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  1. Sounds fun. I'll see if a few of the NMEG guys can scrounge a day off work
  2. Blimey ............ save us some chips, I'm in Rye this weekend
  3. Looks good Ade. Manage to sell any body parts to cover the deposit?
  4. Thats certainly the intention and it would be great to have you on board. Suppose you'll pull rank .......... Vice Air Marshall maybe
  5. And the NMEG Christmas Bash is open to all, so come along ( but don't forget your uniform )
  6. I imagine there's one less and no one wants to own up to eating him
  7. I'm sure Flea-Bay will help, but lets not bid against each other hey
  8. Lots of positives today ...... Lovely sunshine, free parking, great twisty roads, fabulous cheeses and the return of our own Dodgy Dave Oh, one negative ........... a kerbed alloy Departure was delayed slightly when our Canadian refugee got lost using the M6 junction We explained what a dual carriageway was and how he'd taken a wrong turn. Needless to say, he was soon forgiven. Before departure, he let it be known that he'd now need petrol as a result of his extra unplanned excursion. We stopped at a nearby Shell station only to be accosted by a portly motorist wantin
  9. Could be silt in the carbs themselves if it's doing it that quickly. Tomorrow's route is nice and twisty. Should we just drive up and down the M6 so you're not troubled with cornering
  10. Dave, Are you still on Canadian time ? Most of us this side of the pond are in bed at 4am
  11. Dodgy, Fingers crossed mate. Oh, we use sterling over here, the Highway is called a Road, and the Sidewalk is a Pavement. ps. We don't do Mousse Burgers
  12. If ( and at the moment I think that is a pretty BIG if ) any of these concept cars were to go into production, Lotus would not be looking at us lot as buyers but at those wealthy disgruntled Lambo/Ferrari/Porsche/Aston Martin owners who know how to spend a huge amount of money on a car of their dreams ( only to sell it again once the first bulb goes pop ) The market to which New Lotus is appealing is a very different market to Old Lotus. Naturally, the new CEO knows his market place and wants to put the brand there, but with respect to this forum membership, I can't see many new owners on h
  13. Just finished Dan Browns Deception Point. Light with weak conclusion. Snapped up 3 Freddie Forsyth novels for £4 courtesy of Amazon. Forgotten just what a brilliant writer this guy is. Started with Fist of God and the pictures he paints in your mind are fabulous ............... makes Dan Brown look like a novice IMHO
  14. This years nominated charity is Help for Heroes. We will meet ( briefly ) at RAF Cosford ( Midland Breakfast Club meeting will also be taking place the same day ) from where we'll move onto The Lamb at Edgmund for Christmas Lunch. Those coming along will be expected to participate in the fancy dress code of the day, namely military regalia ( individuals rather than vehicles ). Staff at The Lamb will be asked to judge the best fancy dress and the winner will be suitably rewarded. I will need to book a table at The Lamb to accommodate us all so would all those inte
  15. Change of date guys & gals. Originally scheduled for the 17th, this run has now been brought forward by a week to the 10th. Plan is to visit the Cheese Shop in Hartington in the Peak District and sample some lunch in one of the local pubs. We will need to meet at the Holiday Inn Express just off jct 15 of the M6. We'll leave there at 10.30am making our way to Cheadle, then onto Ipstones before reaching Hartington. After buying Cheese supplies, we'll have lunch before dropping down to Uttoxeter via Ashbourne. From Uttoxeter it over to jct 14 of the M6 or jct 15 for those who
  16. One of those wonderful moments to savour over and over again
  17. My 16 year old son similarly expects to be up and running ( driving ) within in days of passing his 17th birthday. He too spends hours drooling over exotica without giving the first thought as to how he's going to pay for it. That said, perhaps he's already worked out that parents have paid for everything else, so why not a Veyron
  18. Spooky co-incidence. I've just lost a motorcycling chum nick-named "Woody" in the Manx GP. He was also a regular at Snetterton. Clearly not the same guy though
  19. No experience of Marine Clean so can't comment on that. Used POR 15 on the S4. Don't recall using thinners. Went on a treat and looked good once finished. You will need gloves/face mask etc as it's pretty lethal from memory. B&Q do a cheap paper overalls/face mask/goggles set. Great for the bedroom once you've finished with the car
  20. Thanks for posting the link Dave. Search as I might, I can't see my Esprit though Some bloody Evora seems to be grabbing the photographer's attention
  21. Well not really what I was expecting I wasn't expecting to see Robert Crooks ................... And I wasn't expecting to see him driving an Evora. Good to see you Robert and the Evora certainly attracted lots of attention. Great Lotus turnout. Elises, Elan Sprint, Excel, Robert's Evora and lots of Esprits including High Wing, S4s, V8's, S4, SE and turbo S3 .................. a great showing The wet weather meant the Italian stuff didn't turn out to play. Numbers were therefore lower than usual. Apologies for leaving early without waiting for the crew to return from t
  22. Bloody hell Welcome back Dave Be good to see you again on Sunday. I thought you'd disappeared off the radar screen for good
  23. Congrats in securing 'em. Letting them be destroyed isn't an option. I see Mike's volunteered Love the Darth Vader model BTW
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