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  1. According to the Club Lotus magazine that's landed on my doormat today, he's still in Bromsgrove on 01527 835656. Backmarker
  2. Thanks abuse about the Mustard Yellow colour scheme? I'll stick with a Stevens model. More rounded shape appeals.....just like my women really I don't need raw speed. I get that from my Gixxer Thou! I'll keep hunting and when I find something I'll let you know. Take care boys. Backmarker
  3. Watcha guys and gals, thought it was about I broke cover! I live just north of Stafford. Anyone else nearby? Is there a regular Esprit meet within easy travelling distance? Like many others on this Board I do not own an Esprit but am looking out for one. My research suggests a Stevens N/A or possibly an SE if I'm lucky. I fell in love with Lotus when Formula 1 was watchable and Emerson Fittipaldi was gracing the screen in that gorgeous JPS. At that time I decided I'd have to have an Europa, but then a trip to the factory in 1977/78 and a viewing of The Spy Who Loved Me convinced me that w
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