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  1. and technology don't always gel.............I'm over 45! I'll try but no promises. Best turn up at Oulton on the 8th October and see it in the flesh perhaps. Graham.
  2. Picked up the S4 in Hull at about 11.00 and headed for PNM. On the M62 passed the Team Lotus Elise race truck and got a friendly peep! People starred and pointed...........ace Welcome to Lotus Esprit ownership. Hope it's always this good. Graham.
  3. I can only second that. He's helped me bucket loads without even meeting me. He's put me in touch with the right people AND THEN contacted those people for me. I've just parted with a bit of the wedge to buy an S4. He helped all the way and even turned up today whilst I was having it checked over by Peter at PNM. A star indeed.............
  4. Phoned FJ today. Didn't tell them about their web quote of
  5. Thanks guys. The FJ quote was on-line and I don't recall seeing a box to tick to say I was a Club Lotus memeber. Best give 'em a call tomorrow. I've limited mileage to 10000, but need business use which might increase the premium. Graham.
  6. Been on the web getting quotes for my 1993 S4(to be collected 17th Sept) Best I can get is Direct Line at
  7. And post the address or post code for the Services please. I know Chester a little but can't recall the precise whereabouts of THE Chester Services. If I've got an Esprit by then, then I'll make my way to the services even though it'll mean me driving past Oulton. If I'm still without Esprit, then I'll probably meet you all at Oulton (Landrover could cock-up your convoy!) Graham.
  8. Kato, Sorry mate. Yes I'm talking about the ltd edition S. This one isn't fitted with the SE wheels (its a 91 model) which is why I was asking the question. Cheers, Graham.
  9. Would the OZ wheels from a 89-91 SE fit an S? Graham.
  10. And you seem to be taking a pic of your own car! Graham.
  11. I'll be there (Graham Alcock) if I've purchased my SE by then. Graham.
  12. Backmarker

    Oxford Meet

    I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for allowing me the time and space to look and ask questions today. Big thanks to Martin for giving me a briefing on his immaculate white NA. Hopefully, the next time we meet I'll be able to play properly i.e. I'll have my own Esprit. Thanks once again. Graham.
  13. Backmarker

    Oxford Meet

    Could I hitch a lift in a SE please. Second thoughts might have to bring her-in-doors along so best cancel that plan. Lets see what the day brings. Graham.
  14. Backmarker

    Oxford Meet

    Are there any virgins still left in Oxfordshire? If so, save one for me please. Graham.
  15. From the same stable of course. I've done the 748, 916 and 996 and loved 'em all. It's not just the looks but the sound as well. And for me that's where the twin will always beat the MV. That said, if someone wanted to give me their MV, I wouldn't say no
  16. GSX-R 1000K3 track trim in Rizla Suzuki paintwork 0-60 in about 3.5 secs with atop speed of about 185mph. I've had 164.1 on the clock at Snetterton.....awesome!!! Check it out at (probably the best track day organiser in the UK..........but then I would say that wouldn't I !)
  17. How about something that involves a dinner, a few beers and an overnighter in some hostelry of disrepute? Graham.
  18. Scott, There are some photo's in the April issue of the Club Lotus magazine of what is supposed to be the new Esprit. Doesn't look much like the artists impression in your link. Graham.
  19. Bet you get a few nods on the 916 though! I did on mine............don't want to start a 2 wheel/4 wheel war though Stay sticky side down Backmarker
  20. Backmarker

    Oxford Meet

    Thanks. I'll make the effort.........sounds worthwhile. Could you arrange for a 1990 SE and 89/90 N/A to be present please. Not really bothered about the colour Backmarker
  21. Yeah I'm with Paul on this...........bit rich saying I don't even own an Esprit yet! Backmarker
  22. Backmarker

    Oxford Meet

    Do LEW allow Landrovers to participate ? Don't think I'll have my Esprit by then. Wouldn't mind coming down and using the day as a piece of research though. Backmarker
  23. Also the mag tells me that Nick Whale is also in Bromsgrove but slighty different address...........and very different phone number 0121 445 3020 Backmarker
  24. Hmmm................still can't see it mate, but I'll take your word for it. Are you open to looking at photies of prospective purchases (foc of course!) so that I don't waste my time viewing poor paint jobs? Backmarker
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