with skunk tail ) from a local guy who builds 'em as a hobby. I've mastered a few chords ( Emj, Emn, Amj, Gmj, Dmj, Fmj and Cmj ) and I'm now working on changing between 'em fast enough to make it sound half decent. Then comes rhythm and Boulevard of Broken Dreams ( I hope )
  11. Well folks will be travelling up from Kidderminster, Wolverhampton, Cannock and Tamworth so I'm sure you'll be able to convoy. I'll be making my own way from Stafford and plan to arrive at around 10am on Sunday. Could one of you SMEG heads organise a convoy please.
  12. Apple products just can't fathom out why people would want to use crappy Windows/Microsoft junk, but some people just won't see the light. I imagine it's crappy Norton that's the real cause of the problem. Anti-virus isn't really a problem for those of us who have seen the light. iPad usually works fine with non-Apple hardware although some of the settings may need tweaking Easiest solution Ian is to buy a MacBookPro and embrace the future Apple Fan Boy
  13. Hi Andy, Is it the one from Dave Fox ?
  14. Darren, The planned event for this month is the Lotus Festival at Donington on Sunday 14th. Not too sure about routes though as most of the NMEG members are really SMEG members. Whereabouts are you?
  15. I know this garage personally and can vouch for their integrity. I have been round to check out this S4. As you can see from the pics, it has been modified. Looks good in the flesh and the exhaust note sounds good and throaty
  16. Mike, Checked out MCN online and the only ads they appear to accept are those relating to bikes themselves. I've not ridden on the road now for over 15 years so I think I'm now officially an ex-biker
  17. Thanks Bibs. Gotta be worth a shot, especially as its free
  18. Guys, My track riding days are over and I've decided to sell my leathers. I've put them on Ebay a couple of times and not a sniff. I don't think it's the asking price (£99 - cost me £960 ) So, where next? I could go to my local track and hawk them around I suppose, but the thought of selling electronically from the comfort of my own armchair is far more appealling Any ideas anyone?
  19. Too wet for polite comment. Much to see and do. The Arbarth girls were particularly pleasing on the eye The day was such a complete wash out ( British summer ) that Nige and myself left at 2pm I'm going to suggest that next year they hold it in March ( remember how warm & dry March was ) or move it to one of the Greek islands Met some nice folk at Lotus Drivers Club. And thanks to Club Lotus Cheshire for letting us gate-crash their party. Donington next month. Guess it'll be snowing.
  20. See you shortly. At the moment, the wellies and sou'wester are definitely over-kill Fingers crossed for the rest of the day
  21. 32 mins in a Model T Ford maybe. It's about 15 miles. Empty roads. Supercar. Need I say more I'll be 5 mins earlier at the Hotel, so 6.45am rather than 6.50am. With my expert navigation, we'll have no problems
  22. Best bring wellies & sou'westers by the looks of things Oh, if anyone as a spare Ark ( with or without 2 of each creature ) could they bring that too. I'm sure it'll come in handy
  23. Not so good IMHO. Makes the site look less pro.
  24. Nige, I'll meet you on the Stone House Hotel car park. The hotel is easy to find. At the end of the A51 you meet the A34. Go right towards Newcastle-under-Lyme and the hotel is immediately on your left. What time do you think you'll be there? Gingerbread Man is about 25 mins away so 6.50am would be ok Graham
  25. Nige, If you decide to do the A51 Rugeley/Stone route let me know. I live in Stone so I'll jump in there rather than the Gingerbread Man. Graham
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