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  1. I am starting a separate NMEG thread dealing with the timings of our convoy's trip from NMEG country to Gaydon.

    The plan is for the NMEG group to arrive en masse at the pub at 9am just in time for the bacon butties and coffee.

    All those travelling with the NMEG squadron please check the separate thread.

  2. Make a note of the chassis number and e-mail that over to Lotus or your local dealer.

    From that they'll be tell you if it s a genuine High-wing or an after-market adaption.

    Unlikely to be the latter because they were not that popular. Not many people liked the position of the wing.

    I think there numbers were very low, less than 50 from memory, again for the same reason.

  3. Rob,

    Us NMEG guys are fairly active usually meeting monthly.

    Next trip out is Super Car Sunday at Gaydon, Warwickshire on 26th June. See the thread in Events section.

    Why not pop along, meet the folks and check out turbo S3's

  4. Apart from a crank sensor that cost me £16.48, mine has not let me down at all during the last 4 years.

    Service and MoT with Lotus dealer costs me around £450 pa.

    As usual look for service history etc

    Oh, did I mention mines for sale :whistle:

    Happy hunting

  5. OK guys can we do a roll call please.

    At the moment Alex seems to be the only Lotus.

    Alex, if that is still the case do you want the run. I can lead in my Jag or fly co-pilot.

    If it doesn't light your candle then we can pull the plug.

    Could people post a response by say 5pm tomorrow (21st May) to say whether they'll be there and if they are coming whether they'll be in a Lotus or not.

    If no one has confirmed their attendance by 5pm tomorrow, I will post to say the event is cancelled.

  6. As Squadron Leader Dodgy quite rightly states, we are now full. :gathering:

    However, past experience tells us that as the day gets closer, people will have to cancel for one reason or another. :thumbdown:

    For that reason, if you want to come along add your name to the list and if someone cancels their ticket will be allocated to the first reserve and so on.

    If you are the person who needs to cancel, please try and give us as much notice as possible :scooter:

  7. Oops !

    My calendar said 15th May but either way, it should read 22nd May.

    I have now changed the calender entry to read 22May and apologise for any confusion.

    Hope no one turned up last weekend :tumbleweed:

    Perhaps this is one of those meets that is destined never to take place :whistle:

  8. We will receive notification from the organisers of the time and place that ONE of us will need to visit to collect the tickets.

    That person ( probably me :whistle: ) will then bring tickets to the pub and hand out to everyone present whilst trying to consume bacon butty & coffee.

    Timings will be confirmed as soon as we hear something from the organisers.

    On the numbers front, there is only room for 1 more attendee ( ie 24 ticket max allocation )

  9. The next planned sortie will take us into the Staffordshire Moorlands and, time permitting, may involve a visit to the World Famous Cheese Shop in Hartington. :thumbsup:

    Plan at the moment is to meet at around 10am on the car park at the Holiday Inn just off jct 15 of the M6.

    All intended flyers please sign on below:

    1. Officer Dibble

  10. Great pics Nige ................... you've made Barmouth look very tropical :thumbsup:

    It was indeed a good day spoilt by all the bloody traffic on the road :realmad:

    Didn't people know there was a Royal Wedding taking place?

    Instead of the empty roads we dreamt of we had to deal with lines of traffic most of which seemed to be heading for Barmouth.

    Managed a few tasty overtakes ( always an advantage of being Flight Leader :thumbup: ) before landing in Barmouth and parking on the sea front.

    Fish & Chips were soon ordered and quickly scoffed followed by 99 ice creams all round.

    Brilliant sunshine as the pictures show. Locals were "wowed" by our departure with many recording us for posterity.

    Initially the roads back were empty and we were able to make good progress ( thanks to those travelling in the opposite direction for the Scamera Van warning :thumbsup: )

    Things slowed up again on the Welsh side of Welshpool but we were soon back in England with passports duly stamped.

    Lost Nigeninja and Dodgy at some stage and Ade's intended exit for Bridgnorth didn't seem to materialise. What happened Ade?

    Hopefully more pics later ( Ade seemed to take quite a few ) and don't forget next months sees us visiting some of the best beaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands

    Until then gentlemen

  11. 1. Officer Dibble

    2. Dodgy

    3. Gasman GT3 (all being well)

    4. Nigeninja

    5. Dave Oneshot

    6. Rich

    Ok guys. Lets aim for 10am at Cosford with a view of taking off at 10.30am

    See you all Friday

    Officer Dibble

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