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  1. And post the address or post code for the Services please. I know Chester a little but can't recall the precise whereabouts of THE Chester Services. If I've got an Esprit by then, then I'll make my way to the services even though it'll mean me driving past Oulton. If I'm still without Esprit, then I'll probably meet you all at Oulton (Landrover could cock-up your convoy!)


  2. Would help if you mentioned the year. You're not taking about your motorbike are you! I'm guessing your talking about the limited Esprit S, produced between 1990 and 1991. Thought that these came with the SE wheels.

    Turbo 195/60VR15 F, 235/60VR15 R.

    SE 215/50 ZR 15 F, 245/50 ZR 16 R

    No problem fitting 89-92 SE wheels to 87-91 Turbo cars.



    Sorry mate. Yes I'm talking about the ltd edition S. This one isn't fitted with the SE wheels (its a 91 model) which is why I was asking the question.



  3. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for allowing me the time and space to look and ask questions today.

    Big thanks to Martin for giving me a briefing on his immaculate white NA.

    Hopefully, the next time we meet I'll be able to play properly i.e. I'll have my own Esprit.

    Thanks once again.


  4. You are most welcome.  :D

    Format is, we all meet at one place (Get there a bit early

    and chat to the many Esprit owners). there were 50 Esprits

    last time.

    Then we all go on a drive with a stop halfway through.

    We end up at a beautiful country estate and have dinner in the

    stately home. (including a talk by the guys from the lotus factory).


    If you want dinner you MUST e-mail Dermot (link on this thread).

    This is a stunning location and well posh, we went out there for a

    test run on tuesday and i could not believe how stunning it was. I'm

    hoping we get to use this place again!

    If you are in your day car, find out here (just ask!) if someone can

    give you a passenger ride. It will mean they have to get you back to

    your car at the end, but thats only about 20 mins from the end point.



    Could I hitch a lift in a SE please. Second thoughts might have to bring her-in-doors along so best cancel that plan. Lets see what the day brings.


  5. * Paul is of course completely lying... but we are on a recruitment drive and he is trying to sell it....

    It is much more like a Masonic Cult... Outsiders are usually frowned upon... Funny handshakes are the key after which we usually get straight on with Hazing the new members (usually involving paddles) and then the ritual virgin sacrifice!

    * I may have made some or all of that up teu45.gif


    Are there any virgins still left in Oxfordshire?

    If so, save one for me please.


  6. I like the 916, I think it is gorgeous. However, I am also a sucker for the MV F4/5. Best looking bike to date me thinks! :D


    From the same stable of course.

    I've done the 748, 916 and 996 and loved 'em all.

    It's not just the looks but the sound as well. And for me that's where the twin will always beat the MV.

    That said, if someone wanted to give me their MV, I wouldn't say no :huh:

  7. I have about 25 names and e-mail addresses for Esprit only owners Manchester/N.Wales and North of here.

    Adrain and I started to organise something but in the end decided it was too much hassle. Shame really as we need something up North.

    A few ideas we had was a track gathering to watch a dozen or so hard core drivers willing to go on the track. The other one is an organised run which involved having proper insurances etc.

    I think for starter we need a decent meet up place so people can get to know each other.

    If there are any classic/sports car shows then this maybe a starting point of an organised event and have our own stand.

    I can supply all the names to you Ian but I haven't got the time to organise anything due to my personal life. I can also pass details how to organise an run.

    There maybe a chance I can organise someone to come along to give a talk about a subject or do an install guide or another person to bring some development parts. Not promising anything but I'll certainly try.

    ps. you could always tag onto the Nyloc group which meet up one Tuesday every month. Alan Croft has more details.


    How about something that involves a dinner, a few beers and an overnighter in some hostelry of disrepute?


  8. I remeber seeing a few artist impressions and reading an article on the next generation Esprit some time again but I wondered if anyone knew of any developments?

    Sorry if this has previously been covered a 1000 times :o

    Has there been any news since this:



    There are some photo's in the April issue of the Club Lotus magazine of what is supposed to be the new Esprit. Doesn't look much like the artists impression in your link.


  9. Before I got my Esprit, I've seen 2 or 3 on the roads, usually in the distance.  Post getting my Esprit, I have seen 1 80's Esprit.  However, it was sans pilot.  It was parked in front of a restaurant in my area (one of the owners toys).  So, I have not had the priviledge of waving to another Lotus owner.


    Bet you get a few nods on the 916 though!

    I did on mine............don't want to start a 2 wheel/4 wheel war though

    Stay sticky side down


  10. Anyone will be welcome, just don't nick a space in the car park, it will be needed for all the Esprit's and don't expect to keep up on the hoon :D

    Hope to see you there ;)


    Thanks. I'll make the effort.........sounds worthwhile.

    Could you arrange for a 1990 SE and 89/90 N/A to be present please. Not really bothered about the colour ;)


  11. I put it down to the elise being such an accessable car to people

    in the market for a sports convertable. They may not be in it for

    the whole Lotus thing, the elise just fitted their criteria.

    When they don't wave back i think this:

    The MGF and MR2 were below their budget,

    but they could not quite afford a boxter...

    They cut hair  :D


    Yeah I'm with Paul on this...........bit rich saying I don't even own an Esprit yet!


  12. I'll be there with bells on. You may see me laying on the floor at the front when any pictures are taken :D


    Do LEW allow Landrovers to participate ?

    Don't think I'll have my Esprit by then. Wouldn't mind coming down and using the day as a piece of research though.


  13. According to the Club Lotus magazine that's landed on my doormat today, he's still in Bromsgrove on 01527 835656.



    Also the mag tells me that Nick Whale is also in Bromsgrove but slighty different address...........and very different phone number 0121 445 3020


  14. He was still in Bromsgrove last time I was in the U.K.

    Cant imagine he has moved as he has been in the

    same spot for about 200yrs. :)


    According to the Club Lotus magazine that's landed on my doormat today, he's still in Bromsgrove on 01527 835656.


  15. Thanks abuse about the Mustard Yellow colour scheme?

    I'll stick with a Stevens model. More rounded shape appeals.....just like my women really :)

    I don't need raw speed. I get that from my Gixxer Thou!

    I'll keep hunting and when I find something I'll let you know.

    Take care boys.


  16. Watcha guys and gals, thought it was about I broke cover!

    I live just north of Stafford. Anyone else nearby? Is there a regular Esprit meet within easy travelling distance?

    Like many others on this Board I do not own an Esprit but am looking out for one.

    My research suggests a Stevens N/A or possibly an SE if I'm lucky.

    I fell in love with Lotus when Formula 1 was watchable and Emerson Fittipaldi was gracing the screen in that gorgeous JPS.

    At that time I decided I'd have to have an Europa, but then a trip to the factory in 1977/78 and a viewing of The Spy Who Loved Me convinced me that what I really wanted was an Esprit.

    Rather unceremoniously I ditched Miss Europa and started to chase the new girl on the street. The fact that I also thought I was James Bond had nothing to do with this new love affair of course.

    At this time I was still a student so I had to settle for a Triumph Spitfire and then a TR7.

    After that, I embraced the usual mortgage, wife and 2 kids and whilst I've still got this lot, there is now a little more money left in the pot.

    About 8 weeks ago an article in the Motoring supplement of the Sunday Times re-kindled the fire and 2 weeks ago I joined Club Lotus.

    It was the Sunday Times article that introduced me to LEW and I would like to congratulate Kato on a very helpful and informative site. It's enabled me to narrow my search in accordance with the size of my wallet.

    There is currently an SE for sale on the LEW site which fits the bill. Its in my price bracket with the right sort of service history and the Mustard Yellow colour scheme is beginning to grow on me. Unfortunatley I won't be able to commit to a purchase until after Christmas(and it's still July!!!)

    If anyone knows of any unusual horror stories associated with the Stevens N/A or SE then please let me know. I suppose I could search the threads on this forum.......perhaps I can't be arsed.

    Similarly if anyone near to Stafford knows of a local Esprit meeting place where perhaps I could talk to owners, I would love to know.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen,



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