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  1. Just found the pub/meeting place. My intended route will now be A51/A38/A446/A452/A4177/A46/A429.........are you with me so far! Graham.
  2. Anyone (apart from myself) driving down from the North of Birmingham. I'd prefer some A roads rather than the M6. I'd pencilled in A51/A38/A446/A45 but quite happy to change to fit in with others. Graham.
  3. Paul, Would do if I knew how to do it! Graham.
  4. Ian, If you find some let me know.........could do with brightening up the paintwork a bit myself. Thanks, Graham.
  5. Well done Dave. I had a great time and so did Peter Mallory. Hopefully next time his S3 will be ready for the road. You DO deserve the praise. It takes lots of effort to get things like this sorted. It was good to meet old faces (ie, I'd seen then once before.......Paul C, Alan C, and your good self) and for making my introduction to Esprit ownership such fun. I'll be doing Stonleigh next month so perhaps a convoy down south could be arranged (insurers permitting). I have been on the pop, but how about a James Bond overnighter with the ladies attending as Pussy Galore who ever they so cho
  6. Dave, Peter Mallory will be there but as a passanger in my S4. See you at the services about 8.45am Graham
  7. I could be persuaded to pop down to Brum. Keep us posted on times/dates etc Graham.
  8. Thanks Dave. I'm aiming to be there just before 9am. Roger Wade can't make it. The NHS have arranged a list for him (they need to cut the waiting lists to meet political targets) on Saturday morning. I've told Peter Mallory that he's got to come and show everyone is S3. Cheers, Graham.
  9. Dave, Are the Chester services only accessible form the M56 or can you get to them from the A5117? My map suggests that they might actually be OFF the M56 but its not very clear. I'm continuing to badger both Roger Wade and Peter Mallory. Hopefully, I can get both of them to come along. Cheers, Graham.
  10. I've discovered on my S4 that I can't get the chargecooler cap off until I've removed the main engine cooler cap. The latter fouls the former. You might want to try that way Erik.............when the engine is cold !!!! Graham.
  11. Simon, Looks a stunner. Those BBS wheels are "to die for". The only advice I can give (I'm a complete novice remember) is just to take it steady on the run back. Good luck. Graham.
  12. Spotted twice today on the A34 roundabout above the A500 dual-carriageway in Talke, Stoke-on-Trent. Anybody here? Think it was an"L" reg. Graham.
  13. I used him once to look at an SE I was interested in buying. He slagged it off something rotten. The owner wasn't impressed. Not sure whether the owner was wronged or whether Barry did his job correctly. Whatever, my bank balance was
  14. Carl, Thanks for that. Not sure whether I'm brave enough to attempt that. Might bottle out and get PNM to do it when they replace the exhaust in March. That makes me a wuss or a realist.................know which decription I prefer Graham
  15. Carl, Don't like the sound of that! Yes it is the valance...........apologies for incorrect terminology. Bear with me, I'm learning What bad news do you need to impart then Graham.
  16. Alan, Clean bill of health. Going to need a new exhaust at the next service (March 06) but Peter will do me one at
  17. Alan, Not sure mine has been re-dyed, but I'll proceed with caution Cheers, Graham.
  18. Used the Autoglym and that hasn't done a tap. I'll try and get the other stuff. Thanks for the help Graham.
  19. I've just acquired a personal plate and noticed that the plates on my S4 are stuck on rather nylon nut and bolt. A previous owner has stuck a second number plate on top of the first one at the back. This means he either couldn't be bothered to remove the first or, like me, he was scared of damaging the bodywork when trying to remove it. The front one feels a little more loose but I'm still loathed to give it yank just in case. Anyone know of the correct procedure? Would the old warm hairdryer trick make it easier? Any help gratefully received. Cheers, Graham.
  20. Dave, Think I may have recruited a couple more. My neighbour Peter Mallory owns a stunning Giugiaro S3 in calypso red with a genuine 16000 miles on the clock. The other guy, Roger Wade as a black Giugiaro (currntly on the ramps at PNM) but also an Elise. They're not definites, but I'll keep pressing both of them. Cheers, Graham.
  21. I think I've tried all the products out there but nothing seems to work. I've got a couple of dirty marks on Magnolia hide left by previous owners. Anyone know anything that always works (other than complete new upholstery) Cheers, Graham.
  22. The rear spoiler on my S4 is slowly pulling through the bodywork. I'm told that this is a common problem rectified by using a penny washer. I've had a look today but can't work out how the washer is inserted. Is the spoiler held on with a self tapper or is there a nut/bolt in the boot somewhere that I've got to get a spanner on? Does the penny washer just get pushed through the slot in the bodywork then delicately moved into position before re-inserting the bolt, or is it slotted into place via the boot. Any tips/pointers would be gratefully received before the spoiler falls off. Thank
  23. Dave, I'm a member of a team of 6 guys that organises track day for bikes. We tell all those that attend our days that they are not covered on their insurance. They go out on track armed with that knowledge. The insurance industry is wise to the claims that the accident happened just outside the circuit and have been known to have agents turn up as spectators and make a note of the registration number of each vehicle that is involved in an accident. That information is then entered onto a central database which every insurer has access too. Defrauding an insurance comany (or attempting too
  24. Paul, Try, The Swan 01829 733838. Graham
  25. Paul, There's a decent pub/hotel in Tarporley about 10 mins form the circuit. I'll try and get the name. Graham.
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