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  1. asking price is $6500 US hard to find a comparable car to get an idea of what it should be. to me the cost is fair if the engine issues are minimal, and all the other unknowns are good (brakes, electrics, tranny etc...)
  2. looked at teh car I want. this is a 77 esprit federal standard looks nice, the gel coat is over all nice, but on the rear passenger fender, it was hit, and there is some cracking, and it was spray painted on that panel (cracks have come thru the paint) interior is nice looking, cmall crack on dash pod panel next to air vent no battery in teh car so no electiric tests. this is car I wrote about earlier that has no oil pressure after a timing belt change after the belt broke, two valves were bent, and the head was re-worked brake fluid clean, there is something leaking under the
  3. Hello: I am in need of some photos of what a 1977 esprit should look like. I am thinking of making an offer on one for sale. I am a total newbie at esprits. thanks to Tony k on this site, he explained a lot of what to look out for on these cars to avoid the big money pit!!! I'd like to see some photos of what a correct interior should be like seats, dash, carpets, door panels, etc... as i have heard some folks end up with cheesy, far from original interiors. I'd also like photos to show all the correct exterior trim pieces, window moldings, as I heard that if these are missing, they are pric
  4. Does anyone have info on how to remove/replace the oil pump on a 1977 esprit, can it be done with engine in car? looking to buy a 77 car that lost oil pressure, very possibly becuase of pump issues (pressure lost after valve job becuase timing belt broke, and valves bent (pistons ok) suspect pump issue. I am trying to figure out what it might take to repair car if I buy it. new to Esprits so any newbie advice is apprecitaed. thanks
  5. I am looking to buy a 1977 USA lotus Esprit. the owner tells me that after some top end work was done, upon firing the car up, there was no oil pressure, so the engine was shut down. now the car is for sale. any ideas on what might be the issue? what are other issues I should be aware of before purchase of this 1977 Esprit??? do they have major rust probelmss, other major maintanence issues? avialability of parts? I am new to the lotus, but have experience restoring and fixing up a Triumph, VW's and Porsches. I hope I can get this Esprit, it is what i really want> thanks in
  6. CO2 is a perfectly safe natural gas, exhaled by all animals, and used by all green plants (without which the plants would die0 the CO2 in the atmosphere is a fraction of a percent. All this hype about global warming (errr, cooling, errr.. I mean change) is all Bull Stuff. Al Gore the great liar has gotten many folks and gualible governments to believe the world will over heat (er i mean cool, err i mean change) if the concentration raises just a small tiny fraction of a percent. it is all hog wash. water vapour (ie clouds) is a much bigger contributer to the green house effect. the
  7. hello: I am in california USA and am thinking about a 1077 Esprit purchase. I am told it will does not run, no oil pressure seen at start up after some head work, and owner is selling. I got limited budget, but I always wanted one, since a kid, seeing james bond drive under water in one! i have delt with many other makes of cars, Triumph, Porsche, VW in restoriong them. how are parts availabiltiy in the USA? what are major issues I should look at before purchase???? rust issues??? maintance issues??? etc?? thank you dave
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