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  1. I still have it and can send it anywhere you want, with the display sheet from the museum that lists the locations where it has been.
  2. THe car at the bottom of the last ad (which is the LOG 36 event poster) is an Evora 410. I totally agree with your assessment of modern ads. THey are sometimes fun and visually beautiful, but don't have the depth of those presented in the book. The ads in the book are unique. They present a visual image with impact, have a tag line that draws you into them and ad copy that is both humorous and descriptive. That is why I think Lotus collectors treasure them so much. The ad copy of the originals was written by a man by the name of Jim Bottomly (we could not track him
  3. I am glad you liked it Snoopy. WHen I contacted JOn Dahlstrom a few years ago about doing the event poster for LOG 36 (last entry in the book - I hope it compares favorably to the originals) the idea of collating the entire collection of ads in a book popped into my head. After all there are people out there who collect them. From there, convincing WIlliam Taylor to produce and publish was fairly easy. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  4. Glad you guys like the concept. It was rolling around in my head for a few year, but when I enlisted Jon to do the artwork for the LOG 36 event poster that replicates the format and tenor of the original ads it was the impetus to put it all together. It is a bit of a boutique project, but I think it is of value in the world of documentation and collection of Lotus advertisment history. And it is nice to look at. Spread the word!
  5. And here is a review: BOOK REVIEW Dahlstrom: The Lotus Adverts I have a confession to make. I’m a big Jon Dahlstrom fan and I have three of his ads hanging framed in my Lotus garage for years. There, I said it, I’m biased. He’s a fantastic artist, gifted in the art of simplicity that is captivating and tells a story. His drawings and the headline were enough to capture you. Who needed the copy (although truth be told it was well written). When Kyle Kaulback told me he was thinking about creating a book in collaboration with Jon and William Taylor
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  7. Dahlstrom: The Lotus Adverts A Coterie Press Book Concept and Text: Kyle Kaulback Illustrations: Jon Dahlstrom From 1963 through 1965 Bob Challman’s Ecurie Shirlee concern ran a series of advertisements in Road and Track featuring illustrations by Jon Dahlstrom and ad copy by Jim Bottomly. The advertisements have become an iconic part of Lotus’ advertising history and are prized pieces of Lotus ephemera. Coterie Press, coincident with Jon Dahlstrom’s appearance at Lotus Limited’s 36th Annual Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG36), will release a Limited First Edition of
  8. From my Lotus COncept Cars and One-offs Blog on LotusPALS Bertone Emotion 1991 Bertone's studio did a non running concept on the Esprit chassis in 1991 called the Bertone Emotion. At the time there were rumors that the concept was originally a proposal for the Bugatti EB110 which was declined and then converted to a Lotus concept in the hopes that Lotus would use it as the next Esprit. The concept featured a speed dependent "variable attitude" aerofoil and flush glass all around the greenhouse. The Lotus 2.2 liter chargecooled engine was the proposed powerplant. The concept was sh
  9. LotusPALS will be sponsoring Lotus Limited's 36th Annual Lotus Owners Gathering in Princeton NJ August 5-8 2016 LOG36 web site: Host Hotel will be the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal. Rooms rates per night single or double occupancy will be $99 plus tax ($113.85) Hotel Reservations: Or call
  10. LEfty has passport in hand and is ready for another trip. WHere to next?
  11. So I bought a Lotus Omega and need to get the AC running. The system is charged but still doesn't blow cold. I think the problem is the compressor. As far as I can tell the compressor is a standard GM Europe unit not specific to the Lotus version and originally fit to the Omega A , but not the subsequent Omega B platforms. The newer models are fairly easy to find on internet sales sites, but older units are proving harder to source. The Unit has a GM logo on it but is branded Harrison and has model number 1135046 Any assistance in finding a source for replacement would be appreciat
  12. First. S2.2 cars are very rare so you have yourself an excellent candidate for restoration, and my personal preference is for originality (FWIW) I have not done an Esprit so I can't guide you on how to proceed with disassembly, but make sure you photodocument and label everything as you disassemble so when it is time to put it back together you have some kind of reference. The manuals you seek are readily available, I do not have a site immediately on hand to refer you to, but it shouldn't be too hard to find using Google and there are a lot of Esprit people here who probably can be mo
  13. Interesting. I wonder if that number includes the Europa S which was based on that platform as well. The 50,000th Lotus car made was an S2 M100 Elan in 1995 ( - go halfway down page). With 40k Elise/Exige having been made, a thousand or so Esprits since 1995, and 2500 or so Evora to date I wonder when the 100,00th car from Lotus will arrive?
  14. The museum is making a run of 100 22x28 posters of the event poster - $8.99 plus shipping - or buy it at the retail store in the museum.
  15. I clicked on the thread hoping to learn more about the original Lotus Lada and was disappointed that the thread was about a replica. The trend towards the whereabouts of the original sparked more interest for me and even made me do some searching on my own about the original so while the original posted may be pissed (and understandably so since many of my threads on forums have been changed to completely different subjects as well) I am happy to continue with a thread on the original Lotus Lada. So where is it really?
  16. I always figured the way to go for Lotus as it pertains to engines is to use one that they already did consulting work on. It was smart to use the GM Ecotec in the Europa S, though it didn't seem that Lotus promoted he fact that they did the engine. Don't know if the current Toyota V6 is a product of their consulting work, but it would make perfect sense if it was, and promoting as such would go some way to improving Lotus' image (if it was true).
  17. I clicked on the link and was able to read the first dozen lines (and it was very interesting), but you have to be a subscriber to read the whole thing... would be interested to read the whole article, but not willing to subscribe...
  18. You may not be able to get out and enjoy your Lotus at present but you can get your Lotus fix by going to the AACA Museum. The opening reception was a huge success, despite impending snow there was record attendance. If you missed it don't worry the exhibit runs through April 26! If you go don't forget to use the discount coupon for $4 per person (2 people per coupon) LotusOwnersGroupFlyer.pdf
  19. The opening night of the Exhibit set a record for attendance at an opening. Here are some selected pictures from various sources:
  20. Lotus the Art of Lightness has now opened and LEFty is now ensconced amongst a bunch of 1:18 models in a display case with one of the Lotus galleries. LEFty will stay for the duration of the exhibit.
  21. We are setting records! Last week with something like 140 tickets sold the museum told me that Lotus: The Art of Lightness had outsold all prior opening receptions for special exhibits. This is especially significant because Winter exhibits tend to attract less people. As of yesterday morning ticket sales had reached 320! Thanks to all of the Lotus enthusiasts who are surely bolstering the ticket sales. I am hoping we go over the 400 mark. An additional bit of breaking news: We have secured a Lotus Type 79 World Championship winning Formula 1 car for the exhibit.
  22. As Bibs mentioned LEFty is now in Bethel PA. The reason for this is that LEFty will be appearing at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey PA for their special exhibit which I am curating Lotus: The Art of Lightness - LEFty will spend the duration of the exhibit in a display case with some other models. I'll let him out for my annual LotusPALS Winter Stress Reliever and before off to the next locale.
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