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  1. Yes it's Ian's Esprit. Hope he gets the best price and that he's back in the Esprit family again asap
  2. Hi Mrtzmd and welcome aboard. The answer to question 1 is almost certainly YES As for question 2, I think I'll have to leave that to someone on your side of the Pond
  3. 1. Officer Dibble 2. Nigeninja Fingers crossed for next month Dave
  4. Squadron flies home ? We are joining the Midland Breakfast Club at RAF Cosford on Sunday 19th September. As we will be displaying our cars we will need to meet by 8.30am at RAF Cosford itself at the latest. The plan is to meet at the NAAFI store car park which is first right after turning into the access road from the A41. No hanging around otherwise we won't make the display section and instead we'll have to park with the general public ( we must be in place by 9am at the latest ) Not sure how long the day will last, I suppose it depends on how many folks turn up to view. As
  5. Hmmm ............ According to my Owners Handbook the alarm is a Cobra 6422 so might be worth sticking that in Google. There is certainly a battery in the alarm key but no mention of one in the alarm itself. Try arming the alarm whilst the rear hatch is open. This should sound a warning buzzer and the siren will sound if the hatch isn't closed fully within 40 seconds. If the alarm part is working but the car refuses to start it might be a crank sensor. I had this problem. The alarm would disarm, the fuel pumps would charge up but the engine wouldn't start. One of the crank senso
  6. Saturday 21st August about 11.00am. Travelling northbound. Had V8 rear wing but saw nothing more
  7. Not me but I'm off to the IoW tomorrow, so I'll keep my eyes peeled
  8. Don't forget that the dealers price will be higher to reflect the fact that they will be providing a warranty and that they need to make a profit to stay in business. Also, don't forget that you can sell your S4 via this Forum. Check out the For Sale section.( I see from Bib's post that you already know this ) Price is very subjective. Some S4's will be worth £12,000 others won't. A little over 5 years ago, I bought a perfectly standard S4 for £9000. It was a bargain but in today's economic climate obtaining "top book" may be very difficult indeed.
  9. Err ........... no thanks. Think I'll stick with the busy but dry & sunny version You were either a brave soul or a nutter ......... the jury's still out
  10. Dave, Never saw Ade or Nigel with camera in hand so there may not be any pics. If I'm wrong, then I'm sure one of them will get posting. I know you can't do Cosford next month, but hopefully we'll see you on the Hartington Cheese run.
  11. Wow, what lucky sods we were! I must have picked the 15th August 2010 for this trip to Llangollen whilst I was still battling my way through mince pies and port over what used to be called Christmas. Turns out that this is the only day all month that is rain free ( well so far ) Sadly this also means that every cyclist, biker, myopic granddad and 30 mph merchant who has been watching the weather forecast decides that today is the day to visit Llangollen. Ade arrived later than planned ( I'll let him explain ) but at least this gave me time to admire Nigels lovely S4s. We were so
  12. Nige, Yes we're still on for tomorrow. The Gingerbread Man is in Market Drayton.( ) Aim to be there at 10.00am. We'll have a quick natter before setting off. At the moment, my preference would be to do the planned route and then have lunch in Llangollen before making the journey home. I'm sure this is something we can discuss in the morning. Weather looks good so see you there. Cheers, Graham
  13. Well done Ade, keep spreading "the word". Sadly I can't escape that weekend. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  14. OK chaps. This months sortie involves a trip over the border to mix it with the sheep sh*ggers. Plan is to meet at the Gingerbread Man at a more sociable hour then usual, say 10.00am. We'll then make our way to Llangollen and subject to timings, either stop for a brew or continue over the Horseshoe Pass. Mr Oneshot ( if he can join us ) can re-visit the scene of his magazine appearance and if The Ponderosa is full of bikers we'll continue north to Ruthin before doubling back down the A494 towards Corwen and then Llangollen again. All those attending ( with or without passports/w
  15. Welcome aboard Smashey. There are plenty of S3 and Turbo S3 owners on this Forum and I'm sure you'll get a variety of views as to which is the best model. Personally, I've always preferred the more aggressive lines of the Turbo and actually owned a 1984 model at one stage. I missed the luxuries like PAS and ABS and wasn't too keen on some of the old switch gear. Nevertheless, the Turbo S3 is still stunning to look at even 20 to 25 years post production. I'm sure one the members of the Forum who live near to Chelmsford will meet with you and give you their considered opinion. Wit
  16. Dave, Once you've finished your experiment, I'll gladly take the iPad off your hands. Wouldn't want you Windows aficionados to be burdened with second rate Apple products
  17. Brian, Not heard this with regard to Exchange although in fairness, I've not been searching for it because I don't use Exchange. I'm sure Apple forums will certainly answer your question. What are you running iOS 4.0.1 on, iPhone 4, 3Gs or 3G ? Last weeks Sunday Times contained a brief comment that some iPhone 3G owners who had downloaded and installed iOS 4.0.1 were complaining of a slower internet connections. My son is running iOS 4.0.1 on his 3Gs and I'm running it on my iP4 and no problems with either handset
  18. I've now finished reading Harry Yates' book " Luck and a Lancaster". This is Harry's biography of his time in Bomber Command during the Second World War. Harry takes us through his training, when he was hoping to be selected for fighters, to the time he and his crew spent, trying to achieve 30 missions to avoid having to do another tour. Some crews, like the one that took Harry's Lancaster, never returned from their first mission. 30 sorties therefore was a tall order. The death and carnage is constantly present. These guys are veterans at 23 years of age. How this world has cha
  19. Backmarker


    Nice site. Pity they only do the the 44mm pods and not the 62mm pods as well.
  20. Well once again Cholmondeley and Graham Crook were both highly hospitable. Sadly only myself and Ade Heath were there to fly the Lotus Forum flag, but both of our Esprits attracted a lot of attention and the cameras were clicking away. Arriving at 7.45am we were a little disappointed to discover that our hosts were not open for breakfast so we quickly found coffee and bacon butties elsewhere. The Paddock beckoned with plenty of 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers to drool over. Rain tried to put a damper on things but we struggled through managing a BBQ for lunch accompanied by Ade's Le Ma
  21. Understandable Dave. As posted elsewhere, let me know if I can help in any way. Ade, Looks like just me and you unless Alex can get his kite ready for the morning. We now have 2 FREE passes. We MUST leave the Gingerbread Man by 7.30am to avoid road and gate closures. I'm aiming to get to the Gingerbread Man around 7.20am When we get there, we need pitch 87, block C, gate 2. Forecast suggests wellies/coats/brollies will be order of the day. Pip Pip
  22. No panic Ade, I've now found a supplier of 21mm bottles so don't need to replace the regulator Ex-Esprit now Noble pilot Graham Crook has confirmed that he will be bringing cooking kit on Sunday so cooked breakfast/BBQ should be available to those who want to abuse his North Western hospitality Cheshire Police have advised that the road will be closed at 8am so we need to leave Market Drayton at 7.30am rather than arriving there at that time as suggested in my first post.
  23. From this months "Electronics Weekly" ............. the aim still remains 2015 but it's not set in stone With the publishing of its Digital Radio Action Plan, the new Government has clearly bought into digital radio switchover, with a subtle change of emphasis to what's gone before. Gone is the barely optional headlong dive for 2015, which was promoted by the previous Government's Digital Britain Report. According to Communications Minister Ed Vaizey, the new Government will coax public acceptance of FM switch-off, rather than forcing the pace of transition. "The Digital Radio Ac
  24. Like you Dave, I do recall talk of a delay in switching off the signal but I think the date is now set. Are manufacturers fitting DAB radios to new cars or if I buy a new Ford today ( God forbid ) will it still come with an analogue unit? I'm not too sure our Government will be too concerned about a few fuming motorists though. I rarely listen to the radio in the car nowadays, it's usually music from a memory stick or SD card.
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