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  1. Reads to me like you do need a pilots licence.

    The blurb states that anyone with a pilots licence can fly one straight out the crate. Everyone else has to learn the law of the air, or in other words, get a pilots licence.

    Not sure I fancy the wet landing. Sunderland flying boat I could live with but these buggers demand a wet suit by the looks of things :sick:

  2. It's Newcastle-under-lyme rather than Stafford.

    I'm about 5 miles away and would happily have a look for your.

    Mechanically, I'm useless but I can question the owner and generally cast an eye over the car if you wish.



  3. Folks,

    I have decided that I'd like to sell my V8-GT.

    I'm no longer getting the same amount of fun from driving the car, so I think it's time someone else enjoyed it.

    It won't go on sale until the end of May when Peter Smith's dealership will have given it an MoT and A service.

    Once that has been done the car will be advertised here and elsewhere.

    If you know of anyone who may be interested in enjoying this car, please let them know and tip me the nod too.

    I've owned 3 Esprit's over the last 6 years and enjoyed every minute of the experience

    Not sure what the replacement will be but likely to be an Exige of some sort.



  4. Ok guys & gals,

    The plan is to take advantage of what will hopefully be quiet roads on the day of the big wedding.

    I fancy a trip to the seaside so the idea is to visit Barmouth for lunch before returning home.

    We'll be setting off from RAF Cosford as usual, probably about 10.30am

    So all those with buckets & spades please sign on below:

    1. Officer Dibble

  5. Well after Dave Oneshot highly recommended " Challenger - a major malfunction " by Malcolm McConnell, I thought I'd better take the plunge ( no pun intended ).

    At first I found it a little hard going concentrating as it did on the political back drop and the major industrial players involved. Who got the huge contracts and why etc

    Once the crew were introduced and we began to move towards take off, the book took on a whole new feel.

    Now we were dealing with real human lives rather than political/industrial manoeuvring.

    It was sad that a known problem led to the loss of human life, and for my part, I'm not convinced that NASA has learnt its lesson. I can still imagine something very similar happening again.

    I was amazed to discover that at least 3 of the astronauts did not perish in the blast. Indeed, it's possible that they all survived the explosion.

    What killed them was their fall to earth. In 75 seconds and before hitting the water, the capsule in which they were still encased would have been subjected to 200G

    I'm pretty sure no ones internal organs could withstand that sort of pressure.

    Overall, a fascinating read.

    Thanks for the recommendation Dave and if anyone wants to read the book please PM me your details.


  6. 1. Officer Dibble + 1

    2. Oneshot + 1

    3. Dodgy

    4. Nijeninja

    5. Dodge1979 + 1

    6. Martynv

    7. Mr Oogie Boogie + 1

    8. Alex --GT3--

    9. bibs + 1

    10. sparky

    11. PFD +1

    12. fsrowsell

    13. Alan + 1 (probably in Tesla if thats OK)

    14 Changes...

    15 Alan & Evi?

    16 Mangel + 1

    17 Nelly 9000

  7. What a coincidence, I too live in Stone :welcome:

    My Stone is in Staffordshire though not Kent.

    I did live in Canterbury though for 3 years between 1977 - 1980

    Whatever Lotus you're looking for, you'll get plenty of friendly expert advice on here.

    Good luck

  8. Not sure where you guys met last year, but we normally meet on a pub car park a couple of miles way.

    The publican is known to Dave Oneshot and the location is a picturesque one.

    As for the circuit passes, I'll check this with the organisers.

    The Go-Kart tickets are usually bought on the day

  9. Ooh we've got a long way to go yet to beat the number of Esprits that turned up at the factory a couple of years ago :thumbsup:

    If we saw those sort of numbers at Gaydon, there'd be no room for any other Super Cars :respect:

    Be good to see a turn out of 20+ Esprits

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