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  1. Thanks for organising todays run Alex. The weather certainly conspired against us but at least it made us spend time indoors i.e. two good museums. Dodgy threw the towel in at Nantwich and went straight for the M6. I decided to stick with the A51 although the standing water made me reach for the submarine button a number of times Hopefully next months sortie will be a dry one and more members of the squadron will take to the skies See you soon Officer Dibble
  2. I would say it is very competitively priced. Mine is a 2000 model and although my mileage is 12000 less I'd like to think it's the same value. Clearly you need to check the history ( repaired accident damage can for example lower the value ) but it certainly looks and reads fine. Can't say it would be my colour choice but thankfully we're all different on that score. Its certainly worth a look. Good luck
  3. I can vouch for the Scooby. Had one on test about 6 months and it was just amazing. I couldn't quite gel with the styling so didn't buy one in the end. Fantastic power and roadholding. Certainly equal to the Esprit
  4. And your local nick Dave was full of Romanians with lots of credit cards ( pity they were not introduced to the Londoner who needed one ( any one ) to pay for his insurance )
  5. Scottish law and English law are completely different. We may be neighbours but we have very distinct jurisprudence Naturally, EU legislation applies equally to both countries
  6. 1) Alex (sat preferred but can do either day) 2) Officer Dibble ( Sunday only )
  7. Any further plans/developments matey?
  8. Thanks Pilko. Your workaround err ............. works
  9. Errr what does it say mate? I never see any text in quote boxes only Emoticons
  10. Ah ........... was hoping to avoid mention of the plaster Suppose I'd better explain. The wing on my V8 is fitted with a high-level brake light. Coming into Tern Hill on the A41 I noticed in my rear view mirror the light swinging the breeze. On pulling into the next lay-by I discovered that one of the retaining screws had come adrift. No one had a spare but Rich kindly donated a screw from one of his headlamps ( but sadly not long enough ) So with no other option we removed the other screw and disconnected the retaining leads. Now we needed insulating tape to stop the 2
  11. Enjoyed my run today boys ( and Anita ) Pity the traffic ruined the A525. That's a lovely twisty road but overtakes are few and far between if you get stuck behind some numpty. As Yellow 1 I'm sure I got the best run Good to meet Rich H and his dad John who was out celebrating his birthday in style. Hope you found the petrol station ok Rich. Apologies for having to rush off at the end especially when it was to stand in a field getting soaking wet watching son spend 20 minutes chasing a football ( the coffee bar at Trentham Gardens was warm & cosy too ) Next month we're
  12. Far too long We are thinking it all went pear shaped when you took the wing off Stick it back on and come and play See you soon
  13. See my post above. It's in the NMEG calendar for the 12/13th so hope that's still a date
  14. They also have a couple of naughty unmarked Skoda Octavia RS's Keep 'em peeled
  15. Rich, Dave repairs tanks for the MOD
  16. I'm sure the MOD has something suitable Dave
  17. Realise it doesn't help Dave but ....................... fingers crossed Didn't I read in another post that you'd acquired an Elise? Go karts are allowed to play you know
  18. Backmarker

    NMEG Lotus Show Donington

    See event thread for timings
  19. You do live an exciting life Mr May What's this about being "naked" ? I thought you were a man who went nowhere without his shorts
  20. Hi Rich, If we leave RAF Cosford at 10.30am as planned then I would expect to be Trentham Gardens for 11.30/12.00. I expect most folks will settle for a coffee before heading back home for lunch. As you may know, Trentham Gardens is 5 mins from jct 15 of the M6 so ideally placed for Preston if you don't mind boring motorways. Be good to have you along If you can make it, please add your name to the list Cheers, Graham
  21. Bibs, Depends whether by "member" you mean those within the NMEG group or the TLF group. The NMEG guys are well trained and know where & when to look. Newbies might miss out though until they get their wings. What's your thoughts?
  22. Gearbox rebuild? What have you been doing Nige? Perhaps if you ask nicely they'll have it done in time or maybe loan you something Lotus for the day Hope it's not painful on the pocket.
  23. Tally Oh, Plan is to meet on the NAAFI car park at RAF Cosford at 10.00am on Sunday 16th January. We'll aim to leave at 10.30am, heading for Whitchurch, then Woore and finally Trentham Gardens for a nosey round, coffee or early lunch. All attendees please sign on below. 1. Officer Dibble
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