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  1. Just finished Patrick Bishop's "3Para", the story of the Regiments plight in Afghanistan. Perhaps it's the aviator in me, but this didn't really light my candle. Found it a little hard going at times. Available if anyone would like a read.
  2. Wife tells me she'd like me to convert approx 1000 photo's into digital images for storing on the pc or photobucket. Apparently we have a mixture of negatives and photos. What's the easiest way of doing this? Anybody done it? Any pointers much appreciated
  3. Backmarker


    Welcome Fred, I agree with the comments about the colour scheme, brilliant. Even makes the wing look part of the car rather than an after thought
  4. My time and coffee making skills ( with or without apprentice ) are available should you need 'em
  5. Tread carefully boys. Some of the guys on this Forum have been Bob'd. ( I can explain if you need me too ) You are both of course welcome to play with the NMEG team. Check out our history and forthcoming events. Cheers, Graham
  6. Congratulations on lasting another 12 months
  7. Bibs, Just noticed the proposed time of this meet (2pm), so sorry to say we won't be able to join you. I'll partake of a few in Canterbury in honour of your visit
  8. Happy Birthday Howard. You still in India?
  9. I'm in Canterbury that night celebrating 30years since graduation. I'm meeting 3 mates who have nothing to do with Lotus or this forum. If they're interested, could we all come along as part of our celebrations
  10. I agree Dave, but I think the road there is superb once you have clear road in front of you. The A488 runs from south Shrewsbury down to Knighton and is a bikers/drivers paradise. I can't understand why so few people use it. Overshoot one bend and you're in the drink ! Not opened my 6 pack yet ........... a real Hobsons choice Hope you enjoy all that cheese on the boat Ade. He's a few shots of your Le Mans 2010 paintwork ( to follow once I've mastered "Posting Images"
  11. Hmmm ................. Can only assume you'll be in the Chrysler to increase the amount of beer you can carry back home
  12. OK Ade. Be good to see you. The shop does a good line in bottled beers by the way
  13. Phew ............ thanks Dave. I thought I was going to have to eat alone
  14. Back by popular demand ( well somebody asked if we could do it again ) is a trip to the Ludlow Food Centre. Last year, everyone enjoyed the roads and the food and drink when we got there. So, to repeat myself the plan is to meet once again at The Gingerbread Man in Market Drayton at 10.00am. After a quick natter the flight path will take us down the A53 and then circumnavigate Shrewsbury, to pick-up the twisty A488 all the way down to Knighton. From Knighton we'll turn left along the A4113 which will take us directly to Ludlow Food Centre on the A49. The cafe will be open and we
  15. Happy Birthday and isn't that Karl's Esprit that lady is leaning against?
  16. Mine connects first time with both bluetooth headset and Parrot unit in the car. I think your iPhone knows you don't love it Jonathan
  17. All UK airports OPEN from 10pm today
  18. As a graduate of the University of Kent, do I qualify?
  19. Tony, Is that Ally Pally in the background?
  20. Blimey that looks like a lot of action for the weekend. Looks like you're going to be a busy chap
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