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  1. I'm thinking this might be helpful if pinned on the banner line either after Forums or stuck at the ned after Fantasy F1. What do you think ?
  2. 1. Officer Dibble + 1 2. Oneshot + 1 3. Dodgy 4. Nijeninja 5. Dodge1979 + 1 6. Martynv 7. Mr Oogie Boogie + 1 8. Alex --GT3-- 9. bibs + 1 10. sparky 11. PFD +1 12. fsrowsell 13. Alan + 1 (probably in Tesla if thats OK) 14 Changes... 15 Alan & Evi? 16 Mangel + 1
  3. Surely girls have enough to do without having to lower the seat. Us guys are just big fat lazy slobs, who do no work about the house and only get off our arses to fetch the tv remote or another beer from the fridge. Please guys, give these hard working unsung heroes a break. They deserve all the praise we can heap on them. That's how it seems in my home anyway
  4. Al, We are hoping to secure more than 12 tickets so shouldn't be a problem, fingers crossed. Graham
  5. Trust Yogi bear and Boo Boo will be given plenty of notice to evacuate. Life without those guys just wouldn't be the same
  6. Hmmm I'll sleep a lot easier in my bed tonight now
  7. About 8.00am 17 march 2011, heading towards Trentham Gardens Registration number not local to this area
  8. Alan, I'm sure we can find you a mains socket some where
  9. OK guys we may as well use this thread rather than starting so new one so please add your name below if you'd like a ticket and whether you need one for a passenger : 1. Officer Dibble + 1 2. Oneshot + 1 3. Dodgy 4. Nijeninja 5. Dodge1979 6. Martynv 7. Mr Oogie Boogie
  10. Mark, I imagine its a combination of your age, the cars desirability to the less honest members of society and its ability to cover distance in a short period of time. I guess its a case of phoning round the specialist brokers. I see you've tried Adrian Flux Try Hegarty, Classic Line etc. Do a search on the Forum and you'll find all their details. And don't forget that Full Forum Account Members get a 10% discount on many policies Good luck
  11. Darren, You're already signed up Why not become a Full Forum Account Member ? Cost is low and benefits plentiful. Then it's simply a question of following the NMEG threads, adding your name to any attendee lists and turning up. See you soon
  12. Hi Darren, Living in Coventry means you're an NMEG member by default Welcome aboard You can find all NMEG meetings either in the calendar or in the Regional Groups section. We usually meet once a month at RAF Cosford before setting off. See the Provisional Dates thread and make sure you're there for the next one, Right Royal Romp on Friday 29th April. I have asked the organisers to let me have the full quota of drivers tickets ( 12 ) and passenger tickets ( 18 ). I will start a thread offering the tickets on a 1st come 1st served basis. If we find that we need more, they
  13. Backmarker

    NMEG does Supercar Sunday

    Details to follow
  14. Backmarker

    NMEG Right Royal Romp

    The Royal Wedding Alternative. Full details to follow
  15. A GAME OF TWO HALVES Well that's how it felt. Contrary to the weatherman's assurances, I woke not to breaking cloud but to heavy rain Ah well, if you don't use your car in the rain in the UK then you don't use your car. A quick check of The Forum and iPhone confirmed that 2 of the squadron were crying off .............. shame on you both The rain continued to batter down all the way to RAF Cosford but no sooner had I landed that the downpour ceased Dave " CHANGES" dropped by in his Discovery to see us off, and with thoughts of being back for the Calcutta Cup, we made pr
  16. If he's not already been in touch Alex is your man for NMEG
  17. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Nigeninja 3) Officer Dibble 4) Dodgy with working heater! 5) Oneshot 6) GasmanGT3 Ok chaps, The Loop is the A488/A4113/A49 We'll meet at the car park outside the NAAFI at RAF Cosford at 10.00 with a view to leaving there at 10.30am at the latest. We'll use the M54 & A5 to get us round Shrewsbury before switching in to fun mode The route does involve a trip over the Welsh border so remember to bring passport and wellies See you there
  18. Welcome aboard matey. Fire away with your questions, we've all been Newbies at some stage in our Lotus ownership careers. Hope you're on the road sharpish and that you enjoy your time with the car. Graham
  19. If it happens to be lunchtime when we're passing, or if people just happen to be hungry
  20. Bloody hell ............. is that the same Adrian Heath who used to run out with the NMEG guys & gals Sadly Ade I can't make 2 Sundays on the trot so I'll have to say no to this one. Be good to see you and the old girl ( GT-3 of course ) the following week for the Ludlow loop if you're free though.
  21. Just had an excellent view of the Shuttle & ISS hurtling across space from here on earth ( Stafford ) at 7.03pm. It was bang on time too ! Why can't NASA run our trains and buses
  22. H i Dave. It's the 13th mate. If unsure, check the calendar. It's the 4th tab from the left at the top of each page.
  23. Check your T & C's. You should/may have limited jurisdiction to the courts of England & Wales. If so, issue here. You must then serve outside the jurisdiction but different time limits apply for him to respond ( not the usual 14 days ) If your T & C's don't limit jurisdiction to England & Wales, you issue in his jurisdiction or where the contract was concluded. If he paid before you delivered the goods, I would argue the contract was concluded here. Hope this helps.
  24. Explains the need for Sat Nav
  25. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Nigeninja 3) Officer Dibble
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