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  1. I can only say that for me the signal is crystal clear. Knocks spots of FM In addition you get the digital readout telling you about the song/artist etc. The analogue signal will be switched off shortly ( as with the TV ) so perhaps soon you'll have no choice
  2. I recently moved over to DAB and am currently tuned into Absolute 80's
  3. The young lady Fishy introduced us all too ................... if my mine doesn't win of course
  4. Fingers crossed for you matey ............... and the remaining free ticket is still available
  5. Blimey Alex, are you sure it was the Apple Store? I have never heard or experienced anything like it. If your phone is only 2 months old, their usual routine is to replace it there and then without you having to ask. If you've got the time, go back and insist on a replacement. I have always praised Apple for the quality of their Customer Service and hopefully they can pull this back together. I have to say Apple Birmingham have always been brilliant with me. iOS 4 works with no problem on my 3 Gs, sons 3G and other sons iPod Touch. My iPhone 4 arrives next week directly fr
  6. OK mate. Dare I mention BBQ Regulator
  7. Guys, Spoken with the Noble boys and there is no guarantee that their BBQ will be present this year. So, either bring you own disposable BBQ and food or be prepared to make a purchase from the various food vendors at the show
  8. Guys, Just to confirm that I have now received 4 FREE admission tickets from Cholmondeley Castle via Graham Crook aka Noble traitor. The tickets do in fact allow entry on both Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th. The NMEG plan is simply to visit on the Sunday. 3 of the 4 tickets have already been allocated. The last free ticket will be handed to the first attendee to request it. I intend to hand out the tickets on the morning so if you want to go on the Saturday, please PM me your home address and car reg and i'll post the tickets out to you. If you're only doing the Sunday, I
  9. I'm another "Never" but can I beat Laura because I've been driving now for 34 years ( including superbikes ) Fairly sure I got potted on Monday though, so I'm now anxiously watching my post
  10. Last weeks Sunday Times did the review for you ( at the back of the InGear section ) They maintain that iPhone 4 is still head & shoulders above the others Not sure how independent these guys are though
  11. What a superb day. Wife and kids buggered off to leave me to play with my Esprit. Gorgeous sunshine, half empty roads and the lovely sound of my sports exhaust through the open sun-roof. Perfect Did everyone else enjoy their Fathers Day?
  12. Hi Laura, Decided to out source it to the professionals rather than do it myself. Not sent them off yet, but can't remember why
  13. Not to be read out loud in front of the boss. Enjoy The following squads have just been announced for the 2010 World Cup BRAZILIAN SQUAD FOR WORLD CUP 2010 Pinnochio Libero Vimto Memento Borneo Tango Cheerio Subbuteo Scenario Fellatio Portfolio SUBS: Placebo Porno Polio Banjo Brasso Stereo (L) Stereo ® Hydrochlorofluoro Aristotle Computersezno YUGOSLAVIAN SQUAD FOR WORLD CUP 2010 Itch Annoyingitch Hardtoreachitch Scratchanitch Hic Sic Spic Pric Digaditch
  14. 1&2 - Bibs & Laura - Camping. 3 - Jonathan - Camping. 4 - Andyclements - local 5 - Dave Ward - local 6 - Newts (+1 ?) - local 7 - Backmarker - Hotel 8 - Kimbers - local 9&10 - Mark & Jane (definitely not local) 11&12 Dave & Megan - arrive midday, camping. 13 - Dave & Son 14&15 - Paul & Sarah - Camping 16 - Robert - Camping 17 - Paul C - 90% & Camping (Vicki?) 18 - M-steady-P-eddie-x - Sunday only 19&20-trevor & lee-local 21 Scotty C - Camper van, look out for the red 2-11 on track. 22 &23 Matt & sarah camping 24 &am
  15. Backmarker


    Used to be Earl Grey in the morning, followed by an herbal mid-morning and perhaps a pure green tea to retire on. Then I bought my secretaries Senseo coffee machine .......WOW Now I'm Blue Mountain, French Extreme, Kenya AA, a Costa Rican brew and a Roast Master Choice. All taken black, all purchased in bulk from the net Quick, easy and excellent quality
  16. How can you and the other guy have the same e-mail address? I thought they were unique? I seem to remember being told by various ISP's that I couldn't have "[email protected]" because someone else already had it. Does seem very peculiar. On the music offer front, I'll have the complete catalogues of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie please
  17. For those of us that don't like footy (self included), don't forget the roads should be nice and quiet when England are playing. Sadly, I don't suppose they'll turn the cameras off
  18. Toby, I asked the same question last year and was strongly advised that this was NOT possible
  19. Hi gang, Collecting the tickets is fairly quick and easy don't even have to get out the car Drive in the main entrance and a lad with a bucket full of envelopes will hand you your groups tickets and wrist bands. Job done. Dave Oneshot found us the Red Lion last year because his relatives live in the village. The landlord was very obliging and even indicated that this year you lot may even be able to buy bacon butties and coffee off him. Check first though, because he's probably forgotten all about it. Sadly I can't make it this year because I'm in Canterbury that wee
  20. It was last year mate. You're 12 months too late. It's happening again this year though. Weekend of 19/20th June. See here
  21. Welcome aboard Nick. Good friendly knowledgeable crew on here. Make the most of it by becoming a full member
  22. iPhone 4 & OS4 both look brilliant to me ............ just like the other 2 iPhones I've owned and the MacBook Pro. Head and shoulders above Window's products IMHO. At the moment, very happy with Apple and its products. Each to his own I guess
  23. Dave, I've tried mate but it just won't work for me Luddite
  24. Thanks guys. I'm particularly impressed with Mike's response. Sounds like the solution I was looking for
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