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  1. Paul, I need to replace my exhaust next spring and intend to dump the Cat/EBPV at the same time. Tell me how/where to plug the vaccum line at the throttle jack. PNM will be doing this work for me so perhaps I'm worrying unnecessarily. Cheers, Graham.
  2. Yeah, weather permitting, i.e. ice/snow and I'll be in the Discovery. Graham.
  3. Backmarker

    s4s? v8? red

    Best time for me would be a Sunday morning. Graham.
  4. Backmarker

    s4s? v8? red

    Dave, Reallistically, what's the chance of you getting to introduce these fellows/gals to the forum and this "proposed" meet of ours. With this Telford contingent we could have quite a gathering, possibly even a North Midland Chapter. Could be quite an exciting development. Graham.
  5. Backmarker

    s4s? v8? red

    Hmmm the meet sounds a good idea. I'm in Stafford and I'd be happy to pop along. How about picturesque Markey Drayton. Not much there but I'm sure we can find a coffee house and it is fairly central. Graham.
  6. My tenners in the post Kato. Scribbled "laptop" on the back just in case......... Graham.
  7. I have no hesitation in using the services of PNM which is roughly a 90 mile round trip. I am mechanically incompetent, armed with one blunt screwdriver, a very cold garage and a back that doesn't like cold/hard concrete floors. As such, I don't really have much choice. I do dream though of owning a warm garage with a ramp or a pit, wonderful lighting and all sorts of power tools. Perhaps a fridge with some beers in too and maybe a shower. Ahh, that way, I wouldn't have to bump into her-in-doors all winter. Graham.
  8. I'll glady pledge a tenner. Graham.
  9. Got mine yesterday.....excellent. Like so many others, I'd happily chip in a few bob because of everything I get out of this site. Without it, I wouldn't have met many good people (two of whom guided me through my first Esprit purchase), attended a couple of meets and exchanged helpful banter. I'd happily pay a subscription. I pay something like
  10. Carl, The exhaust on my S4 will need changing in March and like you I'll probably run a sport pipe. Peter at PNM has designed something suitable so it may be worth having a word with him. Not heard his model though. Graham.
  11. I'm told mine is in the post............ Don't forget we can use 'em (hoggle over 'em) from next week as they start a month earlier, ie December 2005. Buy buy buy............ Graham.
  12. Gentlemen, Thank you for those words of wisdom. I will investigate matters a little further and trouble you agian should the need so arise. Graham.
  13. Can anyone offer any tips: The expansion bottle is as dry as a very dry thing. Doesn't look as if its seen water since it was built. Service manual suggests I shouldn't trouble myself but I don't share its confidence. Should I simply top it up. Header tank is fine and temperature gauge is reading normal. Idling speed is far too high, sitting anywhere between 1500 and 2000 rpm. Why is it revving so high and can it be lowered without re-mapping the ECU with some techno gadget (Freescan I suppose is what I'm thinking about) Water pump is (I think) on its way out. Is this a job suited to the lo
  14. Blimey that looks wrapped in cling-film rather than girlfriend wrapped in cling-film ! Whatever lights your candle I suppose. My S4 could certainly do with a winter touch up (ooer missus) but the full cling -film job is beyond the level of my patience. Graham.
  15. Thanks Simon. Marcus, e-mail is on its way. Graham.
  16. Anybody know from where within the UK these can be obtained. Lotus themselves maybe? Thanks, Graham.
  17. Backmarker


    Paul, Feel I owe you an apology. I said I'd be there today but didn't show. Climbed in the S4 this morning at about 8am to be greeted by 2 warning lights.......Failed Fan and Low Oil pressure! I was afraid to risk it so stayed parked in the garage. Went out for a blast last night and there were no problems and certainly no warning lights. Water temp was fine as was Oil pressure so totally bemused about this mornings experience. I'll ring Pete at PNM tomorrow to see if he can offer any suggestions/advice. Plenty oil in the system ? I wanted to buy some black mats today, so I imagine there w
  18. David, I'm North Staffordshire and happy to join a convoy. I posted a route earlier in this thread (I think!). Would prefer to aviod boring motorways if possible though. Graham.
  19. Backmarker

    LEW Power Day

    Dave, I'd be up for the Northern version.............Ipswich is a bit of a trek Graham.
  20. Why's he selling ? When I chatted to him at the Oxford meet he was as keen as mustard. Graham.
  21. Seems a reasonable excuse Rob Backmarker
  22. Lisa, Not all of us are clued up on the mechanical side of things. I know where the petrol goes in, but after that I'm stumped. Can't even find the engine under the bonnet so I don't go looking any more. Backmarker
  23. But I think Bernard Manning is really funny............
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