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  1. Ah ........... was hoping to avoid mention of the plaster :whistle:

    Suppose I'd better explain.

    The wing on my V8 is fitted with a high-level brake light.

    Coming into Tern Hill on the A41 I noticed in my rear view mirror the light swinging the breeze.

    On pulling into the next lay-by I discovered that one of the retaining screws had come adrift.

    No one had a spare but Rich kindly donated a screw from one of his headlamps ( but sadly not long enough )

    So with no other option we removed the other screw and disconnected the retaining leads.

    Now we needed insulating tape to stop the 2 leads touching and causing a short.

    Contrary to what we all believed, we had no gaffer tape/plumbing tape/insulating tape of any description.

    Thankfully Mrs Oneshot came to the rescue with a box of sticking plasters :clap::doc:

    Having taped up the leads we started again and thankfully nothing else came losse or fell off :sofa:

  2. Enjoyed my run today boys ( and Anita )

    Pity the traffic ruined the A525. That's a lovely twisty road but overtakes are few and far between if you get stuck behind some numpty.

    As Yellow 1 I'm sure I got the best run :thumbsup:

    Good to meet Rich H and his dad John who was out celebrating his birthday in style. Hope you found the petrol station ok Rich.

    Apologies for having to rush off at the end especially when it was to stand in a field getting soaking wet watching son spend 20 minutes chasing a football ( the coffee bar at Trentham Gardens was warm & cosy too :coffee: )

    Next month we're off to Chester as per Alex's thread

    See you then guys

  3. Hi Rich,

    If we leave RAF Cosford at 10.30am as planned then I would expect to be Trentham Gardens for 11.30/12.00.

    I expect most folks will settle for a coffee before heading back home for lunch.

    As you may know, Trentham Gardens is 5 mins from jct 15 of the M6 so ideally placed for Preston if you don't mind boring motorways.

    Be good to have you along :thumbsup:

    If you can make it, please add your name to the list



  4. Bibs,

    Depends whether by "member" you mean those within the NMEG group or the TLF group.

    The NMEG guys are well trained and know where & when to look.

    Newbies might miss out though until they get their wings.

    What's your thoughts?

  5. Tally Oh,

    Plan is to meet on the NAAFI car park at RAF Cosford at 10.00am on Sunday 16th January.

    We'll aim to leave at 10.30am, heading for Whitchurch, then Woore and finally Trentham Gardens for a nosey round, coffee or early lunch.

    All attendees please sign on below.

    1. Officer Dibble

  6. Hi Danny,

    I don't think the button can be clicked "accidently" because it is quite out of the way really.

    The proper use of the button is to vote on the post. I person might disagree with the view being put forward but can nevertheless vote "UP" the thread.

    If a person disagrees with a statement then they should post their views and not use the "vote" button.

    It was tempting to click the button and vote "down" your thread but that would have been just childish :whistle:

    Hopefully, the button will now be used correctly as the actress said to the bishop

    PS Dont go looking at your "Reputation"........ it only causes problems :thumbsup:

  7. Attention Flight Crew,

    As we brace ourselves for the New Year, I thought that like 2010, I'd better put finger to paper for 2011.

    These are my thoughts/plans, but more ideas are welcome. This is YOUR NMEG so ...........

    January 16th Shopshire/Cheshire drive with coffee/lunch at Trentham Gardens

    February 13th Chester. Alex GT 3 is organising.

    March 13th Ludlow loop with refreshments at Food Centre :thumbsup:

    April 29th Right Royal Romp

    May 15th Moorlands Meander

    June 26th Super Car Sunday

    July 17th Pageant of Power Cholmondeley

    August 14th Lotus Show Donington

    September 18th Lichfield loop

    October 16th Dealer day. Christopher Neil, Northwich

    November 13th Classic Car Show NEC

    December 11th Christmas Charity Bash

  8. Well after nearly a fortnight of snow and ice, NMEG's Christmas Bash just happened to fall on a fairly dry day with temperatures above freezing.

    Leaving Stafford I even to had to reach for my shades :thumbsup: Great to see some sunshine

    Rolled in to the NAAFI car park at RAF Cosford to find Nigel already waiting and ( note to others ! ) SUITABLY DRESSED :whistle:

    By now, the fog had rolled in as well and we were both sporting ice on the wing mirrors.

    Dave Oneshot arrived claiming to be Special Forces followed shortly by Dave Changes and Dodgy Dave ( too many Daves me thinks :scared: )

    If the appearance of Dave Changes Esprit is a measure of his engineering skills then he clearly his a very talented man.

    We managed to twist his arm to join us for his maiden flight ( didn't take much really ) and so we all set off for the museum car park having established that Roy, Bibs and Laura were probably not going to be turning up.

    We quickly mingled with the enthusiasts attending the Midland Breakfast Club meeting and, with collection bucket in hand, managed to collect an impressive £105 for our nominated charity of 2010 Help For Heroes.

    A BIG well done and thank you to all involved, for donations, collections and general enthusiasm :cheers::clap:

    Time for a brew and a warm in the museum cafe. And what a warm feeling the ever-opening blouse of the serving wench created :wub::baby::w00t:

    On leaving Cosford the plan was to aim for Shrewsbury then Whitchurch before returning to Newport for lunch.

    Dodgy however decided that a little detour was in order to replenish his 3 year old Shell V Max :w00t:

    So we got to the Lamb a little earlier than planned and we were able to persuade Dave Changes to join us ( again, he didn't take a great deal of persuading :thumbsup: )

    We were soon seated and with good food and service the Christmas lunch passed quickly. :santa:

    Another year completed.

    Some have fallen by the wayside, new faces have swelled the ranks. A long lost warrior has returned.

    So the squadron, spared from the ravishing Defence Budget cuts, plans to fly again in 2011.

    If anyone has any ideas/plans for future meets then please get 'em organised, stick 'em in the calendar and make 'em happen

    Onward and upward.

    PIp Pip

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