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  1. Sorted!!! Williams lotus supplied me oversized big ends and mains in some dusty looking,packaged in 98 original bagged lotus parts. Have more available, thanks for your help to those that replied.
  2. Hi does any one know who might be able to supply me oversized big end and mains for my '96 esprit v8 crank. I need + 25 for the mains and + 50 for big ends, please some one help me !!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi there can you help me please????????????? Does any one know what shocks will fit my esprit v8 1996 on the rear.All i what is standard shocks or ones that will fit so i can get it through the MOT. Many thanks rob
  4. hi,can anyone out there tell me what shocks were fitted to the rear of my 1996 esprit v8.i am looking for a direct standard replacement as the car was fine before they started leaking!! please help
  5. Thanks for your help.I rang sj sport cars and i can get 2 drive plates for
  6. I have just refitted my engine to my 96 v8 esprit and in the process i have damaged the clutch(actually i bent the s**t out of the centre plates because i didnt have them aligned properly!!!)Who and where and how much are new plates going to cost me???Please some body tell meeeeeee
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