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  1. Wow, St Georges day everyone will be decked out in true St Georges regalia, none of this UK/Union Jack nonsense. Have put it in my diary. Hopefully we'll create a convoy from NMEG and the boys from the North West. Graham.
  2. Howard, I've seen it on the A34 Talke roundabout. Must be the same one. I posted when I saw it before Christams but got no response. Presume it's no ones on this forum then. Another candidate for enlightenment and NMEG. Graham.
  3. The cafe at Oulton is good and the marshalls are up for a laugh. If entrance and parking is free, this might be a good venue either for a breakfast stop or lunch......why does my life appear to revolve around food ? Graham.
  4. Gav, Can't really help because my S4 is fitted with an after market alarm. The Owners manual doesn't refer to any factory fitted alarm so perhaps this came along a bit later. Mines a 1993 model Graham.
  5. Perhaps you could persuade Paul Matty to give us his details..............sounds like an ideal member for NMEG. Graham.
  6. Picture 2 looks like good old Castle Combe. Graham.
  7. Back in 1981 there was a good pub called "The Ring of Bells" in Christleton just off the A41. I suppose it may have changed a bit over the last 25years ! Failing that theres always parking and food by the Dee. Perhaps a bit of a reccy in January. Good excuse for a drive...........should a good excuse be needed. Graham. Just had a look at the Chester town map and the place I used to park and scoff by the Dee has now been pedestrianised..........bugger! There still seems to be plenty of parking outside the race course on the A548. Just outside the city walls but from memory there is a pub n
  8. Howard, How about a blast up the A41 to Chester. Perhaps Superdavelotus and some of the North West boys could meet us for a coffee before we blast back down the A49 to Market Drayton. Graham.
  9. The gas struts are not in this country. They've got to be ordered from the manufacturer in Germany. Delivery is 6 weeks. Why does it take 42 days to deliver a small pacel from Germany to Stafford ? Cost for both struts is
  10. Err sorry for being a kn*b head..........found your site and the cross-ref bit. Got the Sachs part number. Thanks muchly. Now I'll see what my local motor factor place can organise. Cheers, Graham.
  11. Err where do I find this "cross-ref file" mate. Thanks, Graham.
  12. Had both red and yellow 748/916/996. Not sure which colour was the fastest but they all looked and sounded gorgeous. Graham.
  13. Paul, Any make or model number on 'em ? Graham.
  14. Howard, Its in my diary ! about a trip out to Llangollen or The Cat and Fiddle (only ever done that on the bike !) Graham.
  15. Simon, Speak for yourself mate ! Mine isn't effected by temperature. B) Graham.
  16. My S4 is for pose. If I want to blow 4 wheelers into the weeds I use the GSX-R 1000 K3. Sounds like you do the same. Its good to know you can win all the battles when you've got the best of all the toys that are out there. Graham.
  17. Joey, Don't know whether this helps but I currently run an S4 Esprit and TD5 Discovery. Englishman through and through I guess (I drink warm beer too !!)
  18. Howard, Well done for organising this one. It was good fun and I know the numbers will grow. One week before Christmas is probably not the best time for a launch so I think we all did well. I know I'll be back for me and next time I hope to stop for lunch. Got the Christmas tree by the way !!!! Looking forward to Feb 2006's meet. Cheers, Graham.
  19. The gas struts that supposedly hold up the rear hatch on my S4 are perfroming quite miserablely. Anyone know where the replacement parts can be purchased? Presume they are not a Lotus product. Cheers, Graham.
  20. Howard, Whilst I don't want lunch, have you booked it at the Gingerbread man ? Just wondering what venue we'll be finishing up at, thats all. Cheers, Graham.
  21. Roger Wade may come along kids permitting ! His Esprit is off the road (accident damage) so he'll be in his Elise if he comes. Hope all of us have it in our hearts to forgive him...........afterall, is other car is an Esprit. Graham.
  22. Gotta be home for tell me I've got to get that Christmas tree thingy from the Garden Centre. Ah humbug. Graham.
  23. Paul, Be good to see you again up North lad! Howard, Your baby (and I'm not interfering) but perhaps a belt down thw A53 toward Shrewsbury and the either the A49 to Whitchurch or over the border(passport control) to Wrexham. Demon Tweaks would be a good stop but I don't think they open on a Sunday Graham.
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