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  1. Hi Danny, I don't think the button can be clicked "accidently" because it is quite out of the way really. The proper use of the button is to vote on the post. I person might disagree with the view being put forward but can nevertheless vote "UP" the thread. If a person disagrees with a statement then they should post their views and not use the "vote" button. It was tempting to click the button and vote "down" your thread but that would have been just childish Hopefully, the button will now be used correctly as the actress said to the bishop PS Dont go looking at your "Rep
  2. See event thread for timings
  3. Backmarker

    NMEG Classic car show NEC

    See event thread for timings
  4. See event thread for timings
  5. Backmarker

    NMEG Lichfield loop

    See event thread for timings
  6. See event thread for timings
  7. Backmarker

    NMEG Ludlow loop

    See event thread for timings
  8. Backmarker

    NMEG Northern Delights

    See event thread for timings
  9. Timings posted in event thread
  10. Attention Flight Crew, As we brace ourselves for the New Year, I thought that like 2010, I'd better put finger to paper for 2011. These are my thoughts/plans, but more ideas are welcome. This is YOUR NMEG so ........... January 16th Shopshire/Cheshire drive with coffee/lunch at Trentham Gardens February 13th Chester. Alex GT 3 is organising. March 13th Ludlow loop with refreshments at Food Centre April 29th Right Royal Romp May 15th Moorlands Meander June 26th Super Car Sun
  11. Well after nearly a fortnight of snow and ice, NMEG's Christmas Bash just happened to fall on a fairly dry day with temperatures above freezing. Leaving Stafford I even to had to reach for my shades Great to see some sunshine Rolled in to the NAAFI car park at RAF Cosford to find Nigel already waiting and ( note to others ! ) SUITABLY DRESSED By now, the fog had rolled in as well and we were both sporting ice on the wing mirrors. Dave Oneshot arrived claiming to be Special Forces followed shortly by Dave Changes and Dodgy Dave ( too many Daves me thinks ) If the appeara
  12. We sure are. I've organised a dry sunny day with temps above freezing so no problems weather wise. Lets meet on the car park in front of the NAAFI shop ( same place as last time for those who were there last time )at RAF Cosford at 10.00am. We'll then drive through to the Breakfast Club Meeting, rattle our collection tins, and then move off for a drive through the Shropshire countryside arriving at The Lamb at around 12.30pm for a 1pm lunch See you all there Pip Pip
  13. It could be argued, but I don't think it'll work that way. Those with Mickey Mouse degrees are todays unemployed graduates and I expect that that will remain constant. What demand is there for 3rd class degrees in Russain Film Censorship and why should that change? Those with ambition and ability will choose the more academic degree courses in the knowledge that the qualification should secure their financial future. So I don't think we'll find talented graduates deliberately sitting at home turning down work just to avoid re-paying the admission fees. They're far too bright and ambi
  14. According to the Commissioner the thugs only truned up on the route seconds before the royal car arrived so confrontation could not be avoided. As I understand it, education still remains free. You don't have to pay up front and only if you get a job after graduating paying at least £21,000pa do you start to pay something back. So, get you worthless degree in media studies, earn £20,000pa and you have a free education. I have 2 lads who are about to use the new system and personally, I have no problem with the new system
  15. oooooowwww .............. has she followed you from Canada or is she a local lass
  16. You'll never get the buggers past Watford I'm in if it's Feb 12/13. I'm sure we can organise an NMEG around this
  17. 1. Officer Dribble 2. nigeninja 3. Sqdn Ldr Dodgy - Canadian refugee 4. Mae West Bibs ( Laura? ) 5. Dave Oneshot 6. Gracie Fields 7. Roy OK folks it's table booking time. I intend to book the table for those mentioned above. If you're on the list and you don't intend coming then please let me know. If you intend coming but your name isn't on the list then again, please let me know. Don't forget to bring along your collection bucket suitably emblazened with Help For Heroes signage Final briefing to follow. Pip Pip Officer Dibble
  18. I enjoyed The Clash singing "This is England" I also thought the video would appeal to the new market, young and wealthy. Think he's trying say the company ( Lotus ) has changed beyond recognition. You no longer have to buy Italian or German exotica. If your wallet is large enough you can have a trendy ENGLISH supercar We sure don't feature in his plans. Perhaps we'll all soon be buying Morgans
  19. Same happened to me last year. After 6pm, barriers are up and its therefore free.
  20. Apparently Rolls-Royce have few RB211's going cheap
  21. Excellent Roy. For table booking purposes, will you be flying solo or accompanied by a co-pilot? Cheers
  22. That's the idea matey. You joining us ?
  23. I flew one for about 60 seconds some 4 years ago. Does that count You've either got too much time or too much money, or both Go for it
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