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  1. I imagine that use of the words "in good faith" is trying to imply "look judge, I wasn't trying to pull anything dodgy, honest" It has no legal standing, but might persuade a buyer that perhaps this is one he shouldn't persue. Graham.
  2. I'm disappionted that Superdavelotus doesn't count my 24 years as a solicitor as someone being of a "legal background". Unless the buyer can show that there has been a blatant misrep. (it says Mondeo on the boot but its an Esprit honest!) then he's p*ssing in the wind. Cavaet Emptor, or buyer beware. Doesn't apply to purchases from dealers or when using finance. Graham.
  3. Nice idea Paul. Where is the submarine button fitted on the S4? Graham.
  4. Thanks guys. It ain't kids. The car is locked in the garage so the buggers don't get the chance. The tyre was sprayed with water rather than wholely immersed. Perhaps the latter is the only route. Bathtub is out the question though. Perhaps I need to phone round and see which garages have such facilities. Thanks for the help in the meantime. Graham.
  5. My r/n/s loses about 25lbs of pressure over 14 days. Just been to the local tyre-bod and he can find no problem. Suggests we replace the valve as the first step (cheaper than a new tyre) but as these are high pressure valves he doesn't stock 'em and doesn't want to. Does anyone else have this deflating problem or does anyone have any thoughts. If we all agree that the valve replacement is the place to start, does anyone have a web address for a stockist. Thanks in anticipation chaps, Graham.
  6. I'm at Castle Combe on the 24th April immediatley after the Oxford run...........couldn't be better could it. Who you doing Cartegena with? Cheers, Graham.
  7. Think 8th April will be ok with me. Isn't Easter somewhere around there, kids off school etc ? Graham.
  8. Christ mine drags on the road every time I turn right out of the estate. At that price, I think I'd better start turning left ! Graham.
  9. I mainly want it for that bit of the steering column that the PO has scratched with his keys. That's black. I've also got a few cracks on the drivers seat. That's magnolia. So, sounds like 2 bottles of dye. Graham.
  10. Mike, Course your welcome. You need to see as many Esprits as you can before you part with your hard earned Graham.
  11. Dave, Do we have a date yet. I'm taking my S4 ovber to PNM on the 27th Feb. He'll probably need it a week, perhaps even two. Then isn't it Donington on the 18/19th March. Graham.
  12. Where do you get it from, what's its proper name and who is the manufacturer. In the market for something like that. Graham.
  13. Mat, Where abouts were you ? My firm has quite a big Criminal team. I could ask for you. It's not my area of specialism. How much money do you want to throw at it (me/us) if ther is no quick and easy answer ? Cheers, Graham (solicitor with balls Fishy !)
  14. Neal, Taking your idea a bit further and thinking aloud, the route of the aerial would be top-box, DVD and then telly. Am I right ? As the telly is already fitted with a digital receiver, I could then watch one digital channel whilst recording another. Correct ? If I subscribe to Top-up TV, the card should go in the Top-box rather than the TV, so that that way I can record the Top-up TV rather than just watch it. Does that make sense? In the meantime, I'll keep my wallet in my pocket pending your response. Cheers, Graham.
  15. I like the sound of that idea. I've now got the extra scart lead and will set it up tonight. If demand is high, I'll buy a top box just for the DVD. Thanks gang. Graham.
  16. Yes, thank you. I won't ask what you've done because I'd never understand the explanation.
  17. Mat, Got a scart lead between TV and DVD. This was as per instruction manual. DVD also has a jack plug marked "Digital Coaxial" which currently isn't used. Manual suggests that this is only for sound not picture and I can see no where to connect it on the TV anyway. I've got 2 scarts on the back of the TV and 2 on the back of the DVD but connections appear to be correct. Graham.
  18. Should have known you'd have something to do with this. My Cookies are ok (keep 'em in a tin next to the tea and coffee). Might have done an update on the 17th of Jan (can't remember now whether it was Norton or Microsoft) so perhaps that might explain things. Graham.
  19. You're not stating the obvious...........I thought they all did ? The TV aerial feeds into the DVD first and the into the TV. I pick up the digital channels when the DVD is off, but as soon as the DVD is swithed on the programme changes to analogue. Sounds as if I've boobed ! Sounds as if I've brought a brand new DVD Recorder that doesn't recieve digital signals. Oops ! If that's right, can it be turned into a digital receiver or have I got to throw it away and buy afresh (without telling her indoors........) Graham
  20. So in her absence, why not rent out her house to those who want to stop overnight. You could make a shilling or two. Might even cover the cost of your petrol
  21. I've tried to embrace the digital age but come a little unstuck. Purchased Tv with built in Digital tuner (Freeview) and treated myself to Top up Tv for the bike racing on British Eurosport. Tv is fine in that it now allows to get bored looking at 41 channels rather then the usual 5 analogue channels. To kiss goodbye to video, I've also bought a DVD Recorder. Like the telly, it tuned itself whilst I set back with a glass of claret. Howver, the DVD can only find the 5 analogue channels and none of the digital channels. How come ? I'm sure all the leads are connected as instructed so why t
  22. Don't know why but the forum refuses to recognise me now when using my home pc (not tried office pc yet) I'm having to sign in every time I log on and it tells me that the last time I was logged in was 19.21 on the 17th January ? How come ? What's happened ? I've un-checked and re-checked the "Remember me" box on the Log-In page, but it still refuses to do so. Any ideas anyone? Backmarker
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